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65+ Crafts for Summer (Ideas for Kids, Teens and Adults)

Summer is the perfect time to make up a bunch of fun summer crafts.

This post has a huge list of summer crafts for all ages.

So grab your craft supplies or head to the dollar store and stock up so you can get creative with these craft ideas.


Use craft projects to fight the summer boredom and to make some useful and fun crafts to enjoy all summer long.
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collage of crafts for summer
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From toddlers to older children, kids of all ages will enjoy the fun activities for crafting in this section. 

Canvas Painted Bags
Canvas Painted Bags by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Start with a simple, but fun craft. Paint tote style bags with any design you like. Learn how to easily do this and then use the bags for trips to the beach or library.

Cactus Paper Craft
Cactus Paper Craft by In The Playroom

Summer break is the perfect time to grab some paper and make a cute little cactus. This one also adds the tissue paper along the bottom for another fun element of texture.

Popsicle Sleeves
Popsicle Sleeves by Happiest Camper

Keep little hands from freezing when enjoying a popsicle in the summer heat. These simple to make holders will be a hit with kids.

3D Paper Plate Turtle Craft
3D Paper Plate Turtle Craft by Mom Hacks 101

Paper plates are a versatile craft supply item to make things like this sea turtle. Get creative and make other sea animals too using the extra paper plates.

Jelly Fish Craft
Jelly Fish Craft by Arty Crafty Bee

For the littler kids, this simple craft features a jellyfish, and you could make it your own by adding googly eyes for an extra special touch. 

Beach Sand Jar
Beach Sand Jar by Ottawa Mommy Club

Find some sand and sticker ocean animals for a fun beach themed jar craft.  Allow kids to add their own sea objects into the jar.

popsicle Stick Bird Feeder
Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder by The Thrifty Apartment

Popsicle sticks can be used to make a variety of crafts. This one will bring more joy as you add bird seed to invite bird friends into the your yard.

Walking Rainbow
Walking Rainbow by Crafting with Kids

Crafts with summer themes and a little science are a great way to engage kids in the summer. This walking rainbow will get them excited about learning.

Origami Paper Boat
Origami Paper Boat by Backyard Summer Camp

Learn how to fold a paper boat. Practice origami skills and then feel free to decorate your boat before or after folding.

Paper Boat Craft
Paper Boat Craft by Crafts Kids Love

Here is another way to use paper crafts to make a boat. I like that this one could be customize using different paper colors.

Melted Crayon Art
Melted Crayon Art by Teaching Ideas

Use up old crayons with this art project. Use shavings of crayons to make canvas art pieces.

How to Make Sidewalk Chalk
How to Make Sidewalk Chalk by Hands on Teaching Ideas

Summer art makes me think of sidewalk chalk. Did you know you can make your own? Mix up different colors, shapes, and even add glitter with this tutorial.

Shark Soap
Shark Soap by Angie Holden

This one might require some adult help, but kids will love making their own shark themed soap. And then they can enjoy it during bath time or when washing their hands.

Painted Shark Rocks
Painted Shark Rocks by Sustain My Craft Habit

And then continue the shark themed crafts with these adorable painted rocks! My kids would get a kick out of these for sure!

Summer Food Perler Bead Templates
Summer Food Perler Bead Templates by Craft with Cartwright

A set of templates for perler beads featuring summer fruits. These may require a bit of parent supervision when ironing.
Popsicle Perler Bead Templates
Popsicle Perler Bead Templates by In the Playroom

Here are some fun ways to make perler beads into popsicles. So many choices, and you can make them all!

Paint Pour Flower Pots
Paint Pour Flower Pots by Two Kids and a Coupon

I love that this craft takes a drippy mess and turns it into so much fun. After painting the pot, plant a flower in it to complete the project.

Pipe Cleaner Tiara
Pipe Cleaner Tiara by Stylish Cravings

Who knew pipe cleaners could look so regal. For the princesses in your life, make their very own tiaras out of pipe cleaners and gems.

Popsicle Template
Popsicle Template for Painting by Lil Tigers

Here is a fun craft that can be used for summer decorating. Print off the printable template for giant popsicles and then paint them in a fun way.

Reusable Water Balloons
Reusable Water Balloons by Heather Handmade

The summer months call for water play. Make these reusable water balloons that look like foam balls. Reuse them anytime you want to have water fun.

Hot Rock Crayon Painting
Hot Rock Crayon Painting by Simply Well Balanced

Another one of our favorites easy summer crafts you won't want to miss for kids is hot rock painting. Heat up rocks and melt crayons on the rocks for pretty colorful designs.

