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35+ Mother's Day Crafts for Adults

DIY Mother's Day Crafts aren't just for kids!

As a crafty adult you can still gift a present to mom that is handmade.

Here is a list of our favorite Mother's Day Crafts for adults.


A bunch of handmade gifts that are great ideas to give mom for Mother's Day with a homemade touch.

Need craft ideas for kids? Check out more Mother's day crafts.

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collage of mother's day crafts for adults
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Here in this collection, we share the best ideas that adults can make their moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, or other mother figures for Mother's Day.

Let's get inspired to craft up something for Mom!

Fleece Throw
Fleece Throw by One Crazy Mom

This is by far one of the easiest of easy Mother's Day crafts. A fleece blanket that will keep mom comfy cozy. Pick her favorite color of fabric.

How to add vinyl to a Fleece Blanket
How to add vinyl to a Fleece Blanket by The Soccer Mom Blog

Another cozy blanket with a super personal touch. Learn how to add vinyl to a fleece blanket that you purchase or make yourself.

Post-It Note Covers
Post-It Note Covers by The Benson Street

For the mom who needs Post-It notes. Cover them with this simple paper craft idea. Use stickers to embellish and personalize the cover for mom.

DIY Tassel Keychain
DIY Tassel Keychain by Lovely Indeed

Show a special woman in your life that you love them with this classy tassel craft. It is a cute way to dress up a keychain.

How to Make Resin Keychains
How to Make Resin Keychains by Craftsy Hacks

Another keychain DIY that uses flowers. Press your own to add to resin and preserve them in a gift for mom.

Mother's Day Wooden Gift Card Holders
Mother's Day Wooden Gift Card Holders by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Mom can always use a little treat or shopping spree. Personalize a gift card by making a wood gift card holder. 

Birds Nest Necklaces
Birds Nest Necklaces by Sarah Ortega for Red Ted Art

A super cute craft for moms to represent how many kids they have by putting them in the nest like little eggs using beads and wire.

Marbled Jewelry Dish with Thumbprint Heart
Marbled Jewelry Dish with Thumbprint Heart by Modern Messy Parents for Red Ted Art

A DIY Mother's Day gift that is so pretty and useful. Mix mom's favorite colors into a clay jewelry dish.

5 Different Handmade Earrings
5 Different Handmade Earrings by Tea and Forget Me Notes

Then feel free to add in some of these handmade earring Mother's Day ideas. Five different ways to make unique homemade earrings.

Shrinky Dink State Keychains
Shrinky Dink State Keychains by The DIY Nuts

If you loved crafting with shrinky dinks as a kid, this will be right up your alley. Craft projects that are just so cute and can be personalized to whatever you like for mom from states to shapes of any kind to fit your preferences.

Small Crochet Basket
Small Crochet Basket by Easy Breezy Crochet

If you love to crochet, this is the perfect gift idea. Mom can always use a basket to corral items, right?

Rose Crochet Pattern
Rose Crochet Pattern by Easy Breezy Crochet Pattern

Or go for a pretty way to gift flowers. This is one of the best ways to gift Mother's Day crafts that will last instead of dying if you gift the real flowers.

Marbled Nail Polish Mugs
Marbled Nail Polish Mugs by Strength and Sunshine

Special Mother's Day crafts are the ones that mom will love. If she loves mugs, make a personalized one easily with nail polish.

Faux Leather Bookmarks
Faux Leather Bookmarks by The Benson Street

This is a unique way to make a bookmark craft for Mom. Add ribbon or decorative stitching to any color of pretty faux leather for a quick craft that will last.

Memory Throw Pillow
Memory Throw Pillow by Sustain My Craft Habit

If you have some of your old baby clothes, make them into a keepsake pillow for your mom. A sweet little throw pillow with baby clothes detailing.

Laser Engraved Cutting Board
Laser Engraved Cutting Board by Tea and Forget Me Nots

Now this is a beautiful handmade gift. Preserve a special recipe by laser engraving it on a cutting board. This could also be used to add names, symbols or other things to a cutting board in place of a special recipe.

