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20+ Ohio Star Quilt Patterns

Let's take a look at ohio star quilt patterns. Today we are looking at this classic quilt style and patterns featuring the ohio star blocks.


An Ohio star is an eight pointed star that features hourglasses made of triangles and a square in the middle. Find out how I make hourglass quilt blocks here.

This block is usually featured in traditional quilting, but can also show up in modern quilting.

If you love stars in quilting, check out this article with over 75 star quilt patterns.
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collage of ohio star quilt patterns
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In this section, I am featuring lots of different free patterns.

Take a look at these patterns and tutorials using this simple and traditional quilt block.

How to sew an Ohio Star Quilt Block Tutorial by Sew Can She

First off, start with a simple tutorial for how to make an Ohio star block. After you go over the basics of the block, you can use a free pattern or make up your own design.

3 Yard Stars and Ladders Quilt by Sew Can She

You can really see the hourglass blocks of the star shapes with this fun ladder style quilt top. The blocks are there but they kind of hide a little bit.

Corner Star Quilt Block by Flamingo Toes

Next you might want to try to give the classic block a change. Add something special to the corners with this block tutorial.

Ohio Star Quilt Variations by Designed to Quilt

This tutorial features a bunch of Ohio Star Quilt block pattern variations. It is helpful to see the different ways you can layout the blocks for different looks.

7 Fat Quarter Ohio Star Quilt by Sew Can She

The gorgeous block really shines on this white background. Use charm packs to make a bright and colorful design.
Ohio Star Variation Blocks by Threadbare Creations

This is another great way to jazz up the classic quilt blocks. You can add a nine patch to the center and stripes between the star points.  


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In this section, I am featuring Ohio Star quilt patterns that you can purchase.

A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners! 

Ohio Star Log Cabin Quilt by Dayspring Quilt Studio

Mix two classic blocks to make one lovely quilt. Ohio Stars and log cabin style blocks create lovely stripes.
The Emilie Quilt by The Stitch Saloon

If you want a simple traditional quilt top, this pattern is perfect, but the colors are really pretty. The colors can give this traditional quilt a more modern style.

Ohio Star Sunburst by Creative Bee Studios

Use this quilt block pattern to make that Ohio Star sunburst! I love how it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Rainbow Star Quilt by Accidental Bliss

Look at the lovely points of the stars in rainbow colors. White makes those colors just pop right off the quilt.

Ohio Star Remix by Our Forever Home Crafts

Such a traditional quilt pattern featuring the lovely star design. This pattern stays traditional but also adds a bit of a remix to the blocks.

Ohio Star Lap Quilt by Becky's Quilt Designs

Show off some star points on a smaller project. Easily quilt a lap quilt featuring six different Ohio Star blocks.

13 Variations of Ohio Star Quilt Patterns by Fontana Originals

Need even more ideas on how to layout quilts with the Ohio Star Blocks? Here are 13 different variations in a bundle.

Starlit Path by Maple Cottage Designs

Love the red and white and the traditional block. The whole quilt doesn't have to be all stars, you can mix in different styles of blocks for variety.

Quilts of Valor Ohio Star with Gold by Fontana Originals

Look at the quarter square triangles that make up the hourglass shapes that are the points of the star on this one. This pattern is a lovely patriotic use of the block.

To the Nines Pattern by Lake Girl Quilts

This modern quilt mixes in different pretty blocks with the Ohio Star. It looks great to mix and match other quilt blocks.

Ohio Star Twin Quilt by Becky's Quilt Designs

Add a few different stripes around the border of this quilt pattern. It gives a lovely finishing touch with the floral print around the edge.


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collage of ohio star quiltscollage of ohio star quilt patterns

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