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25+ Heart Embroidery Patterns (For Hand Embroidery)

Around Valentine's Day is the perfect time to stitch one of these pretty heart embroidery patterns. They are great for decorating or just enjoying during the Valentine's Day season.


Valentine's Day embroidery patterns are so pretty. The reds, pinks, and other colors look amazing dressed up to celebrate love.

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Here you will find free patterns for different heart hand embroidery projects. I would love to hear which one you are going to try first.

heart sampler embroidery pattern
Heart Sampler Embroidery Pattern

Learn 15 different types of line stitches as you make this darling heart sampler.

Such a fun way to learn a wide variety of stitches and create a decorative item at the same time. 

How to Embroider Hearts
How to Embroider Hearts by Crewel Ghoul

This post featured five ways to make hearts. Use this free hand embroidery pattern to brush up on different heart styles.

Geo Style Heart Hoop Art
Geo Style Heart Hoop Art by Busy Being Jennifer

Valentine's Day d├ęcor needs this hoop art. It looks fabulous and could be hung on a wall or displayed on a mantel. Look at all those pretty pinks.

Floral Heart Pattern
Floral Heart Pattern by Cutesy Crafts

For a less red and pink design try this floral heart. You can use reds and pinks for the flowers, but either way this nod to hearts and Valentine's Day is a cute pattern.

Ombre Heart Stitches
Ombre Heart Stitches by Wild Olive

Take your time stitching individual hearts in an ombre from red to very light pink. Or any other color preference you love. 

Hearts Day Embroidery Pattern
Hearts Day Embroidery Pattern by Wild Olive

Put to use the basics of embroidery with a cute sad heart for Valentine's Day. If you prefer a happy heart, just turn that frown upside down.

Blooming Hearts Pattern
Blooming Hearts Pattern by Needle 'n Thread

This pdf pattern gives a more intricate botanical style heart. I love that the little flowers are even hearts too.

My Heart is Full
My Heart is Full by Shiny Happy World

Shiny Happy World shows how to fill in a heart shape with colorful stitches. I also love the idea of using a bright pink background fabric to stitch the pattern onto.



In this section I am featuring heart hand embroidery patterns to buy. Pattern makers put a lot into these patterns, how about we show them some love and support.

Sending Love
Sending Love by EmBeaRoidery

Heart embroidery patterns can include love embroidery patterns like this one. It features hearts and flowers coming out of a Valentine envelope. How sweet.

Love Yourself Heart
Love Yourself Heart by EmBeaRoidery

This one makes a heart out of the negative space which is stunning! It says "love yourself" in the middle, but you could easily leave it blank or change it up.

Rainbow Heart Sampler Pattern
Rainbow Heart Sampler Pattern by Tink in Stitches

Another great pattern option for a non-traditional Valentine color pattern. This one uses all the colors of the rainbow in a sampler style.

Modern Heart Balloon Embroidery Pattern
Modern Heart Balloon Embroidery Pattern by Embroider Everywhere

How sweet is this one! Heart balloons and that hair on the little girl is precious. I love the ways that thread can be made to look like so many things on hoop art.

Heartfelt Pattern
Heartfelt Pattern by KF Needlework Design

This little pattern of varying hearts filled with different patterns would be adorable on a tea towel. And I love the different colors used, but this would look really pretty in all red, or red and pink.

Full Valentine's Day Embroidery Kit
Full Valentine's Day Embroidery Kit by The Embroidery Cart

Whip out the satin stitch to construct a bunch of little hearts all out of thread. Again this one shows how pretty rainbow colors can be for Valentine's Day!

Heart Sampler
Heart Sampler by Shop Rachel Beyer

Work on a wide range of stitches from a slip stitch to a stem stitch and more with this sampler pattern. A sampler pattern or embroidery kit is a great way to start hand embroidery or to work on learning basic stitches.

Love Hearts Embroidery Pattern
Love Hearts Embroidery Pattern by Rose Finch Studio UK

I love French knots because they add such gorgeous texture. Use the French knot stitch to hand embroider large hearts and another stitch to add small ones on this Valentine design.

Red Heart Pattern
Red Heart Pattern by Kushimari

For a more intricate project, stitch your way through this one. It would make a lovely wall hanging for February.

Woven Heart Pattern
Woven Heart Pattern by HooptDo

I love this woven heart pattern, it is so pretty and looks almost like a visual representation of a hug and love. All woven together.

Blooming Heart
Blooming Heart by H Leslie Design

I am in love with this pretty pattern. I love floral designs and the heart outline is perfection with the red and pink.

Valentine Heart Botanical
Valentine Heart Botanical by New Leaf Stitchery

Go for a more natural look with a floral heart.  The leaves form a pretty flowing heart shape style instead of a more structured one.

Love Jar Pattern
Love Jar Pattern by Why Knot Stitches

Practice a variety of embroidery stitches with this jar full of hearts. I love the use of color, stitches and how it even has a little shadow under the jar.

Queen of Hearts Pattern
Queen of Hearts Pattern by Printed June

Simple hearts can be stitched in so many ways. Don't be afraid to show off hearts on a red background. Use lighter colors of embroidery floss for higher contrast designs.


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collage of heart embroidery patternsHeart embroidery patterns with text overlay

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