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45+ Flower Embroidery Patterns (BEST Floral Hand Embroidery)

From free flower embroidery patterns to other pretty ones for purchase, I have so many great floral inspired hand embroidery patterns to share with you.


Flowers are one of the main components of embroidery patterns. There are so many styles and ways to embroider flowers. Take a look at these gorgeous patterns featuring flowers and floral motifs.

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collage of flower embroidery patterns
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   For even more floral patterns, check out these rose embroidery patterns or these sunflower embroidery patterns.


I love all of these beautiful free floral embroidery patterns. Grab your embroidery floss so that you can get started right away on your next embroidery project.

Home Floral Hoop
Home Floral Hoop by Flamingo Toes

Dress up this free pattern by adding a decorative edging to the finished project in the embroidery hoop. This pattern features a sweet bouquet of flowers.

Beginner Floral Hand Embroidery Pattern
Beginner Floral Hand Embroidery Pattern by Missy Kate Creations

More beautiful flowers all in a line on this pattern. The pattern features a mixing and matching of asymmetry and symmetry. It's a gorgeous yet simple flower embroidery pattern.

Free Flower Pattern
Free Flower Pattern by Cutesy Crafts

Make a garden of flowers and leaves with this free embroidery pattern. Sample a variety of flowers in one hoop art design.

Floral Heart
Floral Heart by Cutesy Crafts

Embroidery stitches come to life with this heart of flowers. Stitch floral designs in a variety of your favorite shades of embroidery floss.

Check out this post for even more heart embroidery patterns.

I Love Us Pattern
I Love Us Pattern by Flamingo Toes

Flamingo Toes has lovely free hand embroidery patterns like this one. Daisies plus more adorable embroidered handwriting.

Floral Mother's Day Pattern
Floral Mother's Day Pattern by Radiant Home Studio

Fill an embroidery hoop for your mom for Mother's Day. These sweet mother themed patterns are completed with florals.

You are Enough Pattern
You are Enough Pattern by Cutesy Crafts for The Polka Dot Chair

Give your embroidery projects a touch of motivation with a simple phrase. Add in a floral wreath around the edge of the hoop. I just love this simple design.

Encouraging Hoop Art
Encouraging Hoop Art by Flamingo Toes

Words really are powerful. Display a mantra dressed up with floral blooms that you embroidered yourself!

Daisy Hoop Art
Daisy Hoop Art by Crewel Ghoul

One more free easy pattern and a tutorial for how to embroider daisies. Swap out the white for other pretty colors or make a rainbow of daisies.  


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In this section I am featuring embroidery flower patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating embroidery patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Flower Rainbow
Flower Rainbow by Puteto

Make a whole rainbow of flowers. This wreath is a pretty display of two different kinds of flowers.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms by Puteto

Cherry blossoms are so pretty. And they look gorgeous on this pink background. Learn how to create the look of cherry blossoms with threads. 

Sunflower Pattern
Sunflower Pattern by Shop Illumine Creative

Contrast bigger flowers with smaller ones with this yellow sunflower pattern. The green leaves and a touch of white blend together for a pretty mix of this pattern.
Spring Flower Garden
Spring Flower Garden by Doodle and Stitch Co.

Flowers can be made unique even with this simple pattern. I love that they look to be growing up from the bottom following the curve of the hoop.

Blooming Beauty
Blooming Beauty by Mindful Mantra Designs

More varied blooms are featured in this embroidered pattern. This pattern gives the perspective of looking at a bouquet from the top.

Flower Cart
Flower Cart by Magnus and Quill

Flower lovers will love this perfect project. This cart features a bunch of lovely blooms.

Elsie Wreath
Elsie Wreath by Hand Stitched Hoops UK

A wreath of flowers look lovely in an embroidery hoop. Check out these unique flowers that look like tassels too.

Daisies and Bees Frame
Daisies and Bees Frame by Magnus and Quill

We've seen a lot of floral border patterns, but this one is for a picture. You can add in any 4x6 photo to display with an embroidered floral frame.

