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25+ Sunflower Embroidery Patterns (Hand Embroidery)

Find a bright and happy hand embroidery project with over 25 sunflower embroidery patterns.

Perfect to add a happy touch to your embroidery.


Sunflowers make for lovely and beautiful embroidery designs.

There are so many different ways to craft a sunflower with your thread and needle on an embroidery hoop.
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collage of sunflower embroidery patterns with text overlay
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First, we are sharing some free embroidery patterns to help you embroider your favorite sunflowers. 

Sunflower Phenology
Sunflower Phenology by Cutesy Crafts

This free pattern is a fun one that can be created as part of a year-long monthly challenge. Or if you just want to use the sunflower portion feel free to customize it to your uses.

Sunflower Embroidery Template and Tutorial
Sunflower Embroidery Template and Tutorial by Lauren Chase Co.

Next up this pretty and full petaled sunflower embroidery pattern is a great one to start with. It has some unique aspects, but still simple enough for beginners.


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In this section we are featuring sunflower embroidery patterns that you can purchase.

A lot of work goes into creating patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners! Take a look. 

Most of these patterns come in a pdf format, so they are available for instant download. Perfect for when you want to start the project right now!

Peeking Sunflower Pattern
Peeking Sunflower Pattern by Shop Illumine Creative

The satin stitch works amazing on flower petals and that is no different for sunflowers. This one is peeking into the embroidery hoop for a fun off centered design that is a touch modern.

Stormy Sunflower Field
Stormy Sunflower Field by Sew Beee It

Look at this gorgeous use of embroidery floss! From the clouds to the sunset to a huge field of flowers this pattern is so pretty. I love that there is perspective to this pattern too. Larger sunflowers in front fading off into the distance.

Muted Sunflower
Muted Sunflower by Les Feuilles Art

Give a single sunflower pattern a different look by using two tones of yellow for the petals. This adds depth and character.

Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet by Beks Stitches

French knots are the perfect stitch for the center of sunflowers. They give texture that pops right off the embroidery hoop.

Sunflower Floral Pattern
Sunflower Floral Pattern by Shop Illumine Creative

Try out this bold pattern featuring a variety of sunflowers in different ways. Then it pairs them with other lovely blooms and gorgeous greenery.

Abstract Sunflower
Abstract Sunflower by Bloom and Floss

Not all sunflower petals need to look exactly like a real life replica of a flower. This pattern plays with a variety of stitches and colors to create an abstract style flower.

Sunflower Hug
Sunflower Hug by Why Knot Stitches

Hug a bunch of sunflowers with detailed designs in this pattern. I love that the flowers are bright and in color while the person holding the flowers is stitched in black thread on a white fabric for an extra contrasting pop.

Sunflowers in a Blue Vase
Sunflowers in a Blue Vase by Bloom and Floss

Embroidered sunflowers look great in a vase too. This vase is in a lovely blue that compliments the sunflowers well.

Sunflower Fun
Sunflower Fun by Shop Illumine Creative

Stem stitch is a great option for the stems of flowers (it is in the name right, haha), as you can see in this pattern. The color choices are really pretty and have a more vibrant tone rather than a muted one.

Sunflower Mix
Sunflower Mix by Shop Illumine Creative

There are so many ways to set up sunflowers in an embroidery pattern. I think they look good alone or grouped with other sunflowers like in this pretty mix pattern.

Sunflower Pretty
Sunflower Pretty by Shop Illumine Creative

Another wide variety of sunny blooms shine in this pattern. The details on this one are just stunning. Take a closer look.

Summer Sunflower Pattern
Summer Sunflower Pattern by Threads in Zen

One sunflower is pretty, but if you feel like it needs something add leaves and vines to go with it. Then for even more visual interest use varying shades of greens for those parts of the pattern.

Stained Glass Sunflowers
Stained Glass Sunflowers by Bloom and Floss

Create a lovely mosaic of threads to create a sunflower embroidery project. Line sections with black thread to make the look of the leading in real stained glass. It makes for such a striking design.

Modern Sunflower Pattern
Modern Sunflower Pattern by Mona Kollectiv

Modern and cute! Instead of focusing on one central flower, show off smaller sunflowers in this hoop-filling pattern.  

Big Sunflower
Big Sunflower by Shop Illumine Creative

I love the use of the running stitch for stems in this pattern. Plus, the center of this sunflower is amazing. 

Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflower Bouquet by Why Knot Stitches

It's in the details of the sunflowers on this one. You can add such depth to your projects by using different stitches and colors when embroidering.

Sunflowers Pattern
Sunflowers Pattern by Maggie Jo's Studio

This sunflower design features thicker stems and fine details in the petals and centers. I also like that it portrays sunflowers from different angles.

Sunflower Love
Sunflower Love by Patterns and Stitches

This last delightful pattern is adorable. I love that it plays with non-traditional sunflower colors for some of the flowers. You can always add in or swap colors to match your design preferences.


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collage of sunflower embroidery  patterns with text overlaycollage of sunflower embroidery patterns with text overlay

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