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Recipe Book for Missionaries (FREE Printable Cookbook!)

Is your missionary sick of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Then share this free recipe book with them. It's perfect for missionaries, but college students will also find it helpful.

This free resource is full of simple recipes perfect for those novice cooks who are now out on their own, many for the first time.


My son is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

He is devoting the next two years of his life to sharing Christ's gospel message with others. 

Since he's away from home, I decided to make him a cookbook with all of our favorite EASY recipes. 
He doesn't have a lot of time for preparing meals, so I really tried to focus on things that could be made quickly.

My sister and I collaborated and came up with a wide variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

And of course, we had to throw in a desserts section! 

My aunt also gave suggestions for quick and easy ideas that don't need a recipe. 

Scroll to the very end to get the free printable cookbook.

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I have found that lots of other mom's are also looking for easy meal ideas for their elder missionaries or sister missionaries. So I'm sharing it with you. 

It will probably be most helpful for state-side missionaries who have access to American groceries. But, hey, it's free. So try it out and maybe there will be some useful ideas for worldwide missionaries too.

This took me months, spending hours and hours to create. I debated selling it, but ultimately, I want all missionaries to have access to it. So I am offering it for free. 

BUT, please do not alter it or distribute it for profit or personal gain.

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missionary recipe book


The purpose of this cookbook is for even the most inexperienced cook to be able to make meals for themselves. 

I tried to write the recipes in simple terms so that even those with only basic cooking skills (or even no skills at all) could make them. 

I included tips and variations at the bottom of many recipes.

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Some of the recipes have a star by the title. This means they can be made in less than 30 minutes and that they are easy to make. 

There are some recipes that are easy, but that take time to prepare. These are designated with a watch emoji.  For example, they may require frozen dough to be put in the fridge first thing in the morning to allow it to thaw by dinner time. It could also designate a dish that is best made on Preparation day and then warmed up later for quick meals throughout the week.

image of a cookbook with easy meals for missionaries

The recipe book is categorized by meal. At the beginning of each category is a page with ideas for that meal. These specific meals don't need a recipe. They are ideas such as yogurt, fruit and granola, or bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. 

There is a section for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a section for snacks and treats. 

There is a small "helpful stuff" section which includes some basics like how to cook frozen vegetables and where to find the recipes that include directions for cooking hard boiled eggs, rice or baked potatoes. 

You will also find measurement abbreviations and conversion charts, including standard to metric conversions.



I've created two versions of this recipe book. The first is a PDF version that has a clickable table of contents, ideal for sharing on a google drive.

The other is also a PDF. It's is designed more specifically for printing a physical copy. It does not have a clickable table of contents, but allows you to print the cover and divider pages on cardstock and the rest on regular paper. 

missionary recipe book

PDF MISSIONARY COOKBOOK with Clickable Table of Contents (Perfect for sharing via Google Drive)

The first few pages of this pdf include a list at the beginning that shows all the recipes organized by category.  

The idea is that you only need to scroll through the first five pages (not all 100) to look for a recipe.

Once you find one you'd like to make, simply click or tap on that recipe and you will be taken directly to the page of the book where it is located.

Share this to your missionaries google drive and then they will always have it with them on their phones.  If they're not so good at creating a weekly menu plan, then at least they can reference it while they're at the grocery store.

 Get the download: PDF Missionary Cookbook (with Clickable Table of Contents)


This pdf has two parts. The first is the cover page and the divider pages. These should be printed on cardstock. The second is all the recipes and can be printed on regular paper.

If you take it to your local copy store, they should be able to print and then bind it for you. Just tell them where to insert the divider pages. 

I had the cookbook printed booklet style and then bound with a spiral binding. I intended to add tabs for the different sections, but completely forgot. 

Get the downloads: 

The best way to learn to cook is to just do it! With the help of this handy guide, you're missionary will gain confidence in the kitchen.


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