Blue Bouquet
Blue Bouquet by Mindful Mantra Designs

Even if you are feeling blue, this bouquet will add a bit of a smile, because it is so beautiful. Pair in some lovely greens for the leaves.

Retro Wildflower Sampler
Retro Wildflower Sampler by Jess Long Embroidery

Go retro! The floral design in this wildflower sampler is pretty. A variety of sizes and shapes of flowers.

Pink Peonies
Pink Peonies by Doodle and Stitch Co.

Take a simple approach to embroidery. Another one that is an easy embroidery pattern, that features flowers flowing out of a watering can for a different touch.

Modern Boho Flowers
Modern Boho Flowers by Bella Savory

If you like modern boho flowers, you will love this pattern for hand embroidered flowers. The color choices in this pattern are quite lovely together.

Folky Florals
Folky Florals by Florals and Floss

Another vibrant and gorgeous pattern! I love how this pattern features a dark colored background.

Radiant Roses
Radiant Roses by By Aly Ploof 

I love this use of an oval hoop. This one would look great hanging on a wall vertically or horizontally.

Floral Paintbrush
Floral Paintbrush by Pravia Day Designs

Paint florals with thread. This unique and awesome pattern is so cool! Look at all of those pretty details.

Blooming Lovely
Blooming Lovely by By Aly Ploof

This one reminds me of Valentine's Day, but doesn't have to be done in pinks. Do you see those little flowers that even look like little hearts.
Blue Wildflowers
Blue Wildflowers by Embroidery Art by Nat

I am seriously loving the dark backgrounds. Pretty vibrant hues look amazing and jump right off the hoop.

May Flowers
May Flowers by Mindful Mantra Designs

Or if you are more of a muted color person, go with this inspiration and pattern for a vase full of blooms. I like that this one even looks like it has water in the bottom of the vase.

Neutral Wildflowers
 Neutral Wildflowers by Why Not Stitching

If you want to keep things neutral, use this pattern. It is sweet, simple, and matches everything. 

Floral Wreath
Floral Wreath by Little Stitchy Bee Shop

This wreath looks like flowers hanging from the top of the embroidery hoop. This makes good use of the white space in the hoop for a beautiful effect.

Lilac Pattern
Lilac Pattern by Maken Stitch

Lilacs are so lovely. Look at the detail in this one. Tie multiple French knots to make this look.

Lilac Jar
Lilac Jar by Juniper Stitches Shop

Or show off some lilacs in ajar. It has a similar design, but the jar vase gives it a different look.

Floral Alphabet
Floral Alphabet by Moody Green

Create a monogram outline with florals. So gorgeous. This one is a good project that will take a bit of work, but the results are extraordinary.

Floral Paw Print
Floral Paw Print by Beks Stitches

For my pet lovers, use blooms to fill out the shape of a paw print. I am in love with how awesome this turns out! 

Star Wars Floral Pattern
Star Wars Floral Pattern by Brushed Botanical

For my Star Wars fans, I had to include this floral Millennium Falcon pattern. It is so cute with the mix of space and flowers.

Round and Round the Garden
Round and Round the Garden by Stichdoodles Design

Go around the garden with a variety of flowers. I am amazed at how many different flowers there are in this pattern.

Sweet Bee
Sweet Bee by Stones Glass Designs

Bees and flowers go hand in hand. Add some honeycomb pattern to complete this sweet pattern.

Weeds to Wildflowers
Weeds to Wildflowers by The Barmy Fox

Add a touch of inspiration to all the floral blooms. So pretty and these colors are a rainbow of fun!

Floral Field
Floral Field by Thread Folk

Walk through a field of flowers with this pattern. I like the greens, but then you can see the other colors pop amid the greens.

Posy Flower Crown
Posy Flower Crown by Thread Folk

Add a sweet flower crown to a simple little face. The simplicity of the eyes and mouth, really sets apart the floral crown.
I hope you were able to find some embroidery designs that you just have to make. So grab your embroidery needle and get stitching.


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collage of floral embroidery patternscollage of flower embroidery patterns

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