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Basket Quilt Block

The basket quilt block is a classic block. There are many variations, but today I'm keeping it simple using half square triangles and rectangles to form the block. 

Enjoy this free pattern with printable cutting chart and video tutorial! 

Basket Quilt Block


This block is really easy and ideal for beginners. It's the perfect block to continue on my quilting journey. 

Some of the other easy quilt blocks I've shared include the churn dash quilt block, Jacob's ladder quilt block, shoo fly quilt block and the bear paw quilt block. See even more block ideas at the end of the post.


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basket quilt block
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Below are some of my favorite quilting tools. I always say make do with what you have, but if I had to pick a few things that are critical to quilting it would be getting a rotary cutter, mat and straight edge. Your pieces will be so much more precise, lending to a better result.


To make a basket block, you will start with squares of fabric and rectangles of fabric. The size needed depends on the size of the finished block. 

Below is a chart of the fabric requirements for four common block sizes. Feel free to print it out for future reference

basket quilt block cutting chart

To print out the cutting chart click the ↑chart above↑ or the ↓link below↓

Cutting measurements for 3 inch block:

  • 2 squares 3 1/2 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 squares 2 1/2 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 rectangles 1 1/2" X 2 1/4" (background)

Cutting measurements for 6 inch block:

  • 2 squares 5 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 squares 4 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 rectangles 2" X 3 1/2" (background)

Cutting measurements for 9 inch block:

  • 2 squares 6 1/2 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 squares 5 1/2 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 rectangles 3" X 5 1/4" (background)

Cutting measurements for 12 inch block:

  • 2 squares 8 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 squares 7 inches (1 background, 1 color)
  • 2 rectangles 3 1/2" X 6 1/2" (background)
fabric cut out for basket block


The block is pretty simple to make. I'll walk you through the whole process. Be sure to check out the video too! 


We're going to start by making 8 half square triangles with the two large squares of fabric. I have a full tutorial specifically for this, but I'll walk you through it. If you have any questions or need more clarification, please see that post. There's more images and a video to help. 

8 half square triangles at once
  1. Begin with the fabric right sides together.
  2. Draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner. This is your cutting line. (But don't cut yet!)
  3. Draw two more lines, 1/4 inch from the original line. These are your sewing lines.
  4. Repeat with the opposite diagonal.
  5. Now sew along the four sewing lines.
  6. Let's make our cuts to form our HST's. Don't move the fabric until all cuts are made.  
  7. Cut along each of the cutting lines. Then cut the square in half horizontally and vertically.
  8. Press open the half square triangles and trim off the "tabs" on the corners.


  1. Stack the two smaller squares with right sides together. 
  2. Draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner. 
  3. Draw a line 1/4 inch from each side of the original line. 
  4. Sew on the outer two lines. 
  5. Cut on the center line.
  6. Press open and trim.
This will make two half square triangles. You only need one. Save the other for another block.


Now lay out the pieces of the block.

laying out the pieces of the basket block

Place the large HST in the bottom left corner, with the darker half pointing up and to the right. Place the rectangle pieces to each side. 

The small HST's will fill in the remaining spots with the darker half pointing down and to the left.

sewing together sections of the basket quilt block
Next, sew together each rectangle piece with the two HST's that are next to it. Sew the remaining 4 HST's in to a four patch.

sewing together the basket quilt block

Now you will have four squares. Sew the top two together and the bottom two together.

Then sew the top half to the bottom half to complete the block.

Want to watch the video?  ↓↓Click the link ↓↓

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basket quilt block


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