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How to Make Paper Flowers (Easy DIY Craft Tutorial)

Hi friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft teaching how to make paper flowers for the perfect home decor, parties, events or big backdrops!

Paper flowers are a fun and versatile craft, they can be made any color to suit any occasion, event or home decor.

This fun and simple craft requires no fancy tools...just scissors and hot glue. It can be adapted to the tools you have too and make it easier to mass produce, scale the size or make it easy for a group of people to assemble.

diy paper flowers

I love paper flowers--they are my favorite things. I have really bad flower allergies, my reactions are body aches and I think I'm coming down with the flu--when in reality I just need to toss the bouquet of flowers I was gifted.

Because I love the cheeriness and look of flowers but can't handle the smell, I love to DIY handmade flowers.

I'm showing how to make them with regular piece of paper because it's an easy access supply...and you can embellish or use whatever you have to make them wonderful!

how to make paper flowers


I've done a few paper flower tutorials in different ways in the past and there are a lot of varieties:

Once you get the concept of making paper flowers, you can make them out of any paper material and in a variety of ways.

Make a bouquet, put the flowers on a wreath or decorate a wall with big colorful flowers--all with this easy step-by-step tutorial!

The best part is that it does NOT cost a lot of money and the end results are big impact gorgeous paper flowers!

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handmade paper flowers
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  • Paper (I'm using 28 lb. laser printer paper but the type of paper doesn't matter)
  • 1/2 inch strip of yellow card stock for the center
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Hot Glue/Gun
  • Wooden Dowels (could also use pipe cleaner)
  • Gold Paint Pen (optional)

There are cut files available for Cricut (or other cutting machine) to make flowers, so if you aren't confident cutting with scissors you can go that route.

supplies for paper flowers

Begin by cutting yellow paper into half inch strips. If you don't have yellow paper, you can make the center white or color the paper with markers.

yellow paper for center

Next color a little bit of gold paint marker on the edge of the yellow strip. This part is totally optional, but I like the subtle metallic in the center of the flower.

making yellow flower center

Now use the scissors and cut 3/4's through the edge of the thin strips, creating a row of fringed paper.

It does not have to be an exact science or exactly perfect, just don't cut all the way through the paper strip.

I am using cardstock paper for the flower center but regular paper works too.

making flower center

Now add a dot of hot glue on the end of a wooden dowel and wrap the fringe around the top of the stick, hot gluing periodically.

Hot glue is the way to go here, because it dries and holds quickly, so have an extra hot glue stick or two on hand for this project.

These DIY paper flowers can also be made right on floral wire, for more versatility when arranging them for a center piece or bouquet.

adding flower center to a dowel

After the fringe has been wrapped and secured around the dowel, fluff out the fringed centers of the card stock for a layered look.

flower center on a dowel


Now get a few pieces of paper and cut the swirl and flower petals.


Fold one sheet of paper into quarters and cut petal shapes about 1 by 2 inches. The petals should have different looks, so it appears more natural.

Make some petals about 2 by 3 inches as well, so the flower shape is more realistic.

making paper flower petals


Fold one sheet of paper into quarters and cut large petals, 4 at a time. They are about 3 by 4 inches of so.

Again, these do not have to be precise and that is what makes them easy and endearing.

making paper flower petals


Fold one sheet of paper in half and cut an oval shape that fills about the full paper.
Cut into it about 1/2 to 3/4 inches away from the edge and cut all the way in a spiral to the center.

If you are going to make giant paper flowers, stagger the petals up to the size of one full sheet of paper. 

making paper flowers


Next step, begin by adding a dot of hot glue to the outside edge of the swirl piece.

This will make a tight grouping around the center of the flower and gives it more of a peony or rose appearance.

making paper flowers

Roll up the swirl around the center and hot glue it every 4 inches or so to keep it from unraveling.

adding paper around flower center

The rolled rosette looks fabulous just like this and could be finished at this stage and added to a bouquet of larger flowers for different looks.

I'll keep adding to the flower shape and make big beautiful paper flowers.

making paper flowers

The tightly rolled rosette keeps the center tucked away as well.

If you are hoping for a more open and full flower, you can skip the rolled rosette and move right on to the smaller petals.

Have fun with your first flower and decide what you like the look of.

paper flowers


Now use a little hot glue on the rosette and glue the small petals around the base.

The important thing to remember is that this is not science, have fun and add a petal everywhere it looks like it needs one.

Typically I added 4 petals around the rosette base and then added the next four petals in the intersecting centers of the last petals, alternating them for a real flowers vibe.

adding petals to paper flowers

Then add the next size of petals to the base of the flower.

Let the hot glue dry between petal layers so it doesn't just fall off the center.

using hot glue to add paper petals to diy flowers

See how easy paper flowers are to make!?

Continue adding petals, flip the flower to the opposite side, then look at it and see where it needs more petals...then turn it over again and add more.

Make some flowers with fewer petals and some larger with more petals. I love the variety of sizes of flowers because it creates the most realistic paper flowers.

finishing paper flower

When the entire flower is finished, place it in a vase and admire it. Then make a dozen more!

I find these are easy and fun to make while I'm rewatching a favorite show. I can get 8 large paper flowers done in an hour.

top view of paper flower


Here's some ways to make your beautiful flowers other ways:
  • Add green craft paper leaves
  • Add marker color to the sides of the petal
  • Cut the petals in a pointy shape (great for poinsettias)
  • Make a bunch different sizes
  • Design them around your color schemes
  • Use sheets of tissue paper instead
  • Make them with small pieces of paper leftover from another craft
  • Add Glitter on the edges of the petals
  • Use floral tape to cover the wooden dowel, wrap it on the diagonal to cover the stick

diy paper flowers in a vase

These beautiful flowers are the perfect handmade decoration that will keep you on budget.

These make great decorations for baby showers, bridal showers, a birthday party, simple craft room decor or other special occasion.

I love making paper flowers and have been making them for a long time...they are so much fun, classic and never go out of style--almost as good as the real thing!

I love the small flowers and the large flower variety.

paper flowers in a vase

Hope you are inspired by this simple paper flower tutorial and you are ready to make your own paper flowers.

I love crafts that are cheap to make but have big impact and these flowers absolutely do both!

The fun part is creating your favorite flowers from pieces of craft paper and seeing your botanical vision come to life.

paper flowers in a vase


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paper flowers in a vase

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