Tuesday, April 30, 2019

15+ Free Flower Crochet Patterns

Spring is here! Did you know that you can crochet flowers? Well today, I've gathered up LOTS of free crochet flower patterns. These little flowers will be perfect to embellish your latest craft project, or just to add a spring vibe to your home. 

I've separated the patterns into easy or intermediate. If you're a beginner, start by trying out an easy pattern first. If you're comfortable with crochet, then you can whip up any of these darling flower projects. 

I also have several easy crochet projects you may be interested in: Super easy crochet hot pad, scalloped edge hotpad, and easy crochet blanket.

15+ free flower crochet patterns

15+ Free Crochet Flower Patterns

Before we get started, let's talk about crochet abbreviations. When you read a crochet pattern, often it will have abbreviations for the stitches. If you don't crochet everyday, it's easy to forget what they all stand for. 

After each pattern, I'll include the stitches needed for the project. Below are what the abbreviations mean. You can find a more complete list at Craft Yarn Council.

What do these crochet abbreviations stand for? 

ch = chain
mr = magic ring or magic circle
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
flo = front loop only
blo = back loop only
sl st = slip stich
tr or tc = treble crochet or triple crochet
sc2tog = single crochet 2 stitches together
inc = increase
dec = decrease

Easy Crochet Flowers

Let's get started with the easy flowers. Check below each flower for the list of stitches used. Try one that you know all the stitches, or try to expand your skills and choose one with a stitch you may not have tried. (Google is always a friend when trying to learn new stitches!)

rainbow flower scrubby
Rainbow Flower Scrubby by Moogly
Stitches used: mr, bobble, sc, flo

flower coaster pattern

Flower Coaster Pattern by One Dog Woof

Stitches used: ch, sc, sl st

roses and forget-me-nots
Roses and Forget-me-nots by Underground Crafter

Stitches used: sc, dc, sl st

crochet pretty flower

Crochet Pretty Flower by Crochet 'n' Create

Stitches used: hdc, dc

adorable crocheted flowers
Adorable crocheted flowers by Thoresby Cottage

Stitches used: mr, sc, dc, ch, sl st, tr

flower pattern for a granny square

Flower pattern for a granny square by Kerri's Crochet

Stitches used: sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr

five petal crochet flower

Five Petal Crochet Flower by One Dog Woof

Stitches used: ch, sc, sl st, hdc, dc

cute little flower

Cute little flower by Pattern Princess

Stitches used: mr, sc

easy flowers for a wreath

Easy Flowers for a Wreath by Sustain my Craft Habit

Stitches used: sc, tc

crochet flower pattern

Crochet flower pattern for a headband by Loopingly Made

Stitches used: ch, sc, hdc

crochet flower accessory

Crochet flower accessory by Julia Measures

Stitches used: sc, dc, tc

Intermediate Crochet Flowers

poppy flower pattern

Poppy Flower Pattern by Thoresby Cottage

Stitches used: mr, sc, blo sc, slst, hdc, dc, sc2tog, ch 

carnation flower pattern

Carnations Flower Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Stitches used: ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc

six petal flower

Six Petal Flower by Crochet 'n' Create

Stitches used: sc, hdc, dc

easter lily

Easter Lily by Moogly

Stitches used: ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc, blo

rosebud crochet applique

Rosebud Crochet applique - Kerri's Crochet

Stitches used: sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr

bloom headband

Bloom Headband by Banana Moon Studio

Stitches used: adjustable ring, sc, sl st, dc, hdc

spring daffodils flower pattern

Spring Daffodils Flower Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Stitches used: mr, sc, inc, dec, hdc

I hope you found this inspiring and will try one of these patterns. 

15+ Flower Crochet Patterns15+ Free Flower Crochet Patterns



  1. All these cute flowers make me want to dig out my crochet hooks!

  2. So many pretty crochet flowers in here! Thank you, Rachel for sharing them with us at the Talk Of The Town party. Pinned 😀