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English Toffee Hot Chocolate Bomb

Have you tried hot chocolate bombs yet? They have quickly become a favorite at our house and we've made several varieties. 

Hot chocolate bombs are spheres of hollow chocolate. Inside the shell is hot cocoa mix and other yummy add-ins. The bomb is placed in a mug and piping hot milk is poured on top. The milk melts the outer chocolate shell and the fillings "pop" out. 

One of my favorite treats during the holidays is toffee, so it was only natural to make an English toffee hot cocoa bomb. Using a flavored cocoa mix and toffee bits, it's easy to make and so tasty.

hot chocolate bombs on a plate with a mug and more hot chocolate bombs in the background


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ingredients for hot cocoa bombs


To make hot chocolate bombs, you will need a silicone mold. I find that a 2 to 2 1/2 inch diameter is best. That way it's large enough to hold the filling, but small enough to fit in a mug. 


If you've never made hot chocolate bombs before, I recommend visiting my original hot chocolate bombs article for tips and even more details. 

I'm working on several more flavors, including sea salt caramel and S'mores. I even made some with candy cane kisses. Most of my hot chocolate bombs include marshmallows.  I also created a free printable gift tag

Let's get started with the English toffee variety. I found a English toffee hot cocoa mix that I used for these bombs. It's what brings out the toffee flavor as well as adding toffee bits.

Begin by melting the chocolate chips. I have found that milk chocolate chips work the best for me. There is no need to temper the chocolate. 

I'm sure a high quality chocolate would up my game, but I'm not willing to spend the money or learn how to temper chocolate. So I'll stick with the easy and readily available chocolate chips. 

Melt the chips in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until chocolate is mostly melted. Stir until all lumps are gone and chocolate is smooth and creamy.

Spoon chocolate into the each cavity of the mold. Spread the chocolate around the sides of the mold with the back of the spoon. 
Place in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden. While chocolate is hardening, gather the filling ingredients. Also bring a pot of water to a boil and place a glass plate on top. 

close up of a hot chocolate bomb

Working quickly, remove the chocolate from the mold. Place one shell, edge side down, on the hot plate. Twist a few times to melt the edge. Set it down and add 1 tablespoon of cocoa mix and 1 teaspoon of toffee bits.

Melt the edge of another chocolate shell, place it on top of the filled shell with the melted edges together. Smooth the section where they meet with your finger. 

Place them back in the freezer for another 5 to 10 minutes. 

Drizzle with melted white chocolate and sprinkle with more toffee bits if desired.

Here's the video of the process. This video is for the hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows, but the concept is the same.

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close up of a hot chocolate bomb with text overlay

hot chocolate bombs on a plate

English Toffee Hot chocolate bomb

English Toffee Hot chocolate bomb

Servings: 6
Author: Rachel
Prep time: 30 MinInactive time: 10 MinTotal time: 40 Min
English toffee flavored hot chocolate bombs. So easy and so tasty!


  • 1 c. milk chocolate chips
  • 6 Tbsp. English toffee flavored hot cocoa mix
  • 6-8 tsp. toffee bits
  • 1/2 c. white chocolate melts for drizzle 


  1. Melt the chocolate for 1-2 minutes in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until chocolate is melted.
  2. Add a spoonful of chocolate to each cavity of the mold. Spread the chocolate evenly around the edges of the mold with the back of the spoon.
  3. Freeze the chocolate for 10 minutes.
  4. While the chocolate is in the freezer, gather the ingredients for the filling. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Place a plate on top.
  5. Remove the chocolate from the freezer and remove from the mold.
  6. Working quickly, place one chocolate shell on the hot plate with the edge facing down. Twist a few times to melt the edge.
  7. Add 1 tablespoon of hot chocolate mix and 1 teaspoon of toffee to the chocolate shell. 
  8. Melt the edge of another chocolate shell. Then place it on top of the filled shell so that the edges meet. Smooth the seam with your finger.
  9. Repeat with remaining chocolate shells.
  10. Melt and drizzle the white chocolate over the bombs.
  11. To serve, place the hot cocoa bomb in a mug. Pour 1 cup of piping hot milk over the top. Stir and enjoy!

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