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35+ Easy Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

It's time to make some easy Mother's Day crafts for kids.

These are the best ideas for a variety of ages to gift something homemade to mom on Mother's Day.


Looking for the perfect gift for mom?

When it comes to kids, there are so many sweet Mother's Day arts and crafts that will leave mom feeling loved.

I've gathered them here for you to easily find the perfect craft.
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collage of mother's day craft ideas for kids to make
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Take a look at this collection of easy mother's day craft ideas.

There is sure to be something for each age group to make for mom.

Mother's Day Paper Bouquet Craft
Mother's Day Paper Bouquet Craft by The Benson Street

Finish off a great gift with a paper bouquet of flowers colored, assembled and personalized just for mom! The flowers have spaces to write some of your favorite things about mom.

Heart Bouquet Craft
Heart Bouquet Craft by Rediscovered Families

Another flower bouquet idea. Use hearts for the flowers on top of wood skewers in a little pot.

Mom Bracelets
Mom Bracelets by Homan at Home

Make your own bracelets for mom with a cute little message. Customize it with names or other phrases that will be perfect for your mom.

Button Bracelets
Button Bracelets by Easy Crafty Pattern

Another handmade jewelry gift option is these button bracelets. Use any buttons and ribbons to make a pretty piece that mom can wear.

Mother's Day Kid's Embroidery Project
Mother's Day Kid's Embroidery Project by Swoodson Says

Kids of all ages can work on this embroidery project. This one will be cool to see how each child's skills are different or to make year after year to see how their skills improve.

Leaf Stamped Pot
Leaf Stamped Pot by Easy Crafty Pattern

Flowers are one of the most popular Mother's Day gifts. Put your own touch on them with this leaf stamped pot.
Paint Pour Flower Pots
Paint Pour Flower Pots by Two Kids and a Coupon

Or use paint for another one of our favorite creative ideas. This is a fun one to try with children as they see how paint pouring works and turns out different than expected.

Fingerprint Flowers Flower Pot
Fingerprint Flowers Flower Pot by Crafts by Amanda

Or try flower shapes on a flower pot by dipping fingers and thumbs into paint to create flowers. They can also paint the rest of the pot before adding the flowers.

How to make Paper Daffodils
How to make Paper Daffodils by Sustain my Craft Habit

Paper crafts are another good option for making something for mom. These paper daffodils look almost real. Another craft for older kids or teens.

Egg Carton Flowers
Egg Carton Flowers by Crafty Art Ideas

For the younger kids save egg cartons to make colorful flowers. Add a popsicle stick stem and pipe cleaner leaf.

Memories for Mom Mailbox
Memories for Mom Mailbox by Sustain my Craft Habit

Mother's Day gift ideas like this will melt mom's heart. Make a mailbox and write down your favorite memories of mom to put inside.

Flower Pressed Bookmarks
Flower Pressed Bookmarks by Lovely Indeed

For the kids who are always collecting flowers to give to their mom, this is a fun craft. Save those flowers and press them to make a special bookmark.

How to make Flower Pressed Bookmarks
How to make Flower Pressed Bookmarks by Fox Farm Home

Another way to use real flowers in different layouts with another floral bookmark option. Teens might love this one too because it is easy, and turns out beautiful. 

Mother's Day Coloring Bookmarks
Mother's Day Coloring Bookmarks by The Benson Street

For an easier bookmark gift option, use mom's favorite colors to color her a bookmark. Laminate it and add a ribbon or tassel to complete this craft project.

Felt Bookmark
Felt Bookmark by Swoodson Says

This bookmark is a perfect craft for older kids, especially if Mom loves to read.  They might need some help if sewing, but you could also use hot glue to make it a no sew project.

Flower Pot Picture Craft
Flower Pot Picture Craft by The Soccer Mom Blog

This craft is great for any mother figure from a grandma to a mom to a special woman role model. If you want you could add smaller flowers to complete the look.

Flower Activity
Flower Activity by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Write a bunch of different things on each petal of this flower to give a sweet message to your mother. Fill in the prompts and color for a simple craft that can be made at school or daycare.

