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30+ Star Quilt Blocks Patterns

Star quilt blocks can build so many different beautiful star quilts.

Find the perfect star block for your next quilt project with all of the variations on a star shape for star quilt block patterns and tutorials.


Quilt blocks are the beginnings of a gorgeous quilt top. 

They can take a lot of time and effort to make, but once you learn how to make them they get easier.

There are so many different ways to quilt a star block, take a look at some classics and newer options for star quilt patterns. (There's a whole section for free star quilt patterns as well as some you can purchase.)

Star quilt blocks are ideal for seasonal quilts such as patriotic quilts or Christmas quilts. But they also make lovely quilts for every day use.

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collage of star quilt blocks

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Most of the tutorials in this collection of star quilt blocks are free patterns. Although there are a few honorable mentions that are patterns for purchase.

Let's look at the free quilt block patterns first. 

Sawtooth Star Block
Sawtooth Star Block by Adventures of a DIY Mom

A sawtooth star is a very classic style star with eight points. Perfect for a classic quilt. This tutorial shows you how to make this traditional quilt block in eight different sizes too.

It's a great block to practice your flying geese units.

Sawtooth Star
Sawtooth Star with Heart by Woodberry Way

Here is a simple way to dress up a sawtooth star. Add a heart in the center of the star! So cute, pretty easy and makes a beautiful quilt.

Nine Patch Star Block
Nine Patch Star Block by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Make a patchwork star block with this eight pointed star variation. The nine patch star adds in smaller points than a sawtooth. This easy star quilt block is made by snowballing the corners to make the points of the star.

Ohio Star Block
Ohio Star Quilt Block by Sew Can She

The Ohio star block is also eight pointed with some unique variations of the hourglass style shape on the points. This one is fun to play with different colors.

Amish Star Quilt Block
Amish Star Quilt Block by Fabric 406

This block gets more complex, but it looks so pretty. This has eight points that look like they extend toward the corners. So pretty.

Wyoming Valley Star
Wyoming Valley Star by Bobbin In Quilts

I love this star because it is made entirely of half-square triangles and squares. But several areas of the star mimic flying geese and hourglass blocks.   

It is ideal for beginner quilters and a great block for working on your piecing skills.

Friendship Star or Wandering Star
Friendship Star or Wandering Star by Sew Can She

This block can be called a friendship star block or wandering star block. This one is unique with the four points that come out from the center in half square triangles. 

Union Star
Union Star by Fabric 406

The amazing thing about quilt blocks is there are so many ways to piece together the shapes for a completely different look. I love that all of these different stars are similar but special in their own ways.

Prairie Star
Prairie Star by Handmade Emily Jean 

This one is so gorgeous, and unique. I love that some of the points look like arrows, and how the colors go from darker to lighter on the edges.

This one also is called a Lone Star block. 

Eight Pointed Star
Eight Pointed Star by Quilts by Jen

We have seen eight-pointed stars before, but this one is made from diamond shapes, similar to the prairie star, but this one is just eight diamonds together to form a star.

Maple Star Quilt Block
Maple Star Quilt Block by Diary of a Quilter

A maple star block uses more squares and rectangles at the center of the star with cute little points around the edge. It is also neat to see the block in different sizes, it is the same, but looks just a little different with the two size and fabric choices.

Triangle Star Quilt Block
Triangle Star Quilt Block by Diary of a Quilter

Triangles also make up a pretty star block. Piece together a hexagon shape in the center out of triangles and then add the triangle points. Sew lots of these blocks together for a gorgeous star quilt pattern.

Rolling Star Block
Rolling Star Block by Flamingo Toes

This one is really pretty too. I like that the rolling star block almost looks like the star has movement with the pieces around the star in the block.

Checkerboard Star
Checkerboard Star by Flamingo Toes

Checkerboard patterns are pretty trendy right now. Why not combine that look with the points of a star for a checkerboard star quilt block? Cute, Right?

It's a good one to practice your 16-patch blocks as well as your flying geese.
North Star Block
North Star Block by Always Expect Moore

Use paper piecing with this tutorial, Carolina shows you how and has a free pattern for this lovely north star style quilt block. It also has eight points, but four larger points with four smaller points.

Spinning Star Block
Spinning Star Block by Paula Storm Pattern

This spinning star block comes with a video tutorial as well as a written pattern. Especially helpful if you are a visual learner. 

Scrappy Star Block
Scrappy Star Block by Bonjour Quilts

Use up all your scraps on this scrap buster scrappy star block. Piece together small squares and triangles, to make a pretty star.

Duck Track Star Block
Duck Track Star Block by Scrapish

This is a fun way to extend the number of points on the shapes for a friendship star to make the duck tracks star block. The fabric choices can be a lot of fun with this one.

Ribbon Star Quilt Block
Ribbon Star Quilt Block by Simple Simon and Co.

This star block looks like it has ribbon tails on the ends of the points. Another fun way to get a star shape similar to a Sawtooth or Ohio star.


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In this section, I am featuring a couple of star quilt block patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Edena's Star Block
Edena's Star Block by It's Only Fabric and Thread

This pattern can be used as a block or even a mini quilt project. A larger star that is formed through arrow shapes.

Another one is to purchase is the Sheriff's Star Block by Simply Texas Quilts. This one looks similar to the star of a sheriff badge.


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collage of star quilt blockscollage of star quilt blocks

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