Thursday, May 23, 2019

30+ Free Unique Crochet Patterns

I have a special treat for you today! I've found over 30 unique crochet patterns.

There's an amazingly random list of unusual crochet items: everything from clothing, to blankets, to animals, to bags, to pillows. 

30+ free unique crochet patterns

I've separated the patterns sections based on skill level, easy or intermediate. If you're a beginner crocheter, start by trying out an easy pattern first. If you're ready to learn some new different stitches, delve into the intermediate section. 

The best part? They're all free crochet patterns! That's right, all these fun crochet ideas include free patterns.


Crochet patterns use abbreviations for the stitches used. If you don't crochet everyday, you might not remember what they stand for. Or maybe you've never learned the stitch before. 

Below is a list of what the abbreviations stand for. You can find a more complete list at Craft Yarn Council. After each pattern, I'll include the stitches needed for that particular project.

If you're like me and like to crochet, but only know the basic stitches, it's always helpful to google the stitch. There's always a tutorial on how to do it. I LOVE that I can learn new things so easily! 

Looking for a fun gift for a crochet lover? Try this big list of over 50 gift ideas for crocheters.

more than 30 unique and free crochet patterns

What do these crochet abbreviations stand for? 

ch = chain mr = magic ring or magic circle sc = single crochet dc = double crochet hdc = half double crochet flo = front loop only blo = back loop only sl st = slip stich
rsc = reverse single crochet tr or tc = treble crochet or triple crochet dtr = double treble crochet sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together fpdc = front post double crochet bpdc = back post double crochet fphdc = front post half double crochet inc = increase dec = decrease fdc = foundation double crochet exhdc = extended half double crochet csdc = chainless starting double crochet tss = Tunisian simple stitch tps =  Tunisian purl stitch


Let's get started with my favorite easy crochet pattern. 

easy crochet hot pad
My SUPER easy crocheted hot pad

Stitches used: ch, sc
This is the perfect project for an absolute beginner at crochet. You only need to know how to chain and how to single crochet. Those are two of the most simple stitches there are. 
seed stitch dishcloth
Seed Stitch Dish Cloth by Supermom No Cape

Stitches used: ch, sc, dc, hdc

Crochet dishcloths are handy to have and also a great gift idea. Everyone loves to receive a handmade item. 

mesh triangle shawl
Mesh Triangle Shawl by Christacodesign
Stitches used: ch, dc

Isn't this scarf lovely? Stitch it up using different colors for a whole different look.

crochet gift bows
Crochet Gift Bow by Julie Measures
Stitches used: ch, sc

This is a good idea! Crochet a bow! It's an easy crochet pattern and will add a special touch to your gift.

crochet cell phone bag
Crochet Cell Phone Bag by 5 Minutes for Mom
Stitches used: ch, sc, dc

This is the great way to use up those yarn scraps. It uses just a few basic crochet stitches, so it's great for beginners.

heart coasters crochet
Heart Coasters by Hooked on Patterns
Stitches used: ch, sc, sc2tog

Isn't this is one of the most adorable crochet patterns? Try a Valentine's theme, use pinks, reds and white yarn.

crochet pumpkin
Crochet Pumpkin by Julie Measures
Stitches used: mr, sc, hdc, dc

This is the perfect project for fall! I love the neutral look the grey yarn brings.

mini crochet hearts
Mini Crochet Hearts by Thoresby Cottage
Stitches used: mr, sc, sl st, sc2tog

These mini hearts are so cute! They would make a great cupcake topper or garland. 
crochet blanket
Crochet Blanket by Nana's Crafty Home
Stitches used: ch, sc, puff stitch

Have a baby shower coming up? Stitch up a baby blanket for the newborn. Switch out the color scheme with blues for a boy. Or yellows and greens for a gender neutral blanket.

barbie hat
Barbie Hat Pattern by My Turn for Us
Stitches used: ch, sc

Make these easy crochet hats for dolls. A great project for leftover yarn pieces.

small crochet basket
Small Crochet Basket by Craftify My Love
Stitches used: sl st, mr, sc, hdc, rsc

Dress up your potted plants with a crochet basket. 

easy crochet blanket
Easy Crochet Blanket
Stitches used: ch, hdc

Blankest are sometimes overwhelming because they are so big. By using thick chunky yarn and a simple pattern like this one anyone can tackle this project.

crochet pillows
Crochet Pillows by Knot 2 Sassy
Stitches used: sc, tss

These are fun decorative pillows that uses a unique crochet stitch called the Tunisian simple stitch.

