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60+ Scarf Crochet Patterns (The BEST Scarves for Winter)

It's time to keep warm this winter by trying a few of these scarf crochet patterns for a variety of skill levels. Scarves are a great beginner project with other patterns that can be more complex. 


Winter is the perfect time for easy crochet scarf patterns. If you are just starting out, these patterns are perfect for beginner crocheters.

Plus, I've thrown in a few more advanced scarves to keep yourself crocheting all through the cold wintery months while challenging your skills.

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collage of scarf crochet patterns
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Take a look through this section of free crochet pattern to make so many scarves. These easy crochet projects will keep you busy. This is a section with our collection of free scarf patterns. 

Champagne Scarf
Champagne Scarf by Crochet Swirl

Start with this lovely free crochet scarf pattern. It has a pretty weave and design. The tight weave will keep you warm.

Super Sized Color Blocked Scarf Pattern
Super Sized Color Blocked Scarf Pattern by The Loophole Fox

This free pattern is a larger sized scarf, and allows for color blocking. There are so many options for color combinations.

Color Dipped Crochet Scarf
Color Dipped Crochet Scarf by Daisy Farm Crafts

Use your basic stitches and two color of yarns to make a scarf that looks color dipped. The texture looks super cozy too.

Haley's College Scarf Pattern
Haley's College Scarf Pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

Another way to utilize basic crochet stitches and color blocking is with this cool scarf design. I especially love the way the ends are finished up.

Moss Stitch Scarf
Moss Stitch Scarf by This Pixie Crochets

Moss stitches are another way to make simple patterns really pop. Even add in some cute stripes of color or make it a two toned version like this one pictured.

Rainbow Scarf
Rainbow Scarf by Ned and Mimi

A rainbow of different colors looks so cute with this pattern for a rainbow scarf. This is fun for kids or kids at heart. Feel free to add a fun pom pom on the ends.

Ribbed Scarf
Ribbed Scarf by A Crocheted Simplicity

For a simple ribbed look try this pattern. This is great for a unisex pattern that is simple, but well made.

Simple Crochet Scarf Pattern
Simple Crochet Scarf Pattern with Tassels by Jo to the World

Update your winter wardrobe with a cute scarf. I love the stitching on this one. The tassels are cute, but you could feel free to leave them off. 

Dreamy Crochet Scarf
Dreamy Crochet Scarf by Daisy Farm Crafts

Another perfect project for adding to your winter staples that keep you warm. I love the stripe design of different stitch rows while maintaining the monochromatic look.

Cozy Bean Scarf
Cozy Bean Scarf by The Knotted Nest

Use a lovely bean stitch and another of our favorite easy patterns. It's amazing how much using two different yarn colors really gives this scarf so much personality.

Ribbed Crochet Scarf with Pom Poms
Ribbed Crochet Scarf with Pom Poms by Whistle and Ivy

I like the idea of a nice gray scarf, but add the pop of pink with the pom poms. This is a simple ribbed design, but it is still pretty fun.

Beginner Colorful Scarves
Beginner Colorful Scarves by Daisy Farm Crafts

If you are new to crocheting, go with a beginner tutorial like this one. And have fun picking out your favorite shade of yarn. 

V Stitch Scarf
V Stitch Scarf by Stitching Together

Grab your chunky yarn and have some fun with this tutorial. It has a looser weave, but it still looks pretty cozy.

Minimalist Scarf
Minimalist Scarf by BHooked

If you just want a plain simple, minimalist scarf, you need this pattern. You will have a warm scarf in no time.

How to Crochet a Fall Scarf
How to Crochet a Fall Scarf by A Box of Twine

I love the texture on this chunky scarf. It was created for fall, but I say wear it all through winter too!


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In this section I am featuring scarf crochet patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating crocheting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners and follow patterns for easy projects.

I love this different style of tassel on this beautiful scarf. It gives it a unique finishing touch.

Cat Scarf Pattern
Cat Scarf Pattern by Crochet by Ula

A cat scarf pattern is one of the best crochet scarf patterns we are sharing in this collection. How cute is this repeating pattern?

Mountain Range Scarves
Mountain Range Scarves by Crochet Garden

Here is a set of various gorgeous textured scarves. I honestly can't decide which one is my favorite. There are so many options for pretty texture. 

One Skein Granny Square Scarf
One Skein Granny Square Scarf by Sweet Bee Crochet Shop

Well this is a pretty way to put your crochet skills to good use. And talk about color. It will look amazing on dreary winter days.

Celtic Garden Braided Scarf
Celtic Garden Braided Scarf by Rebecca's Stylings

Stay extra warm and cozy with a braided scarf. The pattern will help you achieve stunning braids and designs.

Bonfire Scarf
Bonfire Scarf by The Turtle Trunk

Have fun with bulky yarn and colors. This is a bigger scarf that would work great as a piece to wear on warmer days in the place of a coat.

Dopamine Scarf
Dopamine Scarf by Realm Designs

Have fun mixing colors, patterns and stitches with this awesome scarf. I love the hearts and stripes. 

Celtic Super Saxon Scarf
Celtic Super Saxon Scarf by Rebecca's Stylings 

Calling all the advanced crocheters. This one looks beautiful but a little more difficult, but the end result will be so worth it.

Windermere Scarf
Windermere Scarf by Rich Textures Crochet

If you love texture, this one is so pretty. I love that this texture looks great it all colors. 

Easy Crochet Scarf
Easy Crochet Scarf by Ginger Knot Shop

Look no further for the perfect beginner project of a scarf. This one will give you a slightly ribbed texture and work great for any gender and age. 

Chunky Bobble Scarf
Chunky Bobble Scarf by Spotted Horse Design Co.

If chunky bobbles are your style, you need to make this scarf. It is so bulky and you can add cute pom poms to the end as seen in the picture.

Maple Leaf Crochet Scarf
Maple Leaf Crochet Scarf by Outstanding Crochet

This winter style is a great pattern that adds design to the pattern. Maple leaves and diamonds look so pretty. Use complementary or contrasting colors to give an extra pop.

Moss Stitch Scarf Pattern
Moss Stitch Scarf Pattern by Jo to the World Creations

We saw the moss stitch in another pattern, but this does it in a different way by using to various shades of the same color. It makes for a pretty and cozy crochet scarf.

Beginner Winter Crochet Scarf
Beginner Winter Crochet Scarf by Mercier Co

Beginner patterns can get the chunky thick scarf look too. The thickness will keep out the cold breezes on a windy winter day.

Michelle Scarf
Michelle Scarf by CAAB Crochet

Now this is a pretty scarf design. Use this pattern to create fancier scarves to dress up a look.

Color Block Scarf
Color Block Scarf by Little Duck Crochet

We've seen color blocking in a variety of ways, but not like this one. Add in different color blocking stripes. 

Braided Cable Scarf
Braided Cable Scarf by Rebecca's Stylings

Another slightly more advanced pattern, that is so pretty. I also love how this one ombres from dark pink to light pink.

Braided Cable Scarf
Castle Braided Scarf and Hat Pattern by Rebecca's Stylings

And if you are crocheting a scarf, may as well crochet a hat to match! We have a bunch of crochet hat patterns too.

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