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35+ Traditional Quilt Patterns (Classic Quilts You'll Love)

For many years traditional quilt patterns have been tried and true designs to make gorgeous quilts. Let's keep making these beautiful styles with a collection of quilt patterns.


From free traditional quilts to some patterns to purchase, simple techniques found in traditional quilts are great for learning how to quilt or to use as your next big quilting project.
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Traditional quilt patterns have been around for a long time.

These patterns feature quilt blocks such as the lone star, the nine-patch quilt block, dresden plates, log cabins, a variety of stars , among others.

You can find even more traditional quilts below:
Traditional quilts are very repetitive with orderly rows and columns. Learn more about what designates a quilt as a Traditional Quilt at Sewing Machine Plus.


In this section I am highlighting free quilt patterns utilizing traditional designs. Take a look at these amazing patchwork patterns.

Sampler Quilt Pattern
Sampler Quilt Pattern by Diary of a Quilter

Mix and match different traditional blocks like an eight-pointed star to make a lovely patchwork quilt design. I love that this one incorporates a variety of star blocks to work on.

Nova Star Quilt Block Quilt
Nova Star Quilt Block Quilt by Always Expect Moore

The nova star block is a great option for making easy quilt patterns. Always Expect Moore has a few different ways to organize this block for lovely traditional looking designs.

Sentimental Stars
Sentimental Stars by Diary of a Quilter

I am always here for more star designs. These repeating blocks make this quilt look so traditional.

Spring Diamonds Quilt
Spring Diamonds Quilt by Flamingo Toes

This is a great scrappy quilt. Grab your scrap pile and make up a variety of diamonds or make them out of new fabrics so all of the diamonds match.

Double Four Patch
Double Four Patch by Mary Quilts

Double four patches make beautiful Irish chain quilt designs. These are a very traditional layout to use in quilt designs.

Twisted Rail Fence Quilt
Twisted Rail Fence Quilt by Exuberant Color

We love a rail fence quilt, but this one twists up the rails with a free tutorial.  It takes a classic look and gives it a new design while still being traditional.

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern
Log Cabin Quilt Pattern by Diary of a Quilter

Log cabin quilt designs are a long time favorite. Amy made this lovely pattern that turns rows onto a tilt.

Broken Dishes Quilt
Broken Dishes Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

Charm squares would work great for this broken dishes quilt. Using a charm pack makes matching fabrics and cutting easier. 

Friendship Star Quilt Block
Friendship Star Quilt Block by Sew Can She

Stars of all sorts make a great traditional quilt block. Whip up a bunch of these star blocks and sew them into rows to make a traditional style quilt.

Churn and Dash Stars
Churn and Dash Stars by Mary Quilts

This quilt is so pretty. I love the mix of chains and stars. This one also gives the illusion of movement, such a beautiful design.

Rail Fence Pattern
Rail Fence Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop

The rail fence quilt block is a beautiful way to quilt up a traditional looking quilt. Using a block that has been being used on for a long time will give a classic look to any quilt.  

Carpenter Star Quilt
Carpenter Star Quilt with Border by Sew Can She

This free pattern features a carpenter star design. Add in a pretty border to finish off and highlight the star.


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In this section I am sharing traditional quilting patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners! 

Floral Squares
Floral Squares by Simpson Designs Co.
Beginner quilters will love this simple square quilt. Adding in solids with the florals really make the floral shine. This one would make a sweet little baby quilt.

Christmas Joy Pattern
Christmas Joy Pattern by Lo and Behold Stitchery

A beautiful quilt made of stars. There are so many gorgeous star quilts to pick from, but this one is just so stunning in the red and white.

The Weekender
The Weekender by Stitched in Purple

This is another tutorial that is one of the great examples of how to make a traditional quilt using squares. I love simple patterns like this one because they provide an opportunity to work on quilting skills and basics.

Upcross Quilt Pattern
Upcross Quilt Pattern by Sara Lucille Handmade 

Here is another variation of an Irish Chain design layout.  Piece together tiny squares to make diamonds, and I love the cross/plus signs in the centers.

Felix Quilt Pattern
Felix Quilt Pattern by Penelope Handmade Shop

Use traditional piecing skills to make these star designs. Work through each block one at a time and then sew together the rows to finish a lovely quilt.

Starling Quilt Pattern
Starling Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts Patterns

Make a pretty quilt with this easy easy pattern. It features more stars! Stars are such an integral part of traditional quilting.

Little Miss Sawtooth
Little Miss Sawtooth by Southern Charm Quilt

More easy quilt blocks with stars. The great thing about stars is that they can be done in so many ways. This one's a lovely quilt top.

Quilt Pattern for Danish Delights
Quilt Pattern for Danish Delights Layer Cake by Little Louise Quilts

Layer cakes make this quilt pattern easy. Cut down on cutting time by using a precut fabric from your favorite fabric collection.

Simple Illusions
Simple Illusions by My Quilt Room

Another way to make quilting easier is to use a jelly roll. With the precut strips of fabric in coordinating colors it takes some of the work out of a quilting project. Use a jelly roll to make this classic pinwheel style quilt.

Vintage Log Cabin Quilt Pattern
Vintage Log Cabin Quilt Pattern by Helen Phillips Design

Another way to use log cabin classic quilt blocks in a vintage inspired way. I love the fabric choices on this one that help it so really have a traditional look. For more ideas, check out these Log Cabin Quilts.

Starry Cabin Quilt Pattern
Starry Cabin Quilt Pattern by Jessica Dayon

The stars mix with the log cabin blocks on this pattern. Mix and match classic quilt blocks to make stunning quilts like this one.

Flying Geese Birding Quilt
Flying Geese Birding Quilt by Perpetual Stitcher

Flying geese are another go to block when quilting classic quilts. This one features nine patches too. A great combination. You can find more nine patch quilt patterns to try here.

Grandma's Broken Dishes
Grandma's Broken Dishes by Quilts Plus Love

Using layer cakes would be a great idea on this broken dishes pattern too. I love how uniform and symmetrical this one looks. 


Learn some new blocks with these tutorials.


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collage of traditional quilt patternscollage of traditional quilt patterns

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