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55+ Crafts for Teens (Easy, Fun Ideas!)

For the teens who want to craft, I am sharing a bunch of craft ideas for teens.

From beauty to sewing to paper crafting, there is something for everyone in this post.


These crafts for teens are full of fun crafts to keep hands busy and make some awesome things.
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collage of crafts for teens
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Let's start with a bunch of easy crafts for teens. These are more traditional crafty ideas from simple sewing to painting projects, let's take a look.

How to Sew a Scrunchie
How to Sew a Scrunchie by Adventures of a DIY Mom

A simple sewing project for teenage girls is hair scrunchies. These can be made in so many different styles using different fabrics. 

Marble Painting
Marble Painting by Kara Creates

Here is another way to utilize marble painting. Make a custom vase. Add in real or artificial flowers to finish off this look.

Stenciled Tote Bags
Stenciled Tote Bags by Adventures of a DIY Mom

You always need a tote bag. Make your own special one by adding stenciled images to reflect your personality.

Chapstick Holder Keychain
Chapstick Holder Keychain by Heather Handmade

Grab a few basic craft supplies to make sure you are never without your chapstick. This chapstick holder keychain can be clipped onto a bag or your keys for easy access.

Wood Burned Ornaments
Wood Burned Ornaments by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Here is a Christmas themed craft, how to wood burn ornaments. These could be made without a Christmas theme. Hang them around your room or use as a keychain.

How to make a Drawstring Bag
How to make a Drawstring Bag by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Make your own little bags to keep all of your small things. These can be used as gift bags or for storage.
Marble Painting Mug
Marble Painting Mug by Moms and Crafters

Marble painting can have such a cool result. Use leftover nail polish to make a unique custom mug craft.

Embroidered Bookmarks
Embroidered Bookmarks by Adventures of a DIY Mom

If you like to read, try your hand at personalized needlework to make a durable bookmark. Add your name and stitch hearts, stars, or other designs.
Fleece Blanket with Tassels
Fleece Blanket with Tassels by Heather Handmade

Cuddle up for a cozy night in with a blanket you made yourself. This one features an adorable tassel detail around the edges.
Burrito Pillowcase Sewing Tutorial
Burrito Pillowcase Sewing Tutorial by Adventures of a DIY Mom

For a super simple sewing idea for teen crafts, pillow cases are a great starting place. This simple tutorial will get teens started into sewing.

Fruit Pot Holders
Fruit Pot Holders by Red Ted Art

This is such a cute and fun project. Pick your favorite fruit and crochet a pot holder. 

Dumpling Kitty
Dumpling Kitty by Sarah Sloyer

Or if you love kittens, crochet the cutest little kitty. They are fun to customize with your favorite cat  color.

Customized Sharpie Mugs
Customized Sharpie Mugs by Adventures of a DIY Mom

The mugs shown are painted for Christmas but you can use this tutorial to make any type of mugs you like. Add your name and any type of design using Sharpies.

Slipper Sewing Pattern
Slipper Sewing Pattern by Heather Handmade

Need a great project that will keep you warm? Sew up your own soft and cozy slippers.

Fabric Flowers
Fabric Flowers by Crafty Staci

Use up fabric scraps to make adorable mini flowers out of fabric. These could be added to bags, keychains, or to decorate your room.

Seashell Candles
Seashell Candles by Sheri Silver

Head to the beach and find some shells or purchase them for a really cool diy project. Use shells to make homemade candles.

30 Minute Memory Box
30 Minute Memory Box by Crafts and Printables

Use this tutorial to make cute crafts out of all of your memories. This is a great way to remember trips or times with pictures that you can display as a craft.

Glitter Painting
Glitter Painting by Artsy Karama

Easy DIY projects like this one are perfect for a craft night with friends. Learn how to add glitter to your paintings.

Pressed Flower Cards
Pressed Flower Cards by Fluxing Well

Gather some flowers on a hike or walk and send some love in the mail with this tutorial for making pressed flower cards. These could also work for birthday or thank you cards.

Clay Pot Toadstools
Clay Pot Toadstools by Crafts By Amanda

Paint up a bunch of clay pots and turn them into toadstools. Pick your favorite colors for the tops.

Reusable Fabric Chain Countdown
Reusable Fabric Chain Countdown by Seam Whisperer

Another easy project for a beginning sewing craft. Make your own reusable fabric countdown chain. Countdown to trips or other big events.

Living Succulent Christmas Ornament
Living Succulent Christmas Ornament by The Succulent Sprite

This is such a fun way to display succulents. Christmas has so many fun DIY crafts to make, but this one will live on after the Christmas season.

DIY Rope Basket
DIY Rope Basket by A Hundred Affections

It is amazing that you can make so many creative DIY crafts using different supplies like rope. Use rope to make storage basket to keep all of your things organized in a pretty way.

Post-It Note Covers
Post-It Note Covers by The Benson Street

Keep yourself organized with awesome crafts like this one. Store your post-it sticky notes in a cute craft paper holder.

Hand Bound Mini Journals
Hand Bound Mini Journals by The Benson Street

Learn how to make your own hand bound mini journals with this fun tutorial. Personalize covers using your paper of choice.

Layered Crayon Candles
Layered Crayon Candles by Kara Creates

Here is another on of my favorite great crafts that utilizes items you probably have. If you have old crayons laying around, make your own layered candles. So bright and colorful!

Fabric Covered Flower Pots
Fabric Covered Flower Pots by Kara Creates

If you like plants, you can make your own unique terracotta pots by covering them with fabric. Pick a cute fabric print that you love.

