Monday, December 14, 2020

Hot Chocolate Bombs Printable Tag

 A simple, yet adorable gift tag for hot chocolate bombs. It's easy to print off this free printable tag. It conveys the purpose of the gift as it dresses up the presentation.

As I was packaging up some hot chocolate bombs for gifts, I really wanted a printable gift tag to add to the bag. 

I turned to the internet for a quick printable. I wanted something free. And I wanted something that used only black ink since I'm perpetually out of color ink.

Want to know what I found? NOTHING! I found lots of printables to buy. I found a few free ones, but they used color ink. But I found nothing that I could print with black ink. 

So, although I'm not a graphic designer, I decided to try my hand at creating a printable tag. I think it turned out ok, so I'm sharing it with you. For free! Yep, you're welcome!

hot chocolate bomb packaged in cellophane with a printed tag tied with ribbon.

It's simple, but classy. It conveys to the recipient what it is they should do with the hot cooca bomb. And you can easily print them off at home even if you don't have a color printer. 

I opted to use kraft paper cardstock for a farmhouse feel. But you can use white cardstock, or get fancy with any color paper you like or have on hand.


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hot chocolate bomb packaged in a cellophane bag with a gift tag tied with twine
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You can package these in many ways. Below are the supplies I used.
I like these silicone molds for making the actual hot chocolate bombs. If you need someone to walk you through the whole process of making hot cocoa bombs visit this post. Plus I have made several varieties you can try.

I also found these adorable gift boxes, if you want to package several bombs together.

an overhead view of several hot chocolate bombs, printable tags, a mug, and a packaged hot chocolate bomb ready to gift

You may note that the wording of the instructions portion of the tag is rather light in the pictures. I have fixed that in the printable so that it is now more legible. 


Ready to print your tags? Here's the free printable!

Either click on the image, or the link below it and it will bring the printable up in google drive. From there you can download and print it. 

printable hot chocolate bomb gift tags


Try these varieties!

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collage of an image of a packaged hot chocolate bomb and a printable gift tag.

hot chocolate bomb packaged with a gift tag

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