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50+ Gifts for Crocheters (BEST Ideas for 2023)

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for a crochet lover? You've come to the right place, we've got a lot of gifts for crocheters. 

You will find over 50 gift ideas for your favorite crocheter. You will find supplies, projects, tools, and more items that they will actually want!

Before we get started, let's clarify something.

Crochet and knitting are two different yarn crafts.

Knitting requires two long needles, while crocheting uses a hook. Knitting forms loops on a needle and moves the stitches from one needle to another.

Crochet uses a hook to hook loops directly together on the piece. Crochet is generally easier to work than knitting.

Both overlap in the use of yarn, and can produce similar projects. Be sure that you are shopping for a crocheter and not a knitter.

This is the ultimate gift guide where you will find the a list of the best gifts specifically people who crochet.


There are so many unique gifts to share with you. So if you have a crochet friend grab a few of these items for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or even Mother's Day.

Of course you can always get yarn for your special crocheter. But chances are they've got tons of that already. Think beyond yarn with these perfect gift ideas.

Have other crafty friends? Check out these gift guides as well! Pin these awesome gifts for your reference in the future.

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You are sure to find one of the best gifts for your favorite crocheter.  Take a look at these variety of supplies to help with crocheting.

Bags for Crocheting

Bags allow you to take your crochet projects on the go!  

ultimate crochet bag
Ultimate Crochet Bag by Soolla For Artists

One of the most amazing gift ideas for a crocheter is a crochet bag, and this one is awesome. It has so much room for yarn, projects, and hook holders on the outside. 

hipster crochet bag
Hipster Crochet Bag by The Makers Stash

Or for a smaller project bag, tote this hipster style bag is roomy without being too large. And comes in a variety of colors.

personalized crochet bag
Personalized Crochet Bag by Hometown Supply Co.

Or for a more personalized crochet tote bag, this one is super cute. Add a name or nickname to the front so they will know it is theirs.
crochet accessory pouch
Crochet Accessory Pouch by Sunflower Yarn Co.

If your crocheting friend uses crochet as therapy, this accessory pouch is great for holding counting markers, hooks, tags, and more.

crochet hook storage roll case
Crochet Hook Storage Roll Case by Tea Cake Make

If you know someone with a love of crochet, they will love this storage case that rolls closed and holds all your hooks safely. Easy to slip in and out of a project bag too.

Yarn Bowls, Rings, and Other Organizers

peacock yarn tension ring
Peacock Yarn Tension Ring by Seashell Crafter

Keep your yarn in the perfect spot with a yarn ring. This one looks like a pretty peacock. 

yarn tension ring
Yarn Tension Ring by Waut Weaving

For a different design, you could try this unique yarn ring. Having the yarn taut keeps projects going more smoothly and easier to manage the yarn.

sterling silver yarn tension rings
Sterling Silver Yarn Tension Rings by Dawn Gill Designs

This sterling silver yarn tension ring comes in a variety of designs from angels to bees and more. The sterling silver material will keep this ring tranish free and durable for a long time.

yarn bowl
Yarn Bowl by 2nd Stop

Another way to keep yarn organized is by using a yarn bowl. Yarn bowls allow you to more easily manage yarn while crocheting. 

personalized yarn bowl
Personalized Yarn Bowl by Santa Ornament

If you want to make it an even more personal gift, add your own image or message on the top of a gorgeous wood yarn bowl for a gift. And the lid allows yarn to be covered and kept safe from children or pets.

double yarn revolver
Double Yarn Revolver by Olikraft

Organize all the yarn colors with this gift idea. It is a double revolving yarn stand. Keep yarn organized while working on multiple projects or using multiple colors in a project.

yarn tender
Yarn Tender by Artifact Bags

This is for the crocheter on the go. This simple yarn tender works from your project bag by being tethered to the strap.

portable wrist yarn holder
Portable Wrist Yarn Holder by Lemonwood Fiber Tools

Allow yarn and crocheting on the go with this portable wrist yarn holder. Slip it on like a wristlet purse, but with yarn. Crocheting can happen here, there, or anywhere.

