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45+ Crochet Top Patterns (The BEST Ideas for Summer)

Kick off your summer season with the perfect top using one of these awesome crochet top patterns.

There are so many options that you can have a closet full of new shirts that you made yourself.


From crop tops, to tank tops, to crochet shirts, and even sweaters, there are so many ways to crochet a top with these patterns and tutorials to try.

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collage of free crochet top patterns
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If you are looking for a free pattern to try, here is where you want to look.

I'm sharing a variety of free patterns to crochet shirts.

crochet tank tops
Crochet Summer Vibes Top by Carrie Crochets

Make tank tops in every color with this free crochet pattern. I love the ribbed bottom portion for a variation in design.

crochet tank top
Square Neck Crop Top by For the Frills

This summer crochet top is a fun project that will result in a lovely square neck and a shorter length. Perfect to wear with high waisted pants.

easy crochet crop top
Easy Crochet Crop Top by Lee Lee Knits

Show off your crochet skills in warmer weather with this top that features a scalloped edge around the neck and the sleeves.

honeycomb mesh crop top
Honeycomb Mesh Crop Top by Stardust Gold Crochet

Add a bit of color to a hot summer day by layering a mesh crochet top over a tank top. This layered look is a fun summer staple.

long sleeved summer crop top
Long Sleeve Summer Crop Top by Make and Do Crew

The long sleeves are the star of this top. They have a gorgeous bell or flair styled sleeve.

forest breeze crochet tee
Forest Breeze Tee by For the Frills

There are so many easy crochet tops, but this one is great for a tee shirt type crocheted top.

scalloped vneck tank
Scalloped V-Neck Tank by For the Frills

The details on this crochet tank top are so fun. Add a scalloped neckline and then tie straps.

crocheted top with bobbles
Shirt with Bobbles by Joy of Motion Crochet

Bobbles are a great way to add texture to a shirt. Crochet them throughout the front of the shirt.

avia summer top project
Avia Summer Top by Hooked on Patterns

This pattern is the perfect weight and style for a summer shirt that you could wear through all the seasons. Layer on long sleeves underneath in the winter.

granny stitch crochet top
Granny Squared Crochet Top by 1 Dog Woof

The simple granny square style is perfect for a shirt front. This one adds a a fun touch with a different waffle style stitching at the top.

granny square stitch crochet top
Granny Square Stitch Top by A Crocheted Simplicity

Utilize basic crochet stitches to make a gorgeous top with stripes. Pairs great with jean shorts.

honeycomb mesh crochet shirt
Honeycomb Mesh Crochet Shirt Pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity

The honeycomb mesh style is a great way to get a unique crochet top. Use these easy crochet top patterns to create your own shirts.

summer crochet top
Summer Crochet Top by BHooked

Make a top more interesting by using color blocking and different stitching styles as shown here. Pick contrasting colors to make a bold statment!

spring sleeveless crochet top
Spring Sleeveless Top by BHooked

Here is another way to block different stitches to create a varied look. This one is sleeveless, but I think you could easily add sleeves if you need a little more warmth.

harlee top crochet project
Harlee Top by Meghan Makes Do

Another cute crocheted tee. I love the stripes on this one. Use a varied colored yarn for even more visual interest.

easy crochet top pattern
Easy Crochet Top Pattern by Make and Do Crew

Make and Do Crew shares a lot of the best patterns. This one is no exception. Enjoy this free pattern.

boho poncho style summer top
Boho Poncho Style Summer Top by Make and Do Crew

Embrace the boho style with this easy crochet pattern.  I love the v-neck and oversized style.

Raglan Crochet Top Blouse
Raglan Crochet Top Blouse by Make and Do Crew

Wear a cute little tank under this blouse. It features a diamond in the center and an inverted triangle that mimics a v-neck.

Top Down Sweater by Colourful Crochet
Top Down Sweater by Colourful Crochet for Make and Do Crew

And if you need a crochet top that is a little warmer, use this colorful sweater pattern. Plus, we have a bunch of other crochet sweaters featured here.


