Monday, November 20, 2023

40+ Embroidery Patterns (EASY Patterns for Beginners!)

New to embroidery? Try one of these beginner embroidery patterns. Learn how to embroider different stitches and improve your skills with over forty patterns.


From florals to modern designs to sampler patterns, you will find a wide variety of patterns for free and to purchase.
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collage of beginner embroidery patterns
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Start with a variety of free patterns. These will get you started into beginning embroidery projects. Look at this variety of patterns from word art to home décor pieces, enjoy these pretty ideas.

love embroidery pattern
Love Embroidery by Adventures of a DIY Mom

A simple word art is one of the free embroidery patterns that are so simple and great for holiday décor. This love pattern could be everyday or to display on Valentine's day.

Lucky Embroidery with Buttons
Lucky Embroidery with Buttons by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Another way to use simple stitches to decorate is this lucky hoop art pattern. Add in buttons for more dimension. This pattern uses the chain stitch.

Spiderweb Embroidery Set
Spiderweb Embroidery Set by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Embroidery hoop art is a great way to enjoy the craft and utilize your projects for decorating. This set of three makes for a spooky Halloween trio.

Embroidered Bouquet
Embroidered Bouquet by Down Grapevine Lane

Use hand embroidery stitches to stitch up a bouquet of flowers. These embroidered flowers feature a variety of stitches including French knots, the satin stitch and the fishbone stitch. Up your skill level practicing these different stitches.

Leaf Pattern
Leaf Pattern by Cutesy Crafts

Grab your embroidery needle and floss to practice stitching with this unique leaf. Try new stitches to create different patterns.

Monogram Embroidery Hoops by Flax and Twine

Give your projects a personalized touch. Create a monogram within an embroidery hoop.

Pumpkin Spice Mug
Pumpkin Spice Mug by Wild Olive

Beginner hand embroidery patterns like this one are so simple, but so cute. Switch up the colors of the mug for more fun.

Can't Touch This Cactus Pattern
Can't Touch This Cactus Pattern by Flamingo Toes

How about an easy embroidery pattern that is a bit punny? Smiling cacti are made with simple stitches. The majority of this project is made with the back stitch.

Just Stay Calm
Just Stay Calm by Wild Olive

Stitch this reminder to just stay calm. Embroidery can be a stress reliever. 

Bunny in a Hoop
Bunny in a Hoop by Down Grapevine Lane

There are free hand embroidery patterns for just about every holiday. Here we see a sweet little Easter bunny. Want to perfect your French knots? This pattern is a fun way to do just that! 

You & Me Together
You & Me Together by Flamingo Toes

Enjoy a sweet simple embroidery pattern to symbolize your togetherness. This one would make a great gift to a good friend or loved one.

Embroidered Tees
Embroidered Tees by Lia Griffith

Put your embroidery skills to good use with this cute idea. Add these patterns to t-shirts for a unique look. A great gift idea or a way to bring new life into a plain shirt.

Stargazing Pattern
Stargazing Pattern by Wild Olive

Use this great pattern on anything from bags, to hoop art. It looks great like this on the darker fabric with lighter embroidery floss.

Floral Zipper Pouch Embroidery Pattern
Floral Zipper Pouch Embroidery Pattern by Flamingo Toes

How cute are embroidered flowers? They add such a happiness to everything. Especially a zipper pouch or tote bag with this pattern.

Easy Leaf Pattern
Easy Leaf Pattern by Radiant Home Studio

Use the most basic of stitches to complete this pattern. This pattern uses a running stitch over and over to  create the pattern of leaves.

Heart Home Pattern
Heart Home Pattern by Flamingo Toes

For a beginner pattern with some "heart," add a fabric heart to this pattern. If you don't love the idea of the fabric heart, you could also embroider it.   


