Friday, January 30, 2015

How to Make Valentines Heart String Art

 I recently saw a coupon for a local store and on it there was a wooden string art heart. I immediately clipped it out and decided to try my hand at it. I have to admit, I like my version a whole lot better. And it cost a lot less to make it myself. I love the emphasis on the heart that the upholstery nails bring. Without further ado...


Learn to make a fun string art heart using upholstery nails for a unique look

How to Make Valentines String Art

You will need:
a board - mine was a scrap that was 12 X 12
stain - I used minwax early american
nails or upholstery tacks
red crochet thread

How to Make Valentines Heart String Art with Upholstery Tacks

1- Start by finding a piece of wood that will work. Mine was 12 X 12. It was just sitting in my stack of wood in the garage. Then sand it and stain it if you desire. Let dry completely.

2- Next fold your piece of paper in half and draw a heart. Cut it out. Mind started out too big, but I just trimmed it down a little at a time until it was the right size.

3- Place your paper in the center of your wood. Push the upholstery tacks in around the heart. I tried to keep them evenly spaced, but it's not perfect. I did this by hand. After, I went through with a hammer and pounded some of them so they were all fairly even.  {I got the upholstery nails at my local ReStore}

4 - Tie the string to a nail. Clip the short tail. Wrap the string randomly from nail to nail. Continue until it looks how you want it. Tie the string to a nail and clip excess.

Voila, your very own string art!

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