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Felt Valentine's Envelopes (An EASY DIY!)

Make these adorable felt envelopes for Valentine's day!

Stuff them with little surprises like candy, a love note and some cash or a gift card. 

felt valentine envelopes

I love making fun little mini Valentine gifts for my kids.

One year I made a fabric heart with a pocket for a special note.

Another time I found some felt heart cutouts at the dollar store which I turned into little pouches to hold some Valentine's candy.


This is a simple project that can be made with just a few supplies that are inexpensive. 

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collage of felt diy envelopes with a valentine theme

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  • felt
  • embroidery thread
  • needle
  • hot glue gun
  • velcro
  • scissors
  • ruler (optional)
supplies for felt valentine gifts


This project is easy because you don't need an envelope pattern. Let me show you how I make them.

Begin by cutting a piece of felt in half. The finished dimensions should be 4 1/2" X 6". 

I simply fold the felt in half and then cut along the edge.

Cut out some felt hearts. I used this freezer paper applique technique to cut out the hearts.

cutting felt

 Next fold the bottom portion of the felt up. I find that if the bottom portion is about 3 1/2 inches then it works out well. 

But no need to measure. If you'd rather, you can just eyeball it. 

folding felt

Next pin the felt in place and then thread a needle with embroidery floss. Tie a knot in one end.

Insert the needle up through the top right corner of the folded portion.  This will hide the knot between the layers.

pinning felt and threading needle

Now do a running stitch towards the bottom. (You can use any stitch you like - here's a list of more embroidery stitches.)
running stitch along side of felt envelope

  Here's a picture depicting the flow of the stitching. When you get to the end, secure the thread to the first stitch (between the layers) with a knot. 

felt envelope with running stitch

Next add some felt hearts to the top flap of the envelope. I like to turn it to the back side. Adhere the hearts with hot glue.
adding felt hearts to top flap of envelope

 Lastly, add a small square of velcro to the underside of the heart. Use the hook side of the velcro - it will hook onto the felt to keep the envelope shut. 

adding velcro

 Here's the finished result. Isn't it just an easy and adorable diy?

finished felt valentine envelope

Stuff it with some cash and candy and give it to your loved one for Valentines Day!
felt envelope with candy and cash

felt envelope for valentines day

Scroll to the bottom to see more of the felt envelopes I made and the different color combinations. 

Want to watch the video?  ↓↓Click the link ↓↓


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felt valentine envelopes with text overlay

felt valentine envelopes with text overlay

felt valentine envelopes with text overlay

felt valentine envelopes with text overlay

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