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In this section I am featuring beginner embroidery patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Beginner Stitch Sampler
Beginner Stitch Sampler by Puteto

Basic stitches come together in this sampler pattern. It also includes cute florals to try along the bottom.
Coffee Beginner Kit
Coffee Beginner Kit by DIY Order

Learn your basic embroidery stitches with this awesome sampler pattern and kit in neutral colors. So pretty you could even display it once you've finished it.

Learn to Embroidery Bundle
Learn to Embroidery Bundle by Eight 22 Crafts

Ready for an embroidery project? Grab this bundle for a couple of projects with everything you need included in the bundle. 

Beach Waves Sunrise Kit
Beach Waves Sunrise Kit by Puteto

Embroidery kits are another great option to have a pattern and all of the supplies you need. This one is a sea themed modern boho design. 

Floral Initial
Floral Initial by Mindful Mantra Designs

Embroider a floral design with a monogram. Great for gifts or adding a personalized touch to your home décor.

Autumn Cabin
Autumn Cabin by Magnus and Quill

Take your time on this one that is a beginner to intermediate pattern. Choose vibrant fall colors and jewel tones to make the stitches on your pattern really pop.

Cozy Reads
Cozy Reads by Magnus and Quill

I can't wait to try some of these easy beginner embroidery patterns, like this one. I love to read, so this one is perfect.

Wildflower Meadows
Wildflower Meadows by Doodle and Stitch Co.

Utilize the most basic stitch to make the stems of the flowers in this pattern. Enjoy the different types of flowers in this meadow.

You're Doing Great embroidery
You're Doing Great by Mindful Mantra Designs

Once you've honed your skills from beginner to intermediate, give this encouraging pattern a try. I like the blues, but it would look great in a variety of shades.

Garden Bluebirds
Garden Bluebirds by Magnus and Quill

Create a sweet little scene with birds in the bath. Add in bees too for a special adorable finishing touch.

Wild Daisies
Wild Daisies by Mindful Mantra Designs

Daisies are so classic and a simple pattern to start with as a beginner. Switch up the color of floss for a brighter look. 

Wildflower Butterfly
Wildflower Butterfly by Doodle and Stitch Co.

Florals combine to make a lovely butterfly. Another great pattern that isn't quite a sampler pattern but works to practice basic stitches.

Modern Sun and Mountains Pattern
Modern Sun and Mountains Pattern by Puteto

Who else loves modern embroidery patterns? The sun peeks over the mountains in lovely muted tones.

Modern Cactus
Modern Cactus by Puteto

This pattern features a similar modern design, but it adds a cactus. The colors are equally pretty in this one.

Choose Happy
Choose Happy by Mindful Mantra Designs

Embroider a mantra to remind you to choose happy! Handwritten script fonts look amazing in embroidery projects.

Home Sweet Home Embroidery
Home Sweet Home by Mindful Mantra Designs

Hang this cutie in your home. Personalize the colors to match your home décor.

Triple Pattern Set
Triple Pattern Set by Puteto

Three beginner patterns to work on! Start with the sampler pattern and then use the stitches you learn to make these other two cute patterns.

Garden Cat
Garden Cat by Magnus and Quill

If you love cats, this cat embroidery pattern turns out so sweet. The details are gorgeous in this pattern.

Book of Florals Embroidery
Book of Florals by Mindful Mantra Designs

Another one I'm adding to my list. A floral book cover. A great gift for a reader.

Moonlight Tenting
Moonlight Tenting by Magnus and Quill

For my camping lovers, try this beginner pattern. Trees, moon, and a tent. Everything you need.

Cord Rainbow Embroidery
Cord Rainbow by Mindful Mantra Designs

Go boho with this cord rainbow. Add your stitches around the cord and then leave the cords hanging for a boho design. I love the muted colors, but bright colors would be fun.

Sunflower Embroidery
Sunflower Embroidery by Shop Illumine Creative

And one last sunflower because it is so cute in that mini frame. This one has a unique design being off centered in the hoop.


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