Bottle Cap Keychain
Bottle Cap Keychain by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Let mom take your love with you wherever she goes. Make a keychain out of a bottle cap and add a simple message to mom.

Pressed Flowers Pinch Pots
Pressed Flowers Pinch Pots by Fox Farm Home

This could work as a last-minute gift for mom. Find some flowers, clay and make a cute little pinch pot for mom to hold her trinkets in.

Melted Crayon Rainbow Craft
Melted Crayon Rainbow Craft by On My Kid's Plate

This one takes a little bit of prep, but it is so fun. Mom will love this unique craft.

Handprint Bouquet
Handprint Bouquet by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Save a child's handprint at this specific point in time with craft paint. Make a bunch of handprints to work into a bouquet of handprint flowers.

Flower Garden Craft
Flower Garden Craft by Start Creative Studio for Red Ted Art

Pipe cleaners make the perfect flower stems. Use other simple craft supplies to to make flowers for mom that she can display.

Paper Tea Cup Craft
Paper Tea Cup Craft by Red Ted Art

Have a Mother's Day tea party complete with cute little paper tea cups for pretend. Pair with an actual cup of tea or another treat to enjoy with mom.

Mother's Day Drawing Portraits
Mother's Day Drawing Portraits by One Simple Party

For the artists, have them draw portraits of grandmas or mom. These are a fun way to see how they see the women in their lives.

Straw Flower Craft
Straw Flower Craft by Simply Full of Delight

Give mom a flower that will last, by making it out of paper and straws. Such a cute way to celebrate the best women in your life.

Painting on Ceramic Mugs
Painting on Ceramic Mugs by Simply Full of Delight

Let mom be reminded of how great she is every time she uses this mug. Learn how to paint on ceramic mugs the easy way with this tutorial.

How to make Garden Stepping Stones
How to make Garden Stepping Stones by Fluxing Well

Take this gorgeous craft out to the garden. Easily make personalized garden stepping stones with flair for Mom.

Handprint Flower Watering Can
Handprint Flower Watering Can by The Country Chic Cottage

Handprint crafts make great keepsakes. For the gardening mom, add flair to a watering can so she can remember how important she is while watering flowers.

Handprint Plate
Handprint Plate by Cowboy's Life Blog

One last homemade gift that features a little hand print. Learn how to make this personalized gift that takes a snapshot of a cute little hand.


These cards are a great way to get crafty for Mother's Day. They can serve as a craft, plus a card. Pair them with other crafts or Mother's Day gift ideas.

Mother's Day Coloring Cards
Mother's Day Coloring Cards by Where the Smiles Have Been

For a quick and easy idea for a Mother's Day card, print and have children color this card. They can add in their own message inside too.

Mother's Day Painted Rock Craft and Card
Mother's Day Painted Rock Craft and Card by Crafty Kids Play

Pair a cute craft and lovely Mother's Day card. Paint a rock with a cute design and give mom a card to remind her that she rocks.

Ice Cream Craft
Ice Cream Craft by Simple Everyday Mom

If mom loves ice cream, this craft that can be a card is perfect! Make an ice cream cone and take mom out for an ice cream cone. Win win.

You are My Sunshine Handprint Card
You are My Sunshine Handprint Card by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Use a handprint to make a special message using an acrylic paint handprint. Add the handprint and the other card elements, then fill in a message to mom inside.

String Art Flower Card
String Art Flower Card by Nifty Thrifty DIYer

Now this is one of the coolest DIY Mother's Day cards. Kids will love pulling the string through and making the pretty string art flower.

Pop Up Cupcake Card
Pop Up Cupcake Card by The Soccer Mom Blog

Here is another cute craft card. Especially if mom loves cupcakes, you can pair the card with cupcakes or even make her some. 

Whale Card
Whale Card by The Soccer Mom Blog

Here is a template for a handmade card featuring a cute little whale. Add buttons and a photo to personalize the look.
And if you need even more ideas, here are a few more:



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collage of mother's day crafts for kids to makecollage of gift ideas kids can make for mother's day

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