Boondoggle Keychains
Boondoggle Keychains by Doodle Craft

Boondoggles are a fun pastime. And Doodlecraft has a bunch of different great ideas for making different unique styles.

Painted Bottle Lights
Painted Bottle Lights by Artsy Karma

This craft is perfect for enjoying all summer season long. Especially on nights camping or enjoying an outdoor evening on your patio. They will light up your table for games and more.

Pineapple Necklace
Pineapple Necklace by Raising Whasians

I love crafts that work on fine motor skills. This necklace turns out adorable, and kids can work on stringing up the beads into a pineapple shape.

DIY Window Clings
DIY Window Clings by Crayons and Spice

Learn how to make your very own window clings. Dress up your windows with your creations. I would love to try them with puffy paint for added texture.

Preschool Scavenger Hunt
Preschool Scavenger Hunt by Crayons and Spice

Craft up some outdoor games like a scavenger hunt for preschool aged kids with photo clues. You could probably adjust for older ages too by making clues more difficult.

DIY Shrinky Dink
DIY Shrinky Dink by The DIY Nuts

Big kids will love this shrinky dink keychain idea. Make up all sorts of shapes and add keychain hardware to add to a backpack.

Sun Suncatcher
Sun Suncatcher by Fox Farm Home

Easy ideas that are fun and cute are a great choice, like this suncatcher. You could make it in other shapes too. But have fun finding flowers and other plants to add into the suncatcher.

Fingerprint Glass Magnets
Fingerprint Glass Magnets by Craftsy Hacks

This is a fun way to capture summer memories. Remember how small little thumb and fingerprints are when you make these adorable magnets that can be made into different creatures.


Next up, let's explore summer craft ideas for teens. Teens will love these creative ideas especially if they enjoy crafts.

Wax Cord Bracelet Tutorial
Wax Cord Bracelet Tutorial by Adventures of a DIY Mom

This idea is perfect for summer camps for teens. These bracelets can be made in a variety of colors and in a couple of different styles. Perfect for boys and girls alike.

How to Paint Shoes with Acrylic Paint
How to Paint Shoes with Acrylic Paint by Adventures of a DIY Mom

This is one of the best ways to make shoes your own. Dress up a pair of plain white sneakers with paint to make them perfect for you.

How to Make Scrunchies
How to Make Scrunchies by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Scrunchie making can be lots of fun. Use up leftover fabric and elastic to dress up your hairstyles. Perfect to keep hair out of your face in the warm weather months.

How to Sew a Hair Scrunchie
How to Sew a Hair Scrunchie by Easy Things to Sew

Here is another way to make your own scrunchies. Summer really is the perfect time to learn how to sew a hair scrunchie.

No-Sew Scrunchies
No-Sew Scrunchies by Adventures of a DIY Mom

And if you still want to make scrunchies, but you might not have a sewing machine, you can make them with this no-sew tutorial.

Bow Scrunchie
Bow Scrunchie by Oh Clary

Dress up a plain old scrunching by adding a bow to it. This is a pretty way to make a scrunchie a little more special.

No Sew Braided T-Shirt Headband
No Sew Braided T-Shirt Headband by Happiest Camper

Here is another hair accessory that you'll have a great time making that doesn't require a sewing machine. Bonus you use an old t-shirt to make it. Yay for upcycling.

How to Marble Paint
How to Marble Paint by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Take a crafty morning to yourself to learn how to marble paint. This tutorial walks you through the process and supplies you will need.

Marbled Nail Polish Seashells
Marbled Nail Polish Seashells by Ottawa Mommy Club

Here is another way to marble paint on small items using nail polish. Find seashells at the beach and then paint them up.

Pineapple Candle
Pineapple Candle by Tina's Dynamic Homeschool

If making a candle is on your summer bucket list, then check it off with this adorable tutorial for a pineapple candle. 

Paper Flowers in Pots Craft
Paper Flowers in Pots Craft by Thrifty Northwest Mom

Whip up some pretty flowers in pots to decorate your room or locker in the fall. Make the flowers out of paper so they will last forever.

Daisy Cross Stitch Bracelet
Daisy Cross Stitch Bracelet by Craft with Cartwright

This is a fun way to make a bracelet using cross stitch. Work with your hands to stitch up some daisies to wear.
Cross Stitch Tie Dye Heart
Cross Stitch Tie Dye Heart by Craft with Cartwright

And then if you want to really dive into cross stitch, try this tie dye heart pattern. This looks so cool when it is finished.

