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55+ Crochet Sweater Patterns

Grab your crochet hooks because we have a bunch of awesome crochet sweater patterns for you to make all fall and winter long.  Give them for gifts or make them for yourself, either way you will be so warm and stylish.


Cool temperatures bring sweater weather! We are excited to grab our yarn and make some new sweaters for the cooler months. We have a variety of free crochet sweater patterns, plus a few to buy as well.

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collage of crocheted sweaters
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There are quite a variety of free crochet sweater patterns. If you are just starting out with crocheting sweaters, try some of these gorgeous free patterns.

Chunky Raglan sweater
Chunky Raglan Sweater by Ned & Mimi

Start off with a basic sweater like this raglan one. It has simple construction and will become a closet staple.

beginner crochet sweater
Beginner Crochet Sweater by Hopelessly Devoted Crochet 

If you want an easy crochet sweater that looks harder, this is the perfect pattern to try. It gives a variation in stitches to create a unique look.

ribbed oversized sweater
Ribbed Oversized Sweater by For the Frills

Do you love a ribbed look? Get the look with this slightly oversized sweater pattern. 

wrapped sweater
Wrapped Sweater by By Katerina

Go for the wrapped look by crocheting a wrapped v-neck sweater that has an oversized look that is very flattering. The fitted bottom band really will show off the waist.

marley sweater
Marley Sweater by Burgundy and Blush

This sweater is all about those oversized sleeves. They add a lot of character to an otherwise fairly simple sweater.
high line button shoulder sweater in a solid color
High Line Button Shoulder Sweater by 1 Dog Woof

If you are looking for a sweater with a unique detail, this is the one! The button shoulder is so cool. It has a special asymmetrical look to it.

cream colored crochet sweater
Sawgrass Sweater by Stitch and Hound

This sweater pattern is perfect for fall. It is warm, but not too heavy with this specific stitch and the 3/4 length sleeves.

multicolor crochet sweater
Sunset Sweater by By Katerina

The sleeves on this pattern are showstoppers! They give it such character with the volume.

free crochet sweater pattern
Stony Shore Pullover by Evelyn and Petter Crochet

Pull on this sweater for a cute look that is still comfy cozy. The intentionally slouchy look is what makes it so comfy.

pullover yoke sweater
Pullover Yoke Sweater by Make and Do Crew

Take a simple stitch and construction to look like it took more effort by doing stripes! In fact this sweater only uses one stitch to create the sweater body.

tulip square sweater
Tulip Square Sweater by Wil Made

If you are looking for a more advanced crochet sweater pattern this tulip square sweater pattern is one you will want to try. Plus, the end result is stunning and so unique.

pebble creek pullover pattern
Pebble Creek Pullover Pattern by Evelyn and Peter Crochet

This pattern takes stripes to a different level. Use the same yarn for a monochromatic look with different textures, or try a two-toned look.

sand dune sweater
Sand Dune Sweater by For the Frills

This sweater pattern is a perfect piece to crochet to transition from later summer to fall.  Change up the look of this one by wearing differnt shirts underneath.

grey sweater weather cardigan
Sweater Weather Cardi by TL Yarn Crafts

This pattern is so perfectly named. A sweater weather cardigan indeed. The length and pockets are so on point.

crochet eriu sweater pattern
Crochet Eriu Sweater by Crochet with Carrie

This one is just adorable! Loving the v-neck and the buttons. I can see this looking great in a variety of colors.

crochet grannie pocket cardigan
Crochet Grannie Pocket Cardigan by Crochet with Carrie

If you are very new to the crochet world, give this pattern a try. Wear your creation. And it has pockets! 

laurentian cardigan
Laurentian Cardi by Lulo Stitch Co.

Or if you prefer no pockets, this pattern gives a similar look, without the pockets. But still has the style. Try this free crochet cardigan pattern today.

rectangle cardigan
Rectangle Cardigan by Make and Do Crew

Here is another simple cardigan crochet pattern. It is a perfect beginner crochet sweater pattern.
oversized crochet cardigan
Oversized Cardi by Cactus and Lace Designs

Or if you are looking for an oversized cardigan that requires minimal seaming, you need to try out this pattern. 

crochet hood cardigan
Crochet Hood Cardigan by Crochet with Carrie

Who doesn't love a good hood sometimes? Add that unique and helpful touch to your next crochet sweater project with this pattern.

hexagon crochet cardigan
Hexagon Crochet Cardigan by Make and Do Crew

Want a sweater that will keep you warm, but not too warm? The variation of stitches on this sweater pattern adds nice venting.

crochet cable cardigan
Crochet Cable Cardi by Crochet with Carrie

Now if you really want to go for it with a gorgeous pattern, crochet some cables into this cardigan. Carrie created this one with extra cables and we love it.