Crochet Hooks

A crocheter can never have too many crochet hooks, right??? They are nice to have and you can find some really nice ones for gifting. Find a unique hook to gift to your favorite crocheter.
rosewood crochet hooks
Rosewood Crochet Hooks by Wood Handicrafts Store

These beautiful wooden crochet hooks look gorgeous and are made of a strong material. They would make a nice addition to a crocheters hook collection.
colors of kindness hooks
Colors of Kindness Hooks by Hooked by Holtby

Or go for a brighter hook for the crocheter who loves colors. Inspired by crayons these are so pretty.

ergonomic mermaid crochet hooks
Ergonomic Mermaid Crochet Hooks by Koru Clay Studio

Or go easy on your crocheters hands with these mermaid ergonomic crochet hooks. They will feel better on the hand and they look amazing!!!

ergonomic crochet hook handles
Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handles by Electric Catfish Stuff

For an even softer grip, add this handle that allows crochet hooks to be inserted into the foamy and comfy grips that come in a variety of colors. Turn any crochet hook into a ergonomic hook.

mini crochet hook keyring
Mini Crochet Hook Keyring by Beatific Jewellery

If your crocheter is always on the go, this keyring full of mini crochet hooks will do in an on the go bind. Plus, they even are just a cute accessory. 

crochet counting hook
Crochet Counting Hook by DIY Craft Zone

Know a lazy crocheter? Let them enjoy stitching without having to remember the stitch count with a crochet counting hook.

Other Crocheting Supplies

There are still so many other supplies a crocheter might need, like these listed here. 

crochet kit
Crochet Kit by DIY Craft Zone

If you know someone who has been wanting to get into crocheting or is a beginner crocheter, try a kit for gifting! This kit contains hooks, counters, yarn and more!

mini crochet notion kit
Mini Crochet Notion Kit on the Go by The Eye Lady

This might just be the perfect stocking stuffer for the crocheter in your life. A mini notion kit for on the go crocheting.

counting stitch markers
Counting Stitch Markers by Sea Shell Corner

Crocheters can count their stitches in style with these pretty stitch markers. They allow a crocheter to keep track of where they are in a project more easily. A set of stitch markers makes a good gift alone or paired with another item.
crochet row counter
Crochet Row Counter by Sunrise Grove

Another way to count stitches is with this row counter. It features a lovely wood etched top that makes it so pretty.

wooden blocking board
Wooden Blocking Board for Granny Squares by OliKraft

Granny squares are one of the building blocks of crocheting. You can use them for coasters or put them together into a blanket. Make them all equal sizes with this blocking board.

yarn measuring tool
Yarn Measuring Tool by Pink Sheep Design

Allow for measuring yarn with this simple yarn measuring tool. Perfect stocking stuffer for a crocheter.

faux leather project tags
Faux Leather Project Tags by Lovely Gift and You

Let your crocheter mark their handmade items with these faux leather project tags. It's the little things like this that make a project look complete.

wooden project tags
Wooden Project Tags by All This Wood

Another one of our great crochet gifts is a wooden project tag. They can be stitched right into a project.

woven care tags
Woven Care Tags by Rainbow Folk

I love unique gift ideas for crocheters, like these woven care tags. Perfect for the crocheter who makes clothing pieces.

printable crochet planner
Printable Crochet Planner by Crochet by The Sea Gifts

Help a crocheter plan out their crochet projects with this printable crochet planner. It is a digital file that can be printed out. Make a book, or gift a few printed copies and then the digital file as well. 

crochet journal
Crochet Journal by Creative Journals UK

Or this could be a thoughtful gift for a crocheter. A crochet journal, to document crochet projects.