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In this section I am featuring crochet top patterns that you can purchase.

A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

There's a large variety of patterns for tops that are perfect to wear in the summer months.

Jasmine Top
Jasmine Top by Off the Hook Apparel UK

This one is so appropriately named, Jasmine. It totally reminds me of Princess Jasmine. Especially done in this color.
Clara Tank Top Pattern
Clara Tank Top Pattern by The Easy Design

This is a must make tank. It has such pretty details with the mesh stripes. Make it in white and it will go with many other pieces in your closet.

Crochet Summer T-Shirt Pattern
Crochet Summer T-Shirt Pattern by For the Frills

Live in this top all summer long. The sleeves have a gorgeous cuff design, and oversized fit that you can wear tucked or untucked.

Harper Tee
Harper Tee by Cactus and Lace Designs

Blend two colors together with color blocking and stripes. This one would look so good in black and white or as is in the blue.

Twist Tie Open Back
Twist Tie Open Back by Shop Daisy and Dime

This one looks like a pretty top in the front, but wait until you see the back. It has a pretty twist and tie open back design.

Cornflower Crochet Top
Cornflower Crochet Top by Peachy T Crafts

Add details to a loose fit with this top. Wear pretty flowers all over the sleeves and body of the shirt.

Monet Mesh Top
Monet Mesh Top by Black Ivy Creations CA

There are so many ways to crochet yarn for a new look. I love the mesh style on this one which is a little different because it has some ruffle sleeves.

Amanda Top
Amanda Top by The Easy Design

Grab your crochet hook and stitch up a sweet v-neck top. The vertical stripes will give a slimming elongated effect.

Boho Lace Top
Boho Lace Top by Yippie Yarn Yay Crochet

Details really can make so many different crochet blouses. This one looks like a delicate lace pattern.

Rose Crochet Top
Rose Crochet Top by The Easy Design

Pretty in pink, with a simple design. This one features a higher front and longer back.

Lucia Crochet Top Pattern
Lucia Crochet Top Pattern by The Easy Design

Boho crochet top with a loose fit and poncho style. Wear it over your favorite tank tops or shirts.

Rainbow Crop Top
Rainbow Crop Top by Doa Crochet

Grab all the bright colors for a crop top. It would look great with white or black underneath.

The Autumn Sweater
The Autumn Sweater by Naturally Nora Crochet

This sweater might be a fun project for advanced crocheters. I love the ribbed cuffs and puff sleeves.

Dragonfly Sweater
Dragonfly Sweater by Mars Makes UK

Use the negative space in your crocheting to make adorable little dragon flies. Love the use of a bright yarn color too.

Daisy Jones Top
Daisy Jones Top by Hooked By GRush

This top is perfect for going out. The details and ties make this one extra special. Throw it over a tank and head out.
Summer Pullover Sweater
Summer Pullover Sweater by Vintage Pattern Faves

Summertime needs sweaters too. Lighter flowy ones are perfect to wear to the beach or around on summer nights when it cools off slightly.

Wavy Crochet Sweater
Wavy Crochet Sweater by Bai Retro

The mid-century modern vibe of the colors and waves is a lovely retro style. Use this pattern to make your own.

Stella Tee Crochet Pattern
Stella Tee Crochet Pattern by Lara Mi Loops

Bring on the puff sleeves! I love the volume they add to the top. Plus, the ribbing around the bottom of the top and sleeves looks so great.

Modern Short Sleeve Shirt
Modern Short Sleeve Shirt by TCDDIY

This one looks so classy and chic. It would be a lovely project to make for a work top.

Box Top Short Sleeve Pattern
Box Top Short Sleeve Pattern by Woods and Wool Shop

One last box style top. The pattern features sleeves and lovely stripes crocheted into the top.


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collage of crochet top patternscollage of crochet top patterns

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