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Star Wars Care Package

Create a Star Wars care package for Star Wars lovers who are far, far away.  This is a great idea for missionaries, college students, or military members who are fans of the Star Wars saga.

It's a fun idea for May the Fourth, but can be used at any time of year, or as a fun birthday care package.

In this post, I share the resources I used to create this fun care package idea.
star wars care package


My son is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

He is a big Star Wars fan, so I think he'll get a kick out of this package. 

Originally for his May package, I was just going to add a bunch of random stuff without a theme. Then I realized that May the Fourth was coming up.

'May the Fourth Be with You' is a fun play on words of the most iconic phrase from the movies. And May 4th has become a holiday for Star Wars fans. 

I decided it would be fun to decorate his box with Star Wars characters and quotes. So I found several free Star Wars printables that I could print onto sticker paper to decorate with.

Then I found this super fun Star Wars kit with free printables.  And I just had to do it.

I had a few things already that would work, but I rushed to the store to grab the rest. 

I filled up the box with the Star Wars-themed treats and then added in a bunch of the random stuff I had already gotten to fill it to the brim. 

star wars care package idea

Some of the other care packages I've sent him include a Thanksgiving package, a winter package, and a Valentine's day package. More ideas are listed at the bottom of the post.

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star wars care package idea

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For this care package, I took my lead from Jill from Sandy Toes and Popscicles. She created some awesome printables to turn everyday treats and snacks into Star Wars food.

They are such creative ideas, I just had to use them too.


star wars care package

Yoda Soda and Leia Buns. 

I don't buy soda often. I was surprised to find that there were only 7.5 ozs cans, not the regular 12 oz cans in a 6 pack.

I opted for cream soda because he likes it.

As a bonus the color of the cans matches pretty well. And the printable fit around the shorter can just fine. 

The Leia Buns printable was designed to wrap around an individual honey bun.

I opted to glue it to the whole box. They'll be less likely to get smooshed in transit that way. 
treats for star wars care package
Wookie Cookies, Boba Gum and Lightsabers.

I grabbed a some Joe-Joe's from Trader Joes for the Wookie Cookies. My son thinks they're better than Oreos. 

The Boba Gum is pretty self explanatory - wrap a pack of gum. 

I grabbed some Pocky sticks for the light sabers. (Jill used chocolate dipped giant pretzel sticks in different colors, but I couldn't find the big pretzel sticks. Plus I was in a rush and didn't really want to make them.)

wookie cookies

My daughter decided to make cookies, so he's getting two kinds of Wookie Cookies. I mailed them the same day they were baked, so I think they'll still be pretty good.

As a side note, my Grandma used to send packages to her missionary grandsons. One of my cousins went to Madagascar. He said they loved her cookies, even though they arrived broken and somewhat stale from traveling halfway around the world. 

I figure they will still be fairly fresh with a 3-4 day shipping time.
snacks for star wars care package

Vaderade, Droid Chips and Han's Rolos.

I actually used powerade not gaterade for the Vadorade. The new bottle shapes for gaterade looked like it would be hard to wrap with paper. 

I used Lay's chips because the blue and yellow cans make for a consistent color theme. 

snacks and treats for star wars care package

Ewok Gummies and Jar Jar of Gungan Snacks

For the Ewok gummies I used cinnamon bears. You could also use regular gummy bears.

And a jar of honey roasted peanuts for the Gungan snacks.

Be sure to check out Jill's post to get the free printables!

I also included some other snacks and treats that I had previously gotten for him. Gotta fill that box completely full! 

Some of these items will be saved for the next box because I ran out of room.

care package ideas


  • summer sausage
  • cheese spray
  • goldfish
  • peanut butter wafer bars (He LOVES these!)
  • trail mix (these are a great filler item)
  • ice breakers
  • yogurt covered raisins


There a lots of fun star wars toys you could send.
  • Star Wars action figures
  • Star Wars Lego set
  • Lightsabers
  • Star Wars posters
  • keychain of their favorite character  

I opted not to send any to my missionary. He loves legos, so I thought about sending a Star Wars lego set. But honestly, he'd probably just end up sending it back or leaving it behind because he wouldn't want to pack it around from place to place. 

I did send a few needed and requested items:

  • new pillowcases 
  • a picture of Jesus
  • the Missionary Pal reference guide
  • a new tie
  • shampoo
  • toothpaste 
  • toothbrush
  • earplugs - my son is a snorer! (like father, like son) - so he passes these out to his roommates. Then they can get some sleep while he's on the other side of the room sawing logs.

As always, I want to share my missionary cookbook. You can print it off and send it to them. Or you can send it to them digitally. It's full of EASY things for missionaries to cook.

Find the FREE cookbook here. 

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please see my full disclosure policy for details. 

star wars care package idea


The funnest part is to decorate the box. I decided to buy sticker paper.

It's a game changer! So much better than gluing the pictures to the box. 

I found several FREE printables that I printed out on sticker paper. I tried and failed to cut the stickers with my cricut, so I ended up hand cutting them. 

I just realized that I didn't get a full picture of the box with all the flaps. It's already on it's way, so what you see is all there is. The top flap is similar the bottom and side flaps.
decorating the box with star wars stickers

You can find the Darth Vader may the force be with you printable here. 

The small stickers came from three different printables. I'll list them below:

 One of the stickers was blank so I added the quote "Faith is the force of life" from Tolstoy. I thought it added just a bit of a spiritual theme to it. 


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picture of a star wars themed care package

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