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25+ Rose Embroidery Patterns (The BEST Hand Embroidery Ideas)

A pretty rose design is a perfect embroidery project.

Utilize these rose embroidery patterns for some pretty floral stitching.


Today we are sharing some of our favorite popular rose embroidery pattern ideas.

Roses can be embroidered in so many different ways and patterns.

We have a variety of free patterns to try and some to purchase too.

You'll want to try several of these beautiful designs.

If you love flowers, you will also like these floral embroidery patterns, or these sunflower embroidery patterns.

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collage of rose embroidery patterns
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Brush up on your embroidery stitches with these free tutorials featuring the rose design in a variety of stitches and techniques.

Woven Wagon Wheel Technique
Woven Wagon Wheel Technique by Flamingo Toes

This technique produces a beautiful full rose. You can make them as small or large as you like.

Sampler with Roses
Sampler with Roses by Flamingo Toes

Mix and match embroidery flowers with roses for a lovely bouquet of flowers on an embroidery hoop. Dress up the hoop by adding pom-pom edging around the hoop.

Cast On Stitch to Make Roses
Cast On Stitch to Make Roses by Crewel Ghoul

Here is another way to form a rose with a cast on stitch. It gives the texture and style of rose petals.

6 Ways to Embroider Roses
6 Ways to Embroider Roses by Crewel Ghoul

This tutorial features six different ways to embroider roses. The one shown gives subtle embellishment by using different shades of embroidery floss.

Blue Roses
Blue Roses by Cutesy Crafts

Group roses in different ways for a natural flowy design to embroidery patterns like this one. Also, add in leaves and other greenery to add to the botanical flow to the pattern.

Bullion Rose Tutorial
Bullion Rose Tutorial by Cutesy Crafts

Another way to make roses with embroidery floss is with bullion knots. Learn how to create a bullion knot and then a rose out of the knots.

Woven Wheel Rose
Woven Wheel Rose by Crewel Ghoul

Here is another tutorial for a woven wheel style rose. Sometime I like reading a few different tutorials before starting in to make sure I have as much information about the new stitches and techniques I'm trying.  


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In this section I am featuring rose embroidery patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Coming Up Roses
Coming Up Roses by Cozy Blue

Rose outlines and flowers cover the entire embroidery hoop. This one is great for beginning embroiders.

White and Pink Rose Wreath
White and Pink Rose Wreath by Hoop In Bloom

The color choices can really add to the beautiful design of this pattern. Choosing a lovely natural background allows the whites, pinks, and greens to really shine.

Modern Rose Embroidery Pattern
Modern Rose Embroidery Pattern by Mim XOXO

For a more modern style rose, use this pattern. I love the colors and the surprising pop of blue.

Rose Garden
Rose Garden by Hoop In Bloom

Hang this pattern right in the hoop for a lovely piece of art. The gray background is another fun choice to embroider on.

Rose Bouquet
Rose Bouquet by Cute Little Hoop

Use french knots to fill out this bouquet of roses. The color choices of pink and wine are a lovely color combination.

Abstract Rose
Abstract Rose by Bloom and Floss

Fill in an abstract rose with a variety of stitches and colors. This one looks so unique and is perfect for practicing or trying new stitches.

Yellow Rose Pattern
Yellow Rose Pattern by Cute Little Hoop

Yellow roses look so happy! Embroider this one for a sweet gift for a friend.

Pink Roses Wreath
Pink Roses Wreath by Hooptelier Store

Roses look lovely in a wreath design around a hoop. Feel free to customize by adding a name or word to the middle of the design.

Red Rose Pattern
Red Rose Pattern by Purple Rose Embroidery

Fill in a rose with this intricate pattern. You can really get detailed with this pattern.

Roses Embroidery Pattern
Roses Embroidery Pattern by Little Green Stitch

Pink roses look amazing in varying shades of pink. This pattern is suitable for all levels of embroiders.

Stained Glass Roses
Stained Glass Roses by Bloom and Floss

Mix in different colors and stitch out a stained glass design. Adding the black lines in between color blocks to create the effect.

Beginner Rose Embroidery Kit
Beginner Rose Embroidery Kit by Haley Hamilton Art

Get started with an embroidery rose project by using an embroidery kit. This one comes with the pattern and everything you need to complete the project.

Bouquet of Roses Embroidery Pattern
Bouquet of Roses Embroidery Pattern by Cute Little Hoop

Using an oval hoop will give your pretty bouquets a different look. I love how this one looks like the leaves are a bow around the bouquet.

Roses in a Blue Vase
Roses in a Blue Vase by Bloom and Floss

Add in a colorful vase for some contrast to the roses. The blue and pink work so well together.

Red Rose Satin Stitch Pattern
Red Rose Satin Stitch Pattern by Craft Champions

Use the popular satin stitch to make a gorgeous flower out of embroidery floss. It looks like the petals are just as velvety smooth as real ones.

Rose Wreath
Rose Wreath by Jess Long Embroidery

Customize a rose wreath embroidery hoop with a last name and established year for a wedding or anniversary gift. And the colors are unique instead of the usual reds or pinks.

12 Roses for Hand Embroidery PDF Book of Patterns
12 Roses for Hand Embroidery PDF Book of Patterns by Sarah's Hand Embroidery

Lastly, don't miss out on this pdf pattern book that features 12 more ways to hand embroidery roses. This one will keep you busy for sure.


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collage of rose embroidery patternscollage of rose embroidery patterns

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