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50+ Crochet Flower Patterns (The BEST Beautiful Designs!)

If you love quick projects, check out these crochet flower patterns.

We have a variety of patterns in this collection from easy to advanced.

A little something floral to crochet for everyone.


No matter your skill level you will find a gorgeous flower to crochet here.

Make a bunch in different colors to make a garden or bouquet of beautiful crocheted flowers.

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You will love these free crochet flower patterns. Let's get started with the easy flowers.

If you are new to crocheting, try one that you know all the stitches, or try to expand your skills and choose one with a stitch you may not have tried (Google is always a friend when trying to learn new stitches!).

rainbow flower scrubby
Rainbow Flower Scrubby by Moogly

This flower is not only pretty, but it is useful too! It works as a dish scrubby to help you clean up after dinner. 

flower coaster pattern
Flower Coaster Pattern by One Dog Woof

Another free crochet pattern for a flower that is useful. Use these coaster flowers to protect your hard surfaces when enjoying a drink.

roses and forget-me-nots
Roses and Forget-me-nots by Underground Crafter

Roses and forget me nots are a lovely pair. Make them into a lovely afghan or pillow with this pattern.

crochet pretty flower
Crochet Pretty Flower by Crochet 'n' Create

This free pattern will make a delicate little flower. I love how it is shown featuring two different yarn colors. Make a set using your favorite colors.

adorable crocheted flowers
Adorable crocheted flowers by Thoresby Cottage

The fun thing about crochet flowers is that they can be made in so many different ways. this one adds a bit of a three dimensional look.

flower pattern for a granny square
Flower pattern for a granny square by Kerri's Crochet

Make a flower for a granny square complete with leaves. The leaves really do add a nice finishing touch to this flower.

five petal crochet flower
Five Petal Crochet Flower by One Dog Woof

Need a quick project to keep your hands busy??? You will love this small crochet flower pattern that features a simple five petal design.

cute little flower
Cute little flower by Pattern Princess

If simple flowers are your jam or if you are just starting out. How about this variation on a crochet flower with petals?

crochet flower accessory
Crochet flower accessory by Julia Measures

Use this easy crochet pattern to make a fun embroidery hoop art. Mixing the different mediums makes for a pretty work of art.

poppy flower pattern
Poppy Flower Pattern by Thoresby Cottage

Poppies are so pretty. They are stunning with the black and red. Make some with another one of our favorite small flower patterns.

carnation flower pattern
Carnations Flower Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Need another easy crochet flower pattern that looks different? Carnations are gorgeous, and this pattern will help you mimic the look.

six petal flower
Six Petal Flower by Crochet 'n' Create

Add more petals with this pattern that has six petals instead of only five. This simple crochet flower is actually quite stunning when you finish it up.

easter lily
Easter Lily by Moogly

Easter lilies are so pretty. Crochet some classic flowers for Easter décor with this pattern.

rosebud crochet applique
Rosebud Crochet applique by Kerri's Crochet

This rosebud style crochet pattern includes leaves and a stem. Make a mini bouquet of these beautiful crochet flowers.

bloom headband
Bloom Headband by Banana Moon Studio

Why not crochet some blooms and make an adorable headband. Great for all ages and to display your crocheting.

spring daffodils flower pattern
Spring Daffodils Flower Pattern by Hooked on Patterns

If you want to display flowers without worrying if they will die, make a few pretty daffodils. Instant brightness without having to water plants.

Simplest Crochet Flowers by Moms and Crafters

Use any color with a yellow center for these easy crochet flowers. This patterns has lots of petals for a different look.

Spring Mulberry Flower Pattern by Sustain My Craft Habit

Here is a pattern and another way to display the blossoms you whip up. A wreath for spring would be perfect, but crochet different colors of flowers to match different seasons.

Crochet Flower Garland by Skip to My Lou

Here's a creative crochet idea. Display the flowers on a garland all crocheted together. Great for spring or summer decor.

Crochet Roses by Skip to My Lou

Roses can be done in a variety of ways. This patterns provides a lot of volume to the flower.

How to Crochet Pretty Flowers by Skip to My Lou

I love adding more dimension by adding layers of petals around the center. It gives a more lifelike look to crochet flowers.


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In this section I am featuring crochet flower patterns that you can purchase.

A lot of work goes into creating crocheting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

Crochet Flower Bouquet
Crochet Flower Bouquet by PHoa Crochet

Take  your crochet to the next level with petal flowers in a flower bouquets. Mix and match your favorites for a lovely look.

Rose pattern
Rose Pattern by Lily's Lyric

We've seen a couple of other ways to make roses, but here is another one. So many ways to use your crochet hook to create roses.

rose and daisy bouquet
Rose and Daisy Bouquet by I Draw Your Smile

Mix roses with dainty daisies to gift a bouquet to your friends or loved ones. I love doing the roses in different colors for more variety.

basket of flowers
Basket of Flowers by A Pinch of Cotton

Display beautiful flowers in a crocheted basket. This one is so pretty and features such gorgeous colors that would make a perfect centerpiece.

crochet lavender
Crochet Lavender by Havi Knit Toys

How about some detailed crochet flower ideas. Lavender makes for an intricate flower to crochet.

tulip pot pattern
Tulip Pot Pattern by Lily's Lyric

If tulips are your favorite flower, you can crochet them too. And I love that they come with a pattern for the little pot.

bell flowers
Bell Flowers by PHoa Crochet

There are so many amazing flowers. And we've found patterns for quite a few of them. Bell flowers are small little guys that turn out fantastic.

crochet sunflowers
Crochet Sunflowers by PHoa Crochet

If large flowers are more your style. Sunflowers are a classic flower that would be fun to crochet.

mini flower collection
Mini Flower Collection by Happy Patty Crochet HPC

Take on this project for creating little crochet flowers in a bunch of different styles. Think of all the options and color combinations.

lace crochet flower
Lace Crochet Flower by Crochet Pattern Oksi

Give your yarn a lacy delicate look with a pattern for these cute flowers. I also love the two toned color of the petals.

tulips crochet pattern
Tulips Crochet Pattern by Lingzhi Handmade

This is a lovely crochet flower pattern for a different take on tulips. These would look great in a vase.

gerber daisies pattern
Gerber Daisies Pattern by PHoa Crochet

Similar to sunflowers, gerber daisies are a larger flower that feature a lot of texture. Lots of fun to experiment with crocheting.

calla lilies flower patterns
Calla Lilies Flowers Patterns by PHoa Crochet

Calla lilies are another beautiful spring flower to try to crochet. The wavy petal and leaves make this a quicker project.

bouquet of wild flowers
Bouquet of Wild Flowers by Lynchette

This pattern features three different types of wild flowers to crochet. Displaying them in this way makes them look like freshly picked wildflowers.

ping pong flowers
Ping Pong Flowers by Lingzhi Handmade

This is a fun pattern that I can't wait to try. These are so cute because they look like little popcorn ball flowers.

crochet hanging garden flowers
Crochet Hanging Garden Pattern by Willow Valley Works

Now this is a huge and amazing crochet project that could be displayed. It might take a bit to create but it will be worth it to create this piece of art.

daisy pattern
Daisy Pattern by PHoa Crochet

Daisies are a small flower, but so recognizable and fun to recreate. I like this purple variation idea too.

poppy pattern
Poppy Pattern by PHoa Crochet

And one last poppy pattern. This one is a little different from the free version. And it is fun to see the playing with different colors.


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collage of crochet flowers



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