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40+ Cozy Crochet Hat Patterns

Here we are mid-winter and I need a new hat, I've grabbed my crochet hooks and found a bunch of awesome patterns for crocheted hats.

With over 40 patterns to choose from you are sure to find a few to crochet this winter.


From beanies to bucket hats there are so many options, styles and designs to keep your head warm all winter long. I'll walk you through all the lovely options.

Want a matching scarf? Try one of these awesome crochet scarf patterns.

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collage of crochet hat patterns
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I love a free crochet pattern that will help you make a wearable item. Especially when you are just beginning into crocheting. Take a look at this collection of crochet hat patterns.

Beanie Patterns

Knit Look Heart Beanie
Knit Look Heart Beanie by Make and Do Crew

This might be one of my favorite free patterns. It looks like knit, with hearts woven into the design. Hurry and grab this free pattern.

Santa Crochet Hat
Santa Crochet Hat by Make and Do Crew

Get festive with a crocheted Santa hat. Adorable! And the yarn pom pom on the end completes this look perfectly for the holidays. This pattern comes in six different sizes, so make one for the whole family.

Hour and a Half Beanie
Hour and a Half Beanie by Make and Do Crew

If you are looking for a super fast crochet project, this beanie comes together in an hour and a half. So fast! You could make one in every color of the rainbow.

Gingham Plaid Beanie
Gingham Plaid Beanie by Make and Do Crew

Take your crochet hats game up a notch with this gingham plaid beanie. It looks awesome in blue, but any color could do. 

Ribbed Wonder Hat
Ribbed Wonder Hat by Crochet 365 and Knit Too

This simple, but gorgeously ribbed crochet beanie, looks like a classic version that you can rock anytime and anywhere. That stitch will keep you nice and toasty warm.

Winter Walk Hat
Winter Walk Hat by Crochet 365 and Knit Too

The winter walk hat pattern adds in stripes and an edging around the bottom for a finished touch. Don't sleep on these easy crochet patterns.

Winter Rays
Winter Rays by Ned and Mimi

If you prefer a chunky crochet hat pattern, here you go! This one is fun with the two toned design and would look great with or without the pom pom on top.

Geowave Hat
Geowave Hat by Ned and Mimi

Ready for a unique beanie pattern? This great project has such a unique weave pattern that has straight lines and triangle dips almost like a chevron stripe.

Celtic Weave Hat
Celtic Weave Hat by Crochet for You

This is a beautiful easy hat pattern. The weave and the varying colors really make this one a special pattern to try.

Crochet Diamond Tapestry Beanie
Crochet Diamond Tapestry Beanie by Crochet for You

Give your winter hats some pizazz with this diamond tapestry style beanie. It weaves together four different colors into this delightful hat.

Annie's Purple Hat
Annie's Purple Hat by Daisy Farm Crafts

For a simple easy pattern that you can wear day in and day out, try this hat. Feel free to leave it without a pom pom. 

Fringe Hat
Fringe Hat by Daisy Farm Crafts

Utilize your repertoire of basic crochet stitches and make an adorable beanie. This one teaches you how to make a cute fringe pom pom.

Other Hats

Granny Square Bucket Hat
Granny Square Bucket Hat by Make and Do Crew

The great thing about these bucket hats are that you can use them all year long. They work for sun hats or to keep in warmth in the fall and winter months. The use of granny squares makes this an easy crochet hat pattern.
Crochet Rancher Hat
Crochet Rancher Hat by Make and Do Crew

I'm amazed that a crochet hook made this rancher style hat with a brim. The structure looks amazing and you could wear this one so many places.


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In this section I am featuring crochet hat patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating crochet patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners! 


Juliet Beanie
Juliet Beanie by The Easy Design

This crochet pattern features a variety of stitches and texture. This pattern is perfect for pushing you skills and trying new stitches if you are a beginner.

Mountain Range Beanie
Mountain Range Beanie by Wild Sapling

If you love the mountains, why not use this pattern and add them to a beanie. The unique look is so eye catching and you can use your favorite colors to make it even more your own.

Jordy Hat
Jordy Hat by Ruby Webbs

Need to pull up your hair? Try this pattern for a messy bun hat. You can have your bun and keep your ears warm all at the same time.

