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30+ Snowflake Embroidery Patterns (Hand Embroidery)

Whether you are looking for hand embroidery patterns for Christmas or winter time, these snowflake patterns are gorgeous!

Take a look at this variety of beautiful snowflakes you can stitch with embroidery floss.


Grab your embroidery hoops and floss to keep busy this winter. Snowflakes make pretty hand embroidery projects. I'm sharing a variety of free patterns and others to purchase too.

New to embroidery? Check out these easy patterns for beginners.

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collage of embroidered snowflakes
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Looking for a free pattern? Start with this section here. You can stitch some pretty snowflakes with free patterns.

Simple Snowflake Ornament
Simple Snowflake Ornament by Swoodson Says

Start off with this snowflake embroidery pattern that is free. It makes great ornaments in the hoop. Add in some sequins for extra flair.

Three Simple Snowflakes
Three Simple Snowflakes by Cucicucicoo

Looking for a simple snowflake? Here are three different versions of simple snowflakes to add to any embroidery projects.

Snowflake Mandala
Snowflake Mandala by Stitch Floral

Go for an intricate look with this free snowflake embroidery pattern. This pattern features a mandala design that looks so delicate.

Large Snowflake Embroidery Pattern
Large Snowflake Embroidery Pattern by Amina K. on Gathered

Fill up a larger hoop with another intricate design full of simple, but stunning details. I especially like the use of a lighter blue background fabric. 


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In this section I am featuring snowflake embroidery patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating embroidery patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Snowflake Embroidery Set
Snowflake Embroidery Set by Make-n-Stitch

More variety with this set of easy snowflake embroidery patterns. The great thing about snowflakes is there are so many options for making them unique.

Snowflake Embroidery Kit
Snowflake Embroidery Kit by Stones + Glass Designs

If you want a whole kit for an easy snowflake embroidery pattern, try this one. It comes with the materials needed to make your own snowflake hand embroidery design.

Hand Embroidered Snowflakes
Set of Three Hand Embroidered Snowflakes by Embroidery by Nat

This is another way to make snowflake embroidered ornaments. Instead of keeping them in the hoop, finish them off with an edging.

Snowflake Bundle
Snowflake Bundle by The Unraveled Threads

We love to use a pdf pattern. They make the options for embroidering endless. Just download and print, then get to work on your projects.

White and Blue Snowflake Set
White and Blue Snowflake Set by Color Zen Threads

This set has a bunch of options for embroidery patterns for snowflakes. I love mixing the blue and white threads for a different look.

Detailed Snowflake Hand Embroidery
Detailed Snowflake Hand Embroidery by Color Zen Threads

Get detailed with this pdf embroidery pattern. Using a dark fabric to embroider on with a white thread shows a lot of contrast that makes your designs pop.

Pretty Hand Embroidered Snowflake
Pretty Hand Embroidered Snowflake by Embroidery Art by Nat

I mentioned adding sequins earlier, but here is another way to add them into your embroidery patterns. They give an extra bit of sparkle to embroidery hoops.

Snowflake Collection
Snowflake Collection by Why Knot Stitches

I love the variety in this pattern. Especially the pattern that has a bunch of snowflakes on one hoop. That one really shows off the different varieties of snowflakes. It really showcases the unique beautifulness of each of the snowflakes.

Winter Snowflake and Pine Cones
Winter Snowflake and Pine Cones by The Hoop In Hand

The snowflake is the center of the attention in this pattern. Add in greenery and pinecones for a woodland winter vibe.

Set of 20 Snowflake Designs
Set of 20 Snowflake Designs by Embroidery by Nat

This bundle has 20 patterns for snowflakes or snowflake inspired patterns. This bundle would be great for making a whole tree full of snowflake ornaments.

Embroidery Kit for Snowflake Design
Embroidery Kit for Snowflake Design by I Heart Stitch Art

This design looks like a flurry of snowflakes. The kind you love! And add in some seed pearls for extra texture and design.

Lots of Snowflake Patterns
Lots of Snowflake Patterns by KF Needlework Design

Another huge set of snowflake patterns. I love the idea of embroidering them all along a tea towel to showcase a bunch of snowflakes falling in the winter.

Intricate Snowflake Hand Embroidery Pattern
Intricate Snowflake Hand Embroidery Pattern by Jess Long Embroidery

Try your hand at a more intricate design. The itty bitty details on this one weave together to make a lovely snowflake hoop art.

Beginner Snowflake Embroidery Pattern
Beginner Snowflake Embroidery Pattern by Part Blue Studio

Work on your techniques and learn new ones with this beginner pattern. And look at all of those different designs. So many options.

Detailed Snowflake Winter Embroidery
Detailed Snowflake Winter Embroidery by Rose Stitch Art

Snowflakes don't have to be only white. You can use your creativity. Add in different shades of purple, blue, pink, and more to add dimension to your projects.

Mini Snowflake Embroidery Kit
Mini Snowflake Embroidery Kit by Jess Long Embroidery

Mini snowflake kit that features an intricate design. You can go for the intricate design on a smaller scale with all the materials included in this kit.

Snowflake Drop Pattern
Snowflake Drop Pattern by The Embroidery Place AU

How pretty is this drop snowflake pattern? I love that it has a different look to it while utilizing different shapes.

Poinsettia Snowflake Pattern
Poinsettia Snowflake Pattern by Hello Hoops Embroidery

This snowflake could be done in all white, but the red, white, and greens look gorgeous for a Christmas themed project.

Festive Modern Snowflake Bundle
Festive Modern Snowflake Bundle by Hello Hoops Embroidery

More festive modern snowflake designs in a variety of different colors. From Christmas colors, to muted, to rainbow designs, stitch snowflakes in any color!

Merry and Snowflake Bundle
Merry and Snowflake Bundle by Floss and Hoop Shop

One last snowflake design that is adorable. The flower motifs in this pattern add a cute touch to this pattern. And bonus you get a cute pattern for a merry ornament too.


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collage of hand embroidered snowflakescollage of embroidered snowflakes

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