Tuesday, October 8, 2019

DIY Burp Cloths

Learn how to make flannel burp cloths with this quick DIY tutorial. With a bit of flannel, a sewing machine and some thread, you can make your own burp cloths.

They are so soft and absorbent, perfect for new babies!

DIY Burp Cloths

My sister had her second baby during the summer. With all the use that burp cloths get, they get kind of gross. I knew she would appreciate some new ones.

I have shared a super easy burp cloth before. The drawback of that tutorial is that you need a serger. The average DIYer doesn't have a serger, so I set out to create some burp cloths using a regular sewing machine.

DIY Burp Cloths

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I also made her two types of receiving blankets. These easy baby receiving blankets with a serger. And these DIY receiving blankets with a sewing machine.

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Supplies Needed for Easy Burp Cloths

How to Make Homemade Flannel Burp Cloths

One of the things I love about these burp rags is that they're rectangular in shape. This not only makes them easier to use, but also a lot easier to make. I mean, who came up with the peanut shaped burp cloth anyway?

homemade flannel burp cloths

Keep reading for the picture tutorial. Or watch the video tutorial.

begin with two pieces of flannel

Begin with two pieces of fabric that are 20" X 12".  Place them right sides together.  In other words, lay one piece of fabric right side up. Place the other piece with the right side down.

sew along three sides of fabric

Sew along three sides of the fabric, leaving one end open.

clip corners to remove excess bulk

Clip the corners to remove excess bulk.

turn fabric right side out and press flat

Turn the fabric right side out and press flat.

fold edges inward and press flat

Fold the edges inward and press flat.

Top stitch all the way around the burp cloth, starting with the open edge.

flannel burp cloths

That's all there is to it! You could seriously make these in 10-15 minutes. They're so easy!

↓↓↓For more in depth instruction, click the link to watch the video ↓↓↓ DIY Burp Cloth Video ← 

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