Amber Beanie
Amber Beanie by The Easy Design

Faux fur pom pom are so cute! Especially on top of a lovely textured beanie like this one with the diamond shapes.

Evie Beanie Hat
Evie Beanie Hat by Ruby Webbs

Triangles give this hat a lovely geometric vibe, but that giant pom pom on top of the hat finishes it off. Use a thicker yarn to get that similar look.

Tundra Weave Slouch Hat
Tundra Weave Slouch Hat by Crochet by Jennifer

If you want to add texture to a hat use a bulky yarn. And if you want even more texture, pick a pattern like this one that features a weave pattern.

Laurel Knit Beanie
Laurel Knit Beanie by Simple Pattern Designs

Can a crochet beanie pattern be dressy? This Laurel knit style beanie looks super classy, so I think the answer is yes.

Dahlia Beanie
Dahlia Beanie by Kathy's Crochet Closet

Granny squares can be used for so many things a beginner crocheter can make, like this flower beanie. Whip up the squares first and then assemble from there.

Cat Hat
Cat Hat by Jen Made That Hat

Give your hat some character. If you love cats, this pattern adds cute little kitty cat ears to the top.

If you're a cat lover who likes to crochet, you'll definitely want to check out this fun article: 25+ Crochet Cat Amigurumi Patterns

Boho Beanie
Boho Beanie by The Hat and I

Another way to dress up a beanie is with this pattern that adds a bit of a small bill and a button.

Thermal Buffalo Plaid Pattern
Thermal Buffalo Plaid Pattern by MJ's Off the Hook Designs

More plaid. Buffalo plaid is a staple winter design. Now you can make it in any color with this pattern.

Santa Fairy Hat
Santa Fairy Hat by Crochetverse

This hat is so fun for the holidays. Between the stripes and the different stitches and colors, this one is just pure magic.

Checkered Beanie Pattern
Checkered Beanie Pattern by Shop Morgan Makes

Checkered patterns are so hot right now. Learn how to make a beanie with this print using this pattern.

Rustic Sunflower Hat
Rustic Sunflower Hat by Pretty Printables Etc.

Add some brightness into winter days with a sunflower motif on a beanie. It would also be perfect for fall too!

Fair Isle Heart Hat Pattern
Fair Isle Heart Hat Pattern by The Minted Evergreen

Go chunky with this pattern to make slouchy beanies. The hearts or dots add such a fun bit of contrast.

Embossed Cable Hat Pattern
Embossed Cable Hat Pattern by Outstanding Crochet

Another fancy style beanie! The embossed look of this hat gives pretty texture, lots of design, and makes a gorgeous hat to wear to winter events.

Azalea Beanie
Azalea Beanie by Wild Sapling

One last simple hat pattern for a beanie. I like that it is unique with the bobble stitching, but could be worn with so many outfits, especially when done in a yarn of a similar color.

Other Hat Styles

Acorn Crochet Hat Pattern
Acorn Crochet Hat Pattern by Misha Mishki

Would you like an easy crochet hat pattern that is not your average crocheted hat. This one looks like the top of an acorn and reminds me of a beret. 

Slouchy Golf Hat
Slouchy Golf Hat by Pixie Bell

How cute is this one? A golf style hat with a bill and slouchy top/back. This is a great one to top off an outfit in a pretty way.

Boho Bucket Hat
Boho Bucket Hat by Be Ewenique Boutique

Bucket hats are having a moment lately, because they are so darn cute. Crochet stripes around the body of the hat in different colors to create a pattern.

Granny Square Bucket Hat by
Granny Square Bucket Hat by The Easy Design

Another crochet beginner project using granny squares. Crochet them in a bunch of bright colors and connect them to form a hat.

Checkered Bucket Hat
Checkered Bucket Hat by Tee Telier

Use basic stitches and two hot trends, the checkers and the bucket hat. Marry them in the ultimate trendy crochet hat.

Flames Bucket Hat
Flames Bucket Hat by Cherilyn Crochet

This one looks like it is on fire. I never knew flames could look so good in crochet, but they are really working with this bucket hat.


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collage of crochet hatscollage of crochet hat patterns

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