Tin Can Wind Chime
Tin Can Wind Chime by Single Girl DIY

A wind chime is another great option for fun summer activities. There are so many ways to personalize this craft to suit your style and preferences.

Fruit Terra Cotta Pots
Fruit Terra Cotta Pots by Smart Fun DIY

Teens and even older children will enjoy this fun way to decorate pots to look like their favorite fruits. Then plant a cute little succulent inside.

Cherry Sugar Scrub
Cherry Sugar Scrub by On Your Journey

Looking for a simple spa idea? This cherry sugar scrub is easy peasy to make and will leave skin feeling super soft.

How to Paint Denim
How to Paint Denim by Pillar Box Blue

If you are throwing out some jeans, cut out the pockets and enjoy a fun summer activity. Paint on denim and learn how to make a little handbag out of a pocket.

Air Fryer Salt Dough Ornaments
Air Fryer Salt Dough Ornaments by Fork to Spoon

Make up some salt dough ornaments in any shape. Then you can paint them anyway you like. This is a great activity for summer,  because you don't have to turn on the oven to make them.

Tropical Tote Bags
Tropical Tote Bags by Doodle Craft Blog

Add fun tropical themed stencils to tote bags. Use bright colors of paint to really make your designs standout.

How to Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach
How to Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach by Crafty Art Ideas

Now this might be one of the best ideas for summer crafting for teens. Use bleach to do a reverse tie dye style on a new shirt.

Here are a few more teen summer crafts to try out:


Now for the fun ideas for easy crafts for adults to make in summer. Decorate your home with some of these ideas for summer.

Hydrangea Wreath
Hydrangea Wreath by Ann's Entitled Life

Start with your front door by making a gorgeous hydrangea wreath. The bunches of flowers make it easy to cover a wreath form and add lots of texture.

Easy Sunflower Wreath
Easy Sunflower Wreath by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Warm weather means a new wreath to match. Put away your spring decor and craft up a sunflower wreath that will work as summer and even transition into fall door decor. Plus, here are 4 More DIY Summer Wreaths to try.

Personalized Sun Hat
Personalized Sun Hat by The Best Vinyl Cutters

Now this is the perfect craft for summer. Make your own personalized floppy sun hat. Add your name, or other decorative designs.

Metal Garden Flower
Metal Garden Flower by Thrifty Northwest Mom

Bring this beautiful craft to your garden by making a lovely and large metal garden flower. And guess what it is made out of, dollar store cookie sheets!

Sunflower Welcome Sign
Sunflower Welcome Sign by Crafts by Amanda

Now this finished product will greet guests to your home in the perfect way. The sunflowers really give it a happy welcoming vibe.

Budget Friendly Table Decor
Budget Friendly Table Decor by Sustain My Craft Habit

Dress up some mason jars or other jars with paint, and other elements that can easily decorate a picnic table, dining table, or entry table. Add your favorite summer flowers to finish the look.

Clutch out of a Placemat
Clutch out of a Placemat by Creative Ramblings Blog

Next time you see a cute placemat, snag it. Whether you are at the dollar store or a thrift store. A placemat can become a cute clutch bag using this tutorial.

DIY Citronella Candles
DIY Citronella Candles by On Your Journey

If you love to hang out outside for your favorite summer activities, keep the bugs at bay with your own homemade citronella candles. Perfect for any outdoor event.

Denim Feather Wall Art
Denim Feather Wall Art by Pillar Box Blue

Utilize used or worn out denim for this fun tutorial to make feathers. You'll love to add this craft to your summer craft activities.

Mini Bud Vase Craft
Mini Bud Vase Craft by Pillar Box Blue

Warm summer days call for cute vases of flowers. There are so many things you might throw out that could become little bud vases like these.

5 Bottle Wood Centerpiece
5 Bottle Wood Centerpiece by Making Joy and Pretty Things

This is a craft you can make in the summer and enjoy all year long. Feel free to make paper flowers to fill in the vases so you don't have to worry about keeping fresh flowers on hand.

DIY Vintage Vase
DIY Vintage Vase by Making Joy and Pretty Things

I love a good craft idea you can use as home decor. Simple summer crafts can be made in summer, but used all year long, like his vase. It is a perfect piece for decorating with all year.

Laser Cut Succulent Magnets
Laser Cut Succulent Magnets by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Here is a fun way to dress up your refrigerator with adorable little laser cut succulent magnets. These are especially fun for a plant lover. 

Grab your glue gun, glitter, and other craft supplies and get crafting! Happy Summer!


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collage of crafts to make in the summercollage of crafts to make in summertime

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