crochet drawstring bag
Beaded Mini Crochet Bags by Loopingly Made
Stitches used: sc, tc, dc

Adding embellishments like beads to your projects give it that wow factor.

yarn embellished pumpkins
Yarn Embellished Pumpkins

Stitches used: ch

This easy project uses just a simple chain. Such a fun way to dress up a dollar store pumpkin.

large crochet basket
Lined Crochet Basket by Moogly
Stitches used: mr, sc

You can never have too many baskets. Am I right? A handmade basket brings a touch of warmth and coziness to your decor. It's also a great gift idea!

crochet gnome
Crochet Gnome by Amber Simmons
Stitches used: ch, sc

If you're a gnome lover, you gotta make this color block gnome. So fun!

crochet kitties
Crochet Kitties by Thoresby Cottage
Stitches used: mr, sc, sc2tog, dc

Look at these sweet little kittens! Check out this free amigurumi pattern.


These patterns require a little bit more skill because they utilize more complicated crochet stitches. They are not too difficult, just more advanced than a beginner level project. 

Challenge yourself to learn some new stitches with these intermediate crochet projects.

crochet pullover
Crochet pullover by Joy of Motion Crochet

Stitches used: ch, dc, blo, dc2tog, sc, sl st

This crochet sweater is gorgeous! 

crochet cupcake pincusion
Crochet Cupcake Pin Cushion by Hooked on Patterns
Stitches used: mr, ch, sl st, sc, inc, hdc, fphdc

Whip up this little charming little cupcake pin cushion. 

fire and ice shawl
Fire and Ice Shawl by Underground Crafter
Stitches used: ch, dc, dc2tog, hdc, sc

Make a lacy scarf with this free crochet pattern. 

scalloped edged crochet hot pad
Scalloped Edged Crochet Hot Pad
Stitches used: ch, sc, dc, tc

This double thick crochet hot pad is so pretty in a variegated yarn. Add the little scalloped edge for extra cuteness.
crochet trivet pattern
Crochet Trivet Pattern by Try It, Like It, Create It
Stitches used: ch, sc, dc, sl st

Get fancy with this star shaped woven trivet pattern.

barbie tutu
Barbie Tutu Pattern by My Turn for Us
Stitches used: ch, sc, dc, dc2tog, tc

Another fun pattern to dress up your Barbie dolls.

crochet shawl pattern
Crochet Shawl Pattern by Stitch in Progress

Stitches used: Flame stitch - this is a unique and beautiful stitch that is a combination of sc, dc2tog and tc

Ooohhh! I love this lacy pattern! It makes a lovely shawl!

crochet baby flip flops
Baby Flip Flops by Craftify My Love
Stitches used: ch, sc, hdc, dc

How cute is this! Crochet flip flops for baby.

cardigan crochet pattern
Cardigan by Moogly
Stitches used: fdc, flo and blo, exhdc, csdc, sthdc, sc

This looks like a cozy cardigan for those cold winter months. 

crochet bear
Crochet Teddy Bear Applique Pattern by Kerri's Crochet
Stitches used: sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr, dtr

Here's a fun little crochet bear you can applique to any project you want. 

crochet dress
Crochet Dress by Yarn Hook Needles
Stitches used: ch, tss, tps

This pretty dress uses a few unique crochet stitches. 

crochet cardigan
Short Sleeved Crochet Cardigan by Hooked Hazel
Stitches used: sl st, sc, hdc, tc

I absolutely love the lacy edge on this cardigan. 

baby elephant crochet
Baby Elephant Crochet Applique by Kerri's Crochet
Stitches used: sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr

Here's some more adorable crochet applique. This time it's cute little elephants.

pretty crochet top
Pretty Crochet Top by Loopingly Made
Stitches used: sc, dc, hdc

This lovely top uses just three crochet stitches, but I love the texture it brings to the shirt.

crochet ruffle edged wrap
Ruffle Edged Wrap by Christacodesign
Stitches used: ch, sc, dc, fpdc, dpdc, crossed dc

This wrap blends strips with ruffles, a great combination.

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  1. Hey saw you on Creatively Crafty! What a great collection. Love that you include the stitches we need to know to crochet the patterns. Keep on hooking!

  2. Wow, what a great collection of crochet ideas! Thank you for sharing it with us at the Talk Of The Town party. Pinned to my knit|crochet board.