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40+ Paper Flower Crafts (The BEST Ideas!)

It is amazing how many different diy paper flowers you can create all out of different papers.

Check out these gorgeous paper flower crafts for crafting, gifting, and more!


Dive into a bunch of my favorite paper flower crafts.

From flowers kids can make to ones that are more advanced there is a paper flower craft for everyone.
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collage of diy paper flowers
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In this section we have a variety of flowers that are perfect for kid crafts. Help kids make beatuiful flowers out of paper to gift or play with.

Paper Flower Templates for Bookmarks
Paper Flower Templates for Bookmarks by Two Kids and a Coupon

Craft lovely flowers into a useful bookmark. I love how the flower sticks out above the book while the stem holds your page.

Newspaper Flowers
Newspaper Flowers by Rediscovered Families

This is a unique and fun project. Painting over newspaper gives these flowers a pretty touch. Use them to make a wreath, or adorn a gift.

Flower Handprint Craft
Flower Handprint Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

This is a great idea for a Mother's Day card or craft to gift mom. A handprint becomes the flower, sitting in a cute vase.

Hibiscus Flower Template
Hibiscus Flower Template by Mama Likes This

There are so many cute and fun DIY paper flower tutorials. Like this template for a pretty summery hibiscus flower.

Iris Paper Craft
Iris Paper Craft by Raise Curious Kids

Create gorgeous irises with this paper flower pattern. Add color and special elements to this paper craft like using pipe cleaners for the stems.

Cupcake Liner Flowers
Cupcake Liner Flowers by Little Bins Little Hands

Cupcake liners make it so easy to make flowers. Here is a way that kids can easily make flowers out of the liners.

Cupcake Liner Flowers
Cupcake Liner Flowers by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Or here is another way to use them to make easy paper flowers. This project will help with working on cutting skills.

Coffee Filter Paper Flowers
Coffee Filter Paper Flowers by Fun A Day

Make a whole bunch of colorful flowers out of coffee filters. My kids love doing this one, but so do I! A great way to make a bunch of flowers fast.

Layered Paper Flowers
Layered Paper Flowers by The Best Ideas for Kids

Flowers look great in layers. This is an easy way to use more colors, and to make flowers bigger and have more texture.

Build a Flower Craft
Build a Flower Craft by Mama of Minis

Cut out a bunch of flower shapes, circles, and paper strips to make this flower assembly kit. Make up your own flowers and glue to a paper for a flower garden.

Plumeria Flower Craft
Plumeria Flower Craft by Organized 31

This simple flower is easy to make and looks lovely on a card, or in other decor. They have a bit of an  origami feel to them with the folded leaves.

Lotus Paper Flower
Lotus Paper Flower by Little Ladoo

Real flowers are pretty, but they won't last as long as this lifelike lotus paper flower. This one turns out so realistic.

Paper Flower Bouquet
Paper Flower Bouquet by In the Playroom

This paper flower bouquet is a great alternative to fresh flowers. A great gift idea for birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries, and other occasions.

3D Flower Craft
3D Flower Craft by In the Playroom

Make beautiful paper flowers with a 3D effect. This one is great for working on cutting and fine motor skills for kids.

Paper Flowers Bouquet
Paper Flowers Bouquet by Ann's Entitled Life

Older kids and adults alike will like this unique paper flower bouquet. I love the variety of colors and flowers.

Paper Tulips
Paper Tulips by Easy Crafty Pattern

Spend summer days crafting. This is the perfect summer paper flower craft. Work on cutting, gluing and making tulips in your favorite colors.

Paper Cherry Blossoms
Paper Cherry Blossoms by Easy Crafty Pattern

Use origami paper and some simple cutting skills to make these gorgeous cherry blossoms. This one is really easy to follow with a great tutorial.

Mini Tissue Paper Flowers
Mini Tissue Paper Flowers by Tikkido

Small flowers can be so much fun. Here is a tutorial for how to make mini colorful tissue paper flowers. Add them to stems, or make a piece of art to display with all those mini flowers.

