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20+ Flying Geese Quilt Patterns

One of my favorite methods for quilting is the flying geese design. Check out these flying geese quilt patterns.


Triangles form some of my favorite quilt blocks, which are flying geese blocks. These traditional blocks can be utilized in a variety of ways to form lovely quilts.

The flying geese quilt unit has been around since the civil war era. Check out these modern designs based on a classic block.

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collage of quilt patterns featuring flying geese
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There are so many different ways to make quilts your own. Start by checking out these quilt patterns and tutorials that are available for free.

how to sew flying geese
How to Sew Flying Geese by Adventures of a DIY Mom

I can show you how to make flying geese units quickly and four at a time. If you've never made flying geese this tutorial will get you started.

There are several other methods to make flying geese units. You can even use a "cheater" method get the same look by using two half square triangles.

Flying Geese Baby Quilt Tutorial
Flying Geese Baby Quilt Tutorial by Designed to Quilt

I love how this patchwork flying geese quilt block comes together into this beautiful baby blanket. I love the mix of solids and pattern fabric choices.
Linen Flying Geese Quilt
Linen Flying Geese Quilt by Ma Tante Quilting

Flip geese blocks to create stripes going in different directions with this lovely pattern. And it is even made out of linens. The linens are a lovely touch in the pastels.

Onward Wall Hanging Quilt
Onward Wall Hanging Quilt by Cotton and Joy

Go for a mini quilt with a wall hanging. I love these modern colors, but you could go bolder or more neutral. Let the design speak to you.

Very Large Flying Geese Pattern
Very Large Flying Geese Pattern by The Willow Market

I love this patchwork flying geese quilt. Make a bunch of the flying geese blocks to use up scraps or to add a lot of fun to a quilt.


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flying geese foundation paper
Flying Geese Foundation Paper by Its Sew Emma

First up, have you ever used foundation paper? It's a fantastic tool to create perfect flying geese. Interested in how they work? Watch the how-to video here.


There are also lots of flying geese rulers to help you create the perfect flying geese quilt block. I personally use the rulers made by Quilt in a Day.

Keep in mind what size of flying geese you want to make as you choose a ruler. 


Here in this section I am featuring flying geese quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Flying by Quilty Love

Quickly whip up some geese units and quilt them together into a modern design. I love the color choices too, but this one would be great in a monochromatic or neutral look.

Gander Lake Quilt Pattern
Gander Lake Quilt Pattern by The Flemings Nine

Make large flying geese quilt blocks to make a statement on your next quilt. This quilt pattern has a lot of beautiful visual interest.

Wandering Geese
Wandering Geese by Canuck Quilter Designs

How about a rainbow geese quilt? This one pairs the geese blocks with all the colors of the rainbow using black as a background to really make the colors pop.

Flying Home
Flying Home by Neverland Stitches LJ

Use smaller triangles to make this unique flying geese quilt. I love the symmetry of this pattern and how the center looks like a pinwheel.

Hello, Geese!
Hello, Geese! by Leila Gardunia

Use a large triangle to create a large geese quilt block then make them smaller and smaller geese to complete the row.  Make it using your favorite colors.

Flying Geese Log Cabin
Flying Geese Log Cabin by Quilt Patterns

If you want a very uniform and traditional pattern, use this one that takes flying geese quilt block patterns and pairs them with log cabin designs. The flying geese even show up in one of the bordering edges.

Red Geese
Red Geese by Zen Chic and Meandering Thread

Make your own flock of geese with this pattern. It is a more modern design that will be so pretty to curl up with or to display.

Southernly PDF Pattern
Southernly PDF Pattern by Tamarinis

This flying geese quilt pattern is pretty with the varying sizes of geese and the pinwheel designs showing up here and there.

Spectrum by Fresh Lemon Quilts

There really are so many ways to feature the flying geese unit in a quilt. Quilting with a white background shows off the bright colors in this pattern.

Neighborhood Geese Quilt Pattern
Neighborhood Geese Quilt Pattern by Quilt Shop Quilts

Use flying geese blocks to make little houses in a quilt pattern. Simply add a complete rectangle under middle triangle to form the house.



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collage of quilts made with the flying geese quilt blockcollage of quilts featuring flying geese units

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