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35+ 9 Patch Quilt Patterns (EASY Pattens and Tutorials)

A nine patch is a basic quilt block that can be used to make beautiful 9 patch quilt patterns. Make this simple block and quilt them into beautiful designs.


Learn about what a nine-patch block is and take a look at these awesome nine patch quilt patterns. There are so many ways to make this simple block into a variety of unique quilts.

Check out this post for more traditional quilt patterns.

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collage of 9-patch quilts
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A 9-patch quilt block is simply nine squares sewn together to create a block with the nine squares.

The blocks can then be used to make different patterns or blocks to create a quilt utilizing this basic block.

It's one of my favorite quilt blocks and it's perfect for the beginner quilter.   

If you are new to quilting or want to learn how to make a nine patch block, I've got a tutorial for you here:

nine patch quilt block tutorial
9 Patch Basic Tutorial by Adventures of a DIY Mom


Now that you know how to make this patch quilt block, you can use these free quilt patterns and tutorials to plan out and execute your quilt.

Red and Aqua Nine Patch
Red and Aqua Nine Patch by Woodbury Way

Red, aqua and white are a lovely color combo. It's a beautiful way to use the easy 9-patch block.

Simple 9 Patch
Simple 9 Patch by Quilty Love

Use nine-patch blocks to make a simple quilt. Although it is simple, the symmetry and simpleness are what makes this one so pretty. Keeping the center squares white gives this pattern it's unique look.

Split Nine Patch
Split Nine Patch by Mary Quilts

Split the nine patches for a unique spin on the blocks. Use them to create this zigzag diamond design.

Little Flower Quilt
Little Flower Quilt by Joz Makes Quilts

Did you know 9-patch blocks can be turned into flowers??? And they look so cute. Make a quilt full of little flowers with this nine patch quilt block pattern.

Easiest Plus Quilt
Easiest Plus Quilt by Sew Can She

They can also be used to make plus signs or crosses. Using red makes them pop right off this nine-patch quilt.

Neutral Irish Chain Nine Patch
Neutral Irish Chain Nine Patch by Diary of a Quilter

Nine patches can be used to make an Irish Chain pattern. Neutrals highlight the subtle design on this pattern.

A Stitch in Time
A Stitch in Time by Diary of a Quilter

The colors on this pattern are so pretty. The red, blue, and yellow work so well together. Turn those blocks for a diamond design.

Star Sashed 9 Patch
Star Sashed 9 Patch by Jenny Doan Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Another variation to make a special quilt. This one looks lovely in red, white, and blue, but it could be great in so many colors. 


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In this section I am featuring nine patch quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!    

Spring 9 Patch
Spring 9 Patch by Helen Philipps Design

Spring into quilting with this spring themed design. The colors and border make for a springy feel. Use light bright florals and fun patterns to replicate this look.

Floating Boxes Quilt
Floating Boxes Quilt by Aunt Em's Place

This pattern creates the illusion that the patch blocks and squares are floating. This one could be a great scrap project even. 

Orchard Road Quilt Pattern
Orchard Road Quilt Pattern by Alex Tila Lila

Go big with your nine patch blocks on this one. They make a bold statement on this quilt pattern.

Playing with 9 Patches
Playing with 9 Patches by Scraptitude Quilts

Use up your scraps! Mix and match different scraps to make this pretty quilt pattern. 

Jack Pattern
Jack Pattern by Gigi's Thimble

Black and white and gray look lovely together. The nine-patch units in black give this quilt a lot of contrast.

9 Patch Fun Pattern
9 Patch Fun Pattern by Color Lady Patterns

Have fun with this mix of small and large nine patch blocks. And that border gives an extra special touch.

Maple Leaf Nine Patch
Maple Leaf Nine Patch by New Quilters

Give your quilt a touch of fall by alternating maple leaves and 9 patches. The bigger squares make this one come together fast. 

Irish Chain Pattern
Irish Chain Pattern by Stacey Lee Creative

Another look at the Irish chain pattern. This simple design has a stunning effect. These colors give it a gorgeous, but different look.

9 Patch Scrappy Star
9 Patch Scrappy Star by Leila Gardunia

Spiff up your simple blocks by making them stars. This one is another scrap pile friendly pattern.

Floating 9 Patch Quilt
Floating 9 Patch Quilt by The Tipsy Needle

Give the illusion of floating blocks. Look closely to see the nine patch blocks.

Simple 9 Patch Quilt
Simple 9 Patch Quilt by Cottage Patchwork

Simple scraps can make an exciting quilt. Cut out squares in all your colors and then create a border edge with those same sized squares.

Modern Nine Patch
Modern Nine Patch by Freemotion By The River

Dress up a classic block by adding a modern motif look. Which one is your favorite?
Nine Patch Posy Pattern
Nine Patch Posy Pattern by Masterpiece Quilting

I love this modern take on flowers with nine patches in the center of four blooms. Bright colors work well to pop on the white fabric.

Chained Nine Patch
Chained Nine Patch by Quilt VT Shop

Here is another variation on chained nines. This one provides more visual interest with more chains.

Cottage Garden
Cottage Garden by Helen Philipps Design

A garden of nines! Simple florals alternate with the nine patches. So sweet!

Window Box
Window Box by Pieced Just Sew

Box in the patches to create a window box effect. This pattern also shows the flowers using the nine patches as shown on another quilt earlier in this post. 


There are so many ways you can use a nine-patch quilt block. I hope you have found some inspiration using simple squares.


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collage of nine-patch quilt patternscollage of 9-patch quilt patterns

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