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20+ Butterfly Embroidery Patterns (Beautiful Hand Embroidery)

Get ready to embroider some beautiful butterfly embroidery patterns.

We have a handful of gorgeous patterns to try that are perfect for spring or for butterfly lovers.


Put the basics of embroidery to good use with a pretty butterfly design.

Butterflies are lovely creatures that make beautiful embroidery projects.

Try one of our favorite patterns featuring the fluttering insects.

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In this first section, I am featuring free embroidery designs, tutorials, and patterns that showcase butterflies.

Butterfly Garden Pattern
Butterfly Garden Pattern by Maken Stitch

Get the step-by-step instructions for the tutorial for a pretty oval hoop full of butterflies flying.

Make each butterfly their own color.

Butterfly Embroidery on Mesh
Butterfly Embroidery on Mesh by Cutesy Crafts

This pattern is embroidered onto a mesh background fabric.

It seems the butterflies are almost floating in the air with the semi-transparent backdrop.

Butterflies Pattern
Butterflies Pattern by Maken Stitch

Mirror image butterflies on a hoop and then make another hoop with the opposite positioning.

A unique way to decorate with your projects.

Free Butterfly Embroidery Pattern
Free Butterfly Embroidery Pattern by Jacquelynne Steves

Utilize super simple stitches to make this pattern come to life.

Customize the outline pattern in any way you want with different colors of embroidery floss and your favorite stitches.


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In this section, I am featuring butterfly embroidery patterns that you can purchase.

A lot of work goes into creating patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Embroidered Butterfly
Embroidered Butterfly by Cozy Blue

This is one of our favorite simple butterfly embroidery patterns.

Cute, pretty, whimsical and there are lots of ways to customize this one to your liking.

Folk Art Butterfly
Folk Art Butterfly by Bloom and Floss

This one has such a folk art design that works so beautiful with the free flying wings of a butterfly. Use colors like the ones pictured to contribute more to the folk art design.

Mariposa Set with Butterflies
Mariposa Set with Butterflies by Peony Patterns Pty LTD

This is my new favorite way to use a lazy daisy stitch. Use it to make the wings of a butterfly in a variety of colors.

Monarch Embroidery Pattern
Monarch Embroidery Pattern by Maggie Jo's Studio

The classic butterfly that is fairly iconic in art is the Monarch.

These gorgeous orange butterflies look lovely in this butterfly hand embroidery pattern.

Butterfly Female
Butterfly Female by Hoopatelier Store

For a unique twist on a butterfly, use this pattern that features a female with butterfly wings, but one of the wings is actually made of flowers. A cool design to try.

Butterfly Magic
Butterfly Magic by Why Knot Stitches

If you are looking for a cute pattern to display in an embroidery hoop, this one is it.

From the tassel flowers to the French knots in yellow on the background and center of the flowers, this is a pretty piece.

Butterfly with Roses
Butterfly with Roses by Bloom and Floss

Many of these patterns use the satin stitch like this one to make it look like you are painting with thread to create butterfly wings.

Then add a bit of texture with the roses. So cute.

Butterflies with Buddleias
Butterflies with Buddleias by Odinaddi

This pattern features lots of details. From the different sections on the wings to that pretty flower these butterflies are sitting on.

Get ready to enjoy working on this labor of love.

Butterfly Frame Pattern
Butterfly Frame Pattern by Shop Illumine Creative

This pattern frames the butterfly with a gorgeous floral wreath or frame. The muted colors give this pattern a nice earthy feel.

Butterfly with Flowers
Butterfly with Flowers by MGN Design Studio

For hand embroiders who want a bit of bold flair, use colors like these and a pattern like this one. Continue the unique and different look by using a non-traditional embroidery hoop shape.

Butterfly Needle Painting
Butterfly Needle Painting by The Witch's Thimble

Get to needle painting a Monarch landing right on top of a delicate little daisy with this pretty pattern. Be sure to use a light blue sky-colored fabric background for a nice finishing touch.

Butterfly Flower Garden
Butterfly Flower Garden by Bek's Stitches

Blues also make for a pretty butterfly wing color. Then add in other color shades by utilizing florals like these.

Blue Butterfly Pattern
Blue Butterfly Pattern by Stitch In Twine

This one has such pretty details. It almost looks like a real butterfly landed right on this embroidery hoop.

Blooming Butterflies
Blooming Butterflies by Doodle and Stitch Co.

Use a chain stitch to embroider flower outlines to go with the various butterflies on this hoop art.

The subtleness of the flowers really sets the details of the butterflies off.

Three Butterfly Embroidery Pattern
Three Butterfly Embroidery Pattern by Hoop Embroidery Co.

The details on these three are amazing. Put your embroidery skills to the test and try something new to make stunning designs like these.

Rainbow Butterfly
Rainbow Butterfly by The Embroidery Cart

Or go more abstract with this rainbow butterfly pattern. It is still beautiful in a different style. 

Botanical Butterfly Pattern
Botanical Butterfly Pattern by Feronia Embroidery

Use flowers and leaves to make the wings, body, and antenna of the butterfly.  The orange is pretty but other colors would look great with the green too.

Floral Monarch Butterfly
Floral Monarch Butterfly by Odinaddi

One last pretty butterfly. I see this design two different ways. The flowers could be the other wing, or the butterfly could be perched on the flower with its wings closed.


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collage of butterfly embroidery patternscollage of butterfly embroidery patterns with text overlay

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