Wood Monogram Keychains
Wood Monogram Keychains by Kara Creates

Wood beads and letters, plus a tassel make for cute monogram keychains. Pick your favorite color combination to paint all of the wooden pieces.

Paint and Decoupage Headboard
Paint and Decoupage Headboard by Addicted 2 Decorating

Have fun in your room by using paint and decoupage to make your own custom headboard. Customize colors and designs to fit your aesthetic.

Tie Dye Bookmarks
Tie Dye Bookmarks by Happy Hooligans

Tie dye can be done in so many ways. Even on something as small as a bookmark. 

Tie Dye Beach Towel
Tie Dye Beach Towel by Kids Activities Blog

Or go big with a tie dye style personalized beach towel. I love that this one is super useful. You can always use a beach towel when swimming and you will know this one is yours if you add your name.

How to Paint Shoes
How to Paint Shoes by Adventures of a DIY Mom

This is one of my favorite cool crafts. Add your own flair and style to plain white shoes by painting with acrylic paint.

Glitter Shoes
Glitter Shoes by Mod Podge Rocks

For the glitter lovers, you can add glitter to your shoes with this tutorial using mod podge. Which color of glitter would you pick?
How to Make Marimekko Shoes
How to Make Marimekko Shoes by Pillar Box Blue

Or use this method to make Marimekko style flower shoes using napkins. This print comes in different colors for a unique look.


Bracelets and other jewelry to make using different craft supplies, fabrics, beads, and more.

Waxed Cord Bracelet
Waxed Cord Bracelet by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Bracelets of all kinds are a popular craft idea, but this waxed cord bracelet tutorial will remind you of the kind by Pura Vida. Such a pretty way to make your own jewelry.

Heart Friendship Bracelets
Heart Friendship Bracelets by Moms and Crafters

Teen girls who love bracelets, should try this heart style friendship bracelet. Pick your favorite colors and get started.

Braided Leather Earrings
Braided Leather Earrings by Moms and Crafters

For earring lovers, this is the perfect craft. Make your own leather earrings. These are lightweight and look perfect for finishing off an outfit.

Clay Rings
Clay Rings by Craftsy Hacks

Clay rings can be made in so many different designs. Swirl colors, add unique shapes, and patterns to make your own styles.

Macrame Bracelet
Macrame Bracelet by Craftsy Hacks

Give your macrame a bit of something extra special by adding beads. This is a fun way to keep your hands busy and then be able to wear your craft.

Double Diamond Bracelet
Double Diamond Bracelet by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Another lovely style of friendship bracelet to try out. Grab your embroidery floss and some jewelry making hardware to easily remove this bracelet.

How to Make Magazine Beads
How to Make Magazine Beads by Red Ted Art

A great way to upcycle old magazines to make beads. There are so many different project ideas to utilize these beads.

8 Strand Bracelet Tutorial
8 Strand Bracelet Tutorial by Brooklyn Berry

Bracelets are always a favorite among craft projects. Here is a simple way to make friendship bracelets with eight strands.

Driftwood Jewelry Holder
Driftwood Jewelry Holder by Sutain My Craft Habit

Display your jewelry with this craft. This is great for necklaces and bracelets.

Washer Necklaces
Washer Necklaces by The Benson Street

Using washers and a few supplies you can have a super inexpensive project that is fun. Use the washers to make necklace charms attached to a waxed cord.

Handkerchief Bracelets
Handkerchief Bracelets by Sadie Seasongoods

If you like a touch of the vintage, use old handkerchiefs or thrifted handkerchiefs to make a pretty braided style bracelet.


In this section we have beauty and spa style craft ideas. Make your own custom bath bombs and other fun crafts to enjoy a relaxing time at home.

Lavender Epsom Salt Soak
Lavender Epsom Salt Soak by The Reid Homestead

Plan for a nice spa day at home with some relaxing lavender epsom salts. Mix these up along with other spa crafts and enjoy when you need a bit of down time.

Unicorn Donut Bath Bombs
Unicorn Donut Bath Bombs by A Country Girl's Life

Bath bombs are fun, but they can be super cute too! Make these ones that are unicorn donuts for gifting to your friends, but save one for yourself too.

Lavender Bath Bombs
Lavender Bath Bombs by Crafts By Amanda

Here is an easy idea to make your baths more luxurious. Make your own bath bombs to enjoy a soak in the tub.

Calendula Rose Fizzy Bath Bombs
Calendula Rose Fizzy Bath Bombs by Schisandra & Bergamot

The great thing about bath bombs is there are so many different flavor combinations you can make. This one features rose and calendula.

DIY Shower Steamers
DIY Shower Steamers by The Soccer Mom Blog

Take a refreshing steamer shower with this simple and easy tutorial. You'll love making these steamders as much as you will using them.

Chocolate and Cinnamon Natural Lip Balm
Chocolate and Cinnamon Natural Lip Balm by The Soccer Mom Blog

Make your own lip balm that is flavored with chocolate and cinnamon for a delicious scent. Perfect to pair with the Chapstick holder craft.

Homemade Body Wash
Homemade Body Wash by Desert Naturals

Make your very own body wash at home too. This one is easy, but fun to try.

How to Make Lavender Soap
How to Make Lavender Soap by Crafts By Amanda

Awesome projects like this are great for making for yourself as well as gifting. Make up a spa gift for your friends with these spa and beauty crafts.

Lavender Bath Melts
Lavender Bath Melts by The Reid Homestead

Instead of a bath bomb, try a bath melt for a different soothing experience. They are fun to make and use.
Chai Bath Melts
Chai Bath Melts by Schisandra & Bergamot

Here are more bath melts in a different flavor to try out. This one looks like it smells heavenly. 



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