There are so many great free crochet patterns. Be sure to check out these cozy sweater patterns too.

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Now if you are looking for a unique crochet pattern for a sweater, check out these patterns you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating and writing crochet sweater patterns. So let's support these talented small business owners!

weekend waffle pattern - crochet sweater
Weekend Waffle Pattern by Wool Bird X

Crochet a waffle pattern when you snag this pattern. The texture looks lovely for winter.

Maelle Sweater Pattern
Maelle Pattern by Les Terribles

Go for a really unique look with this wavy striped sweater. This easy to follow pattern will have you whipping up sweaters in no time.

crochet hoodie
Crochet Hoodie by Hooked by Brianna

We had a hooded cardigan pattern earlier in the post, and now if you are looking for a more traditional hoodie sweater, this pattern is perfect. It comes complete with the signature hoodie front pocket.

sensum cabled sweater
Sensum Cabled Sweater by Linda Skuja Design

This pattern is a bit challenging and is perfect for a more experienced crocheter. Although it is a more difficult pattern, the pattern is easy to read and follow.

slouchy sweater pattern
Slouchy Sweater by The Snugglery Patterns

This pattern features a v-neck with a slouchy look. This pattern will help you make a super cozy sweater.

fall cardigan sweater patterns
Fall Cardigan Sweater Patterns by Autumn Olive Crochet

This pattern actually comes with a variety of patterns in one, and they are Halloween themed. How cute and fun for fall!

daisy sweater pattern
Daisy Sweater Pattern by Bai Retro

This one might be my favorite. Those adorable daisy squares all stitched together into a sweater make for one cute top. 

rosebud raglan sweater pattern
Rosebud Raglan by Knits 'n Knots WPG

This rosebud raglan pattern will produce a sweater that can be worn on it's own. The tight stitches create an opaque finished product.

Diamonds and Baubles crochet sweater pattern
Diamonds and Baubles Crochet Pattern by Lulu Loves

The patterns on this sweater is a match made in heaven. Crochet some diamonds and baubles for a lovely sweater design.

Cozy Stripe crochet sweater pattern
Cozy Stripe Sweater by For the Frills

Stripes are another favorite of mine. They look so classy in this tunic length sweater pattern.
naomi cardigan pattern
Naomi Cardigan by The Easy Design

Give your sleeves some love with this cardigan crochet pattern. Even with the bauble design on the sleeves, this beginner pattern would be a great place to start if you want to make your first wearable piece.
long sleeve chunky cardigan pattern
Long Sleeve Chunky Cardigan by Etty 2504

Or take the baubles to a different portion of the sleeves with this chunky cardigan. Another easy to make cardigan.
dream coat pattern
Dream Coat Pattern by Crochetverse

This rainbow dream coat is on my list to crochet. There are so many sweet details like the buttons, hood, and different panels.

starry night sweater pattern
Starry Night Sweater Pattern by Crafts by Gelato

Okay, this one might be on my list too. Take the iconic Starry Night painting and make it into a sweater with this lovely pattern. 

chunky cardigan with pockets
Chunky Cardigan with Pockets by Make and Do Crew

Intermediate crocheters should take a look at this pattern. Once you master the basic repeating pattern, you will speed through this pattern.

Chrislyn Cardigan pattern
Chrislyn Cardigan by Ruby Webbs

Use a chunkier yarn to bring this simple cardigan to life. The thicker yarn helps create a cozy and warm sweater.

oversized crochet sweater pattern
Oversized Crochet Pattern by Cozy Creative Crafts

A beautiful take on an oversized sweater with gorgeous sleeves, and a deep v-neck.  This sweater is a little more on the dressy side while still be comfy.

Traveler Fair Isle Crochet Pattern
Traveler Fair Isle Crochet Pattern by Briana K Designs

Crochet a beautiful fair isle design with this show stopping pattern. If you take on this project, it will definitely be a masterpiece.


There are way too many beautiful sweater patterns we want to try now. Check out these other ones too!


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collage of crocheted sweaterscollage of crochet sweaters

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