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35+ Mandala Crochet Patterns (The BEST Beautiful Ideas)

Enjoy a bunch of mandala crochet patterns featuring the gorgeous circular mandala design.

We have a variety of patterns from easy to intermediate crocheters all the way up to advanced.


Find the perfect project for a wall hanging or make a mandala placemat crochet pattern.

There are so many gorgeous ways to add detail and design to a circular pattern.

If you love mandalas, I bet you love doilies too. Check out this article with over 40 crochet doilies.

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collage of crochet mandalas
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First off I'm sharing some awesome free crochet patterns for mandalas. Take a look and see if any catch your eye.

Summer Mandala
Summer Mandala by Annie Design Crochet

The first free pattern features a gorgeous summer rainbow mandala. It reminds me of the vibrant hues of summer flowers.

Triptych Mandalas
Triptych Mandalas by It's All In A Nutshell

There are so many beautiful color combinations like this one. I love the greens paired with the red and pink. It gives it a bit of an earthy floral look.

Trinity Mandala Pattern
Trinity Mandala Pattern by It's All In A Nutshell

You can make mandalas in a bunch of different sizes. I love that you can make different sizes in similar color patterns, yet different as shown here with this design.

Bubbling Brook Mandala
Bubbling Brook Mandala by It's All In a Nutshell

This is a fun and simple crochet project. Use it to place under a pretty plant, or as a placemat.

Blooming Dreams mandala
Blooming Dreams by It's In A Nutshell

With the circular designshape, it is so easy to use your crochet hook to make a flower. Start with the center, add the petals and then keep going from there!

Rainbow Star Mandala
Rainbow Star Mandala by Crafty CC

Not all mandalas are circular in shape around the edges.

You can start with circles and end up with a gorgeous star like this rainbow design.

I love the use of color. It would make such a fun table decoration.


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In this section, I am featuring crochet mandala patterns that you can purchase.

A lot of work goes into creating crochet patterns.

So let's support those talented small business owners and check out these beautiful mandala crochet patterns.           
Patriotic Mandala
Patriotic Mandala by Doily Designs

This one is fun to decorate with a cute crochet mandala for Independence Day or Memorial Day.

Or if you just love red, white, and blue, this wall decor can be used any time of year.

Mandala Ephemera
Mandala Ephemera by Midnight Swan Crochet

This is such an intricate beautiful pattern. Full of details it would look so lovely hanging on a wall.

Escape Crochet Mandala
Escape Crochet Mandala by The Loopy Stitch Shop

There are just so many gorgeous lovely yarn shades in this one.

I love that the colors are pastel but still feature a rainbow color design.

Nurture Crocheted Mandala
Nurture Crocheted Mandala by The Loopy Stitch Shop

I am continually amazed by the creativity of pattern designers. This one features so many pretty different details. I love that edging.

African Flower Mandala
African Flower Mandala by Me and Crochet US

Add on lots of petals for added texture to a crocheted mandala. How pretty would this one be displayed on a coffee table in your home?

Lotus Flower mandala
Lotus Flower by Ombrelki

Make a bold and beautiful wall hanging. Vibrant color choices can help make a stunning piece of art. 

Crochet Mandala Blanket
Crochet Mandala Blanket by Aimee Lynn Designs

Advanced crocheters will love this pattern for a mandala blanket. It has so much variety in the design and texture of the stitches.

Mandala Wall Hanging Pattern
Mandala Wall Hanging Pattern by Kim Haakt

Another great mandala project to make. The negative space on this one shows the background through the back.

Boho Mandala Pattern
Boho Mandala Pattern by LK Creativeness

Add your own boho touch to your home decor with this pattern. I love the addition of wood beads crocheted into the design.

Ocean Breeze Mandala Pattern
Ocean Breeze Mandala Pattern by Sunshine NL

Use your crochet skills to create a piece that is reminiscent of the ocean. Use blues, and greens to mimic the colors of the water and a day at the beach. 

6 Pack Mandala Pattern Bundle
6 Pack Mandala Pattern Bundle by LK Creativeness

This gorgeous crochet mandala pattern also incorporates wood beads to add a special touch to your mandala projects.

It is so fun to see so many sizes, and options that could create a mandala gallery wall.

Mandala Flores
Mandala Flores By Desi Design Crochet

I love the ombre look of the mandala yarn crochet patterns like this one. Starts with bright pink fades to light pink, gray, and then to black edges. Stunning.

Wall Hanging Mandala Pattern
Wall Hanging Mandala Pattern by Kim Haakt

Here is a gorgeous mandala pattern with a simple design. It shows off a pretty shape utilizing negative space. It can be done in a simple neutral, or go bold with color.

Saraya mandala Pattern
Saraya Pattern by LK Creativeness

Look at this beautiful design. It's amazing how many different ways there are to make a flower in a mandala. This one includes a lacy style background toward the edges.

Happy Spring Mandala
Happy Spring Mandala by KAME Crochet Patterns

Using pastel colors like those shown in this pattern make for a lovely spring design. The perfect match!

Crochet Mandala Doily Pattern
Crochet Mandala Doily Pattern by Me and Crochet US

This is an easy pattern to replicate. Get creative with colors, or go for a solid color.

Overlay Sunny Mandala
Overlay Sunny Mandala by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

This is such a pretty pattern. I love the wavy sun beams coming out of the center. And these colors are perfect for a sun.

Big Mandala
Big Mandala by ATER Crochet

Crochet a classic design with this pdf pattern. It will make a big and beautiful mandala to display or gift.

Blue Mandala Flower
Blue Mandala Flower by Kim Haakt
Now for a beautiful statement piece! This one will shine on the walls of your home!
Lily Round mandala
Lily Round by Lenamasterica

This last one is just so fantastic. I just love all that texture, and hard work that would go into this one.  Practice your crochet stitches for this one or while working on this one.


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collage of crochet mandalascollage of crochet mandala patterns

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