Mom Hair Don't Care Hat
Mom Hair Don't Care Hat by Leap of Faith Crafting

Simple DIY gifts like a cute hat for the mom on the go are so easy to make yet perfect for gifting. Add any cut file to a hat to fit your mom's personality.

Paper Tulip Bouquet
Paper Tulip Bouquet by Thriving in Parenthood

Mother figures are sure to love a good flower craft. Make up some paper tulips for the mom who loves everything floral.

Ribbon Weaved Lavender Sachets
Ribbon Weaved Lavender Sachets by Christine's' Crafts

Keep calm and relaxed with this lavender sachet that mom can keep in her drawers. Use her favorite colors of ribbon for a special touch.

How to Make a Free Coupon Book
How to Make a Free Coupon Book by 100 Directions

If your mom loves heartfelt ideas, give her the gift of coupons to use all throughout the year. Here is a printable and how to make a cute little coupon book.

Bee Terra Cotta Candy Dish
Bee Terra Cotta Candy Dish by Carolina Honey Bees

Fill up this candy dish with mom's favorite candy to gift to her on Mother's Day. Customize colors and design for your mom.

Farmhouse Floral Wreath Tutorial
Farmhouse Floral Wreath Tutorial by Rouse in the House

Here is a fun project to beautify your mom's home. Use her favorite flowers and put together a lovely farmhouse style wreath.

Strong Woman Printable
Strong Woman Printable by DIY with my Guy

For the novice crafter, easily print off this printable, and add it to a frame. Feel free to decorate the frame with paint, glitter, or other embellishments.

Coral & Shells Resin Bracelets
Coral & Shells Resin Bracelets by The Soccer Mom Blog

Did you know it is so easy to make resin bangles? They are fun because you can add all sorts of items to them like seashells, glitter, beads, and so much more.

Sand Dollar Coasters
Sand Dollar Coasters by The Soccer Mom Blog

Don't put the resin away yet, make some coasters with sanddollars in them. Or feel free to add different objects in the coasters.

Fabric Covered Flower Pot
Fabric Covered Flower Pot by Easy Crafty Pattern

Easily gift real flowers in a custom fabric covered flower pot. This one is simple to make, but turns out too cute.

Fabric Covered Cork Board
Fabric Covered Cork Board by Easy Crafty Pattern

Pick out fabric in mom's favorite color to make a message board. Bonus points if you pin a special message to the board.

How to make Homemade Soap
How to make Homemade Soap for Gifting by Craftsy Hacks

Homemade soap is a very pretty and practical gift idea for mom. Everyone needs to clean up so why not make a pretty bar of soap for a spa day at home.

How to Make Shower Steamers
How to Make Shower Steamers by Simply Beyond Herbs

Continue with the at home spa day theme by making shower steamers to relax and help mom relax. Customize the shapes with molds or just make them into balls.

Seashell Homemade Bath Bomb
Seashell Homemade Bath Bomb by Red Ted Art

Another spa day must have, homemade bath bombs. These are in the seashell shape but make balls, or use any molds you might have. Such a thoughtful and kind gift idea.

Homemade Lip Balm
Homemade Lip Balm by Raia's Recipes

Give mom smooth lips with homemade lip balm. For a special touch make it her favorite flavor.

handmade candles with laser engraved wood lids
Handmade Candles with Laser Engraved Lids by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Candles create the perfect mood for an at-home spa day. Give mom a handmade candle with a customized sentiment on the lid.

Exfoliating Lip Scrub
Exfoliating Lip Scrub by Simpy Beyond Herbs

Pair lip balm with this lip scrub for even softer smoother lips all from homemade products. Another creative spa day type gift idea.

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts
Homemade Lavender Bath Salts by Nifty Thrifty DIYer

And lastly don't forget to pair all the other spa gifts with some homemade bath salts. All of them wrapped up together make for beautiful gifts.


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