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25+ Mitten Crochet Patterns (Easy, Cozy and Warm)

Have an afternoon or weekend to spare? Use one of these mitten crochet patterns for a quick project that will keep someone's hands warm.


If your hands have been cold this winter, you need to make new comfy mittens.

We have a variety of patterns to try out that will keep your hands warm and busy with your crochet hooks.

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collage of crochet mittens
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Check out this collection of free crochet mittens patterns and tutorials. There are a variety of options and you can whip up any that you love. 

How to Crochet Mittens in Various Sizes
How to Crochet Mittens in Various Sizes by Ned and Mimi

First up is this free crochet pattern for easy crochet mittens. It comes in multiple sizes from baby mittens to adult. Make some for the whole family.

Knit Look Chunky Mitten Tutorial
Knit Look Chunky Mitten Tutorial by Make and Do Crew

Get a knit chunky look with this crochet mitten pattern. Add your own tags for a personalized finishing touch.

Houndstooth Mittens
Houndstooth Mittens by A Crocheted Simplicity

I love this free pattern that features the houndstooth print. It gives a little something extra special to the simple mitten pattern.

Crochet Hand Holding Mittens
Crochet Hand Holding Mittens by Fosbas Designs

Grab your favorite yarn for cozy mittens with this awesome pattern. It is so cute because it gives you two pairs of mittens. One to hold hands with your child and the other for your free hand.  


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In this section I am featuring mitten crochet patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating crochet patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Heath Herringbone Crochet Mittens
Heath Herringbone Crochet Mittens by Lakeside Loops

Use a herringbone style stitch on the body of the mitten for a gorgeous look. Then finish off with a more ribbed look around the cuff.

Wintertide Mittens
Wintertide Mittens by Ruby Webbs

A thick style of stitch like this one used in this pattern will keep hands super warm. Plus, they look so pretty.

Tofino Mittens
Tofino Mittens by Woodcamper Crafts

Another simple pattern that will keep your hands busy and warm all at the same time. Using a varied yarn choice gives this simple pattern a bit of pop.

Crochet Easy Mittens
Crochet Easy Mittens by HMB by Aura

Classic and basic crochet stitches will make for lovely mittens. Work through the body, thumbs, and cuffs with a simple knit style stitch.

Country Cottage Mittens
Country Cottage Mittens by The Turtle Trunk

Mittens are the perfect gift for Christmas, and winter birthdays for friends. The ribbed double cuff is also a lovely touch.

Wonderlust Mittens
Wonderlust Mittens by Kristen Holloway Designs

For a different look try this pattern. It has a lovely stripe design with lots of texture.

The Stevie Mittens
The Stevie Mittens by Ruby Webbs

I love the look of these mittens. They are nice and textured for a thicker mitten using a larger chunky yarn.

Winter Bliss Mittens
Winter Bliss Mittens by MJ's Off the Hook Designs

Pink looks great on mittens. These ones also feature a folded over double cuff if that is they style you are looking for.

The Glacier Mittens Pattern
The Glacier Mittens Pattern by Woodcamper Crafts

Beginner crocheters will love this pattern. This pattern utilizes two basic stitches making it a great starting project.

Flower Top Mittens
Flower Top Mittens by Realm Designs

Talk about adorable crochet mittens! These come with a cute flower design on top of the fingers.

Fair Isle Mitten Pattern
Fair Isle Mitten Pattern by Briana K Designs

The design on this pattern is perfect for cold winter months. Show off your wintery fashion with this detailed pair of mittens.

Hedera Textured Cable Mittens
Hedera Textured Cable Mittens by Outstanding Crochet

There are so many ways to make beautiful mittens, like this idea! This pattern gives a cable knit vibe while adding in leaves.

Ice Kissed Mittens
Ice Kissed Mittens by Evelyn and Peter

If you want a mitten reminiscent of Fair Isle designs, use simple stitches and this pattern for a simple nordic design.

Crochet Half Heart Mittens
Crochet Half Heart Mittens by Niki's Homemade Crafts

One last perfect pair of mittens to share. I love that it features one half of the heart on each hand. What a lovely little finishing touch.


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collage of crochet mittenscollage of crochet mittens

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