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47 Crafts Tweens Will Love

Are you looking for craft ideas that tweens will love? Well you have come to the right place! All of these crafts are fun and easy to make. You'll find the best ideas for fun projects and great DIY crafts.

This list was curated and written by my youngest daughter who just left her tween years. She turned 13 a few months ago. She included all types of projects that she has loved to do the last few years.


This article has lots of craft ideas including jewelry, paper crafts, bath goodies, sewing projects and so much more!

For even more easy craft ideas, my 15 year old will be making a list of fun crafts for teens. (coming soon)
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collage of easy crafts tweens can make

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Let's get started with some great crafts!
clear bracelets with seed beads
Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets 

This is a great idea for tweens to do when they are bored. It's a simple craft with no mess and only needs a few supplies.

Buffalo plaid bracelets
Buffalo Plaid Friendship Bracelets by Moms and Crafters

 These bracelets are such cute crafts and make great gifts for your tween friends!

Water bead stress ball
Water Bead Stress Ball by Bitz and Giggles

These stress balls are a creative way to relieve stress. They are easy to make and fun to use.
Fox pom-poms
Pom Pom Fox DIY by Red Ted Art

 These pom poms are adorable and so easy to make. You only need a few basic supplies to make them too.

Snowman bath bombs
Snowman Bath Bomb by Artsy Farsty Mama

Bath bombs are one of my favorite things to use and these snowman bath bombs just make them even better. They are an adorable craft.

aromatherapy bracelets
Aromatherapy Bracelets by The Soccer Mom Blog
 Not only are these bracelets so cute, they also have the benefits of aromatherapy.

DIY stickers
DIY Stickers by Moms Collab
I love using stickers to decorate things and these are so fun to make. One of the easiest crafts too.

Clay gifts
Clay Gifts by A Mum to Mum

These are a great gift to give to your family and friends. Plus it's a great way to keep kids of all ages busy.
Donut bath bombs are the best type of bath bomb. They're cute, fun to use, and fun to make.

3D stars
DIY 3D Stars

Paper stars make a great craft to celebrate the 4th of July. It's a paper craft so anyone can do this.

sewing headbands
Headband Sewing Patterns by Heather Handmade

These super cute headbands are easy to make. Grab your favorite fabric and make some for you and your friends.

mermaid sugar scrub
Mermaid Sugar Scrub by the Soccer Mom Blog
 Sugar scrubs are an easy project that's fun to use.

Unicorn bath bombs
Unicorn Bath Bombs by Mama Cheeps

Rainbow bath bombs are better than normal bath bombs and tweens will love making and using them.

Ice tie dye
DIY Ice Tie-Dye by AB Crafty

This is one of the coolest summer crafts ever. Tie-dye is awesome because it turns out different every time.

Friendship bracelets
Friendship Bracelets by the Gingerbread House

Friendship bracelets are the best gifts to give to your friends. You'll have the best time making them too.

Paper bag mushrooms
Paper Bag Mushrooms

This is such a creative craft and it looks so cool when it's finished.

mickey and minne bracelets
Mickey and Minnie Felt Bracelets by This Mama Loves

If your tween is a Disney fan, this is the perfect craft for them. These are just adorable.

Painted pots
Geometric Painted Pots by Projects with Kids

 Painting geometric designs on something is so fun because you don't have to stress about how it will turn out, because it will always look good. 

Heart Pouch
Heart Zipper Pouch by Heather Handmade

Simple sewing projects like this is a great way to introduce sewing to older kids and tweens. This craft is super cute too.

Foolproof Slime by Press Print Party

Slime is a great craft for everyone. It's something that you can use over and over again so the fun never ends.

tulip oragami
Tulip Origami by Easy Crafts for Kids

 Paper crafts are the best because they are always so simple and easy to make. You probably already have the supplies too.
Diy bracelet
DIY Kumihimo Bracelet

These take a long time to make, but are easy and fun to do. And an adorable bracelet comes out of your work.

popsicle soap
DIY Popsicle Soap

One of the best fun summer crafts. Just make sure you don't eat them! 

bath salt
DIY Grapefruit Bath Salt
I just love to use bath salts to make my baths feel more fancy. The grapefruit in this recipe makes it smell so good. 
origami chickens
Origami Chickens by Easy Crafts for Kids
This has got to be my favorite origami pattern because the chickens are just so cute.
sock bunny
DIY Sock Bunny by Seam Whisperer
Another simple sewing project that's perfect to start learning how to sew. 

lip scrub
Aloe Vera Lip Scrub by Teen and Tween Fun

If your lips need some extra moisture, this is the best craft for you. It's so moisturizing for your lips and will feel amazing.
DIY Pom Poms

A simple craft you can make over and over again and not get bored.

DIY Bookmarks
DIY Bookmarks by Lovely Indeed

These bookmarks will definitely make your kid want to read. Why wouldn't you want to read with this cute bookmarks.

Bath bombs
Bath Bombs with Essentials Oils by Desert Natural

As I've said before, I love bath bombs. But adding essential oils to one just makes it such an awesome craft.

yarn bracelets
Yarn Bracelets

Do you love DIY projects that are easy? Well this is one of the easiest ones you can make.

tie dye
Tie-Dye Shirts by Craftsy Hacks

Tie-Dye is the most fun summer craft there is. Nothing can beat it. 

Mermaid Keychains by Artsy Fartsy Mama

These mermaid tail keychains are the best way to customize your backpack or purse. Who wouldn't want this on their backpack? 

Latter stitch Friendship Bracelet by Homan at Home

This cool craft is something you can make any time. And they turn out cute every time.
Hot pad
Beginner Hot Pad

Not only are these easy to make, but you can use them to encourage your tween to cook.

DIY Clay Rings by Craftsy Hacks

These are fun to make and so aesthetic. You'll want to wear them everyday.

Lip balm
Pink Lemonade Lip Balm by Artsy Fartsy Mama

This is the cutest lip balm you can make. smells amazing, looks amazing, and will moisturize your lips.
DIY Friendship Bracelets Made with Cardboard by RedTedArt

Made with simple supplies, this is one of the best crafts for your kids. 

DIY Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are the cutest type of bracelet. So, why wouldn't you want to make one? 

body wash
DIY Body Wash by Desert Naturals
Everyone uses body wash, so why not make it yourself? And you get to choose the scent too!

Marble mug
Marble Mugs with Nail Polish by Moms and Crafters 

These mugs are such a cool craft and look amazing.

Large DIY String Art by The DIY Nuts
This is such a creative craft because you get to choose the word, the colors, and you could even add different symbols or shapes.

Paracord Bracelets by Craftsy Hacks

Paracord bracelets always look so cool and are such a fashion statement. 

T-shirt Bracelets by Creative Ramblings

All you really need for this is scissors and some old t-shirts which makes it the perfect craft for everyone.

Valentine's Candles
These are such a cute craft for every kid to make for their friend and family.

Simple Crochet Flowers by Moms and Crafters
If you want to start crocheting, this is the perfect craft for you. They are so cute and so simple.

cactus rock
Cactus Painted Rocks by Projects with Kids

Painting rocks is a classic craft. It's a great craft for your tweens and is adorable.


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collage of crafts for tweens

collage of easy crafts tweens can make

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