Hawaiian Paper Lei
Hawaiian Paper Lei by Hawaii Travel with Kids

String together a paper lei with Hawaiian flowers and leaves. Cut out a bunch of the flowers and help kids string the lei together.
Origami Tulip Craft
Origami Tulip Craft by Gathering Beauty

Origami is another fun way to use paper to make flowers. Tulips are a great one to start with if you are new to origami.

Construction Paper Flowers
Construction Paper Flowers by Made with Happy

Construction paper works great for flower petals too. Cut out circles, and form them into flower petals, leaves, and stems of construction paper.

Paper Flower Popsicle Stick Bookmark
Paper Flower Popsicle Stick Bookmark

Start off a paper flower by adding layers of paper to a popsicle stick. Finish off the craft by adding a circle to make the center of the flower.


In this section I have a bunch of beautiful flowers to craft for adults. These projects are more intricate and can be used as home decor and more.

How to Make Paper Flowers
How to Make Paper Flowers by Adventures of a DIY Mom

First up this step-by-step tutorial shows how to make a really pretty flower out of paper that you can use in your home decor.

Crepe Paper Flowers Wreath
Crepe Paper Flowers Wreath by Mama Likes This

Crepe paper is a fun choice for flowers because it has a pretty texture. You can use different colors to make different sized flowers, leaves and more.

Paper Fan Flower
Paper Fan Flower by Leap of Faith Crafting

Need some easy decor for bridal showers? How about a vase full of paper fan flowers. You can make a bunch of these quickly and use them to decorate.

Large Paper Flower
Large Paper Flower by Leap of Faith Crafting

Baby showers are also a great way to utilize crafty paper flowers like these giant paper flowers. They can be done in so many colors and used for decor, backdrops, and more.

How to make Paper Flowers
How to make Paper Flowers by Grace Monroe Home

Here is another way to make paper flowers in a variety of sizes. I like how this one alternated a print paper with a solid for even more visual interest.

Framed Paper Peonies
Framed Paper Peonies by Sustain My Craft Habit

Paper peonies are pretty, but you need a way to display them. This tutorial shows that you can add them to a frame to add to your mantel or other places in your home.

How to Assemble Paper Daffodils
How to Assemble Paper Daffodils by Sustain My Craft Habit

If your favorite flower is a daffodil, this is a paper craft idea to teach you how to make lifelike ones out of paper.

Crepe Paper Flowers
Crepe Paper Flowers by Smart Fun DIY

Here are more ways to use textured crepe paper flowers in three more pretty ways. I can't way to try all of these ideas, but that crepe paper rose is just so cute.

Paper Flower Backdrop
Paper Flower Backdrop by Lovely Indeed

Decorating for a party? Make paper flowers with large petals to make a paper flower backdrop for garden parties, birthdays, weddings, bridal showers and more.

Paper Flower Centerpiece
Paper Flower Centerpiece by Lovely Indeed

Dress up a table with cute paper flowers. This entire centerpiece is made out of flowers and will dress up tables for a special event. 

Paper Heart Flower Craft
Paper Heart Flower Craft by My Joy-Filled Life

Put a paper flower on a card to send to a friend, to use as a valentine, or even as a thank you card. This card has depth to it with the petals and flower center.

Paper Flower Wreath
Paper Flower Wreath by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Whip up all of the paper flowers, and then make a wreath. Grab your hot glue gun and add these pretty flowers to a wreath form. Perfect for spring decorating.
Tulip Craft
Tulip Craft by Thriving in Parenting

Grab a stack of paper in vibrant colors to make these lovely paper tulips. Look at all the layers of paper to form the flower.

Tissue Paper Peony
Tissue Paper Peony by Christine's Crafts

Have a bunch of sheets of tissue paper laying around??? Layer a bunch of sheets together to form a full paper flower.

Paper Flower Wall Art
Paper Flower Wall Art by Tikkido

Need a statement piece of art in your home? This fun craft creates a huge paper flower canvas to hang in your home.

Paper Flower Place Card
Paper Flower Place Card by Tikkido

Having a formal get together like a wedding? Cut out different sizes of the same flower shape and add to a placecard like this one.

Paper Flower Centerpiece
Paper Flower Centerpiece by The Country Chic Cottage

Dress up a special dinner table with this flower centerpiece. I can't believe these are made out of paper, but they are! So cute!


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