Crochet Stickers

Stickers are so fun. They can be added to water bottles, laptops, and more. Gift them to decorate hard surfaces with cute crochet inspired stickers.
crochet stickers
Crochet Stickers by Artistic Arthurs

Two different sets here. Some with cute sayings others with only yarn and hooks. Both are pretty cute.

emotional support yarn sticker
Emotional Support Yarn Sticker by Pink Sheep Design

Anyone with a large yarn stash will appreciate this sticker. Plus, cute colors.

crochet stickers
Crochet Stickers by Shop Crochet Haven

Who is always crocheting? They need this sticker, cause they probably would rather be crocheting.

cute crochet stickers
Cute Crochet Stickers by Artistic Arthurs

All of these stickers have a sweet yarn and crocheting inspired theme. Pick up a few to slip in a stocking or birthday card.

color personalized crochet stickers
Color Personalized Crochet Stickers by Artistic Arthurs

Or choose this set that can be personalized with different colors. There are rainbows, blues, corals, and more.

crochet stickers
Crochet Stickers by Polka Dot Sticker Shop

More sweet crochet sayings to gift. These are some of the same sayings as the ones before, but in a little bit of a different style.

i crochet so i don't unravel
I Crochet so I don't Unravel Sticker by Applejack Boutique CA

And this one, I crochet so I don't unravel. It is a good reason to keep those hands busy. Gift this to a crocheter who could relate.

Crochet Shirts

Crocheters might love a new tee or sweatshirt to wear around or while they are crocheting. Most of these come in a variety of colors, so you can gift the crocheter a crochet themed shirt in their favorite color.

crochet love shirt
Crochet Love Shirt by Customerica

Crochet lovers will love this shirt. Each of the letters in the word love are a supply item used for crocheting.

it's a good day to crochet t-shirt
It's a Good Day to Crochet Shirt by Niobe Boutique

It's always a good day to crochet for a crocheter. Grab this tee, or it also comes in a sweatshirt.

funny crochet sweatshirt
Funny Crochet Sweatshirt or Tee by Customerica

Sometimes a crocheter just can't put down a project. Gift them this sweatshirt to sport on a day after they've stayed up too late working on a project.

just one more row shirt
Just One More Row Shirt by Pink Poppy Stitchery

A crocheter's famous last words, "Just one more row." The colors and design on this one are just too cute!

peace love crochet t-shirt
Peace Love Crochet Shirt by Sempoli Design USA

Peace, love, and crochet! A cute tee that celebrates the good things in life.

namastay home and crochet shirt
Namastay Home and Crochet Shirt by Nfiniti

Stay home and crochet in this tee. It comes in so many colors and will be a comfy shirt to make projects in.

yarn pocket hoodie
Yarn Pocket Hoodie by Creations by Natalieee

One last great gift idea to wear, a yarn pocket hoodie. For the crocheter who is always cold, they can keep warm and carry yarn in the yarn pocket.


Crochet books and patterns are a great resource to gift to crocheters. They have patterns, techniques and more to build crochet skills.

crochet hook case pattern
Crochet Hook Case Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts

This pattern makes a hook case. Gif the gift of the pattern and the project it will make. Pair it with the yarn needed to make one for a complete gift.

crochet stitch dictionary
Crochet Stich Dictionary via Amazon

For a unique gift, this stitch dictionary will teach new stitches with photo step-by-step tutorials. Great for all experience levels.
crochet patterns and projects
Crochet Patterns and Projects via Amazon

Crochet pattern books are great for inspiration and finding a new crochet pattern. This one has a variety of projects to get the creative juices flowing.
whimsical stitches
Whimsical Stitches via Amazon

For the crocheter who loves cute things, how about a book of amigurumi crochet patterns to make little animals and objects that are adorable. It's those little faces that make them so adorable!
3d granny squares
3D Granny Squares via Amazon

Allow your crochet friends to take their granny squares to the next level with this 3D pattern book. These would be so cute all together to make a crocheted blanket. 



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