Thursday, January 26, 2023

25 Gifts in a Mug

Need a quick and adorable gift idea? Try one of these gifts in a mug! We have a ideas for a variety of occasions.


Mugs are a cute way to wrap up a sweet little gift with a personal touch. Gift these ideas to all the important people in your life from teachers to friends to coworkers and everyone in between.

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collage of gift in a mug ideas
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A mug gift is the perfect gift idea. Not only will the recipient get a cute mug, but the mug's contents add a personal touch.

You can add all sorts of things like hot chocolate mix, or a shopping gift card.
Mugs are a fun way to give unique gifts or even practical gifts.

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Show your friends you care with a simple but thoughtful mug gift.  You can basically gift anything in a mug, but we've got a variety of ideas to get you thinking.

simple mug gift
Simple Mug Gift by Budget 101

This mug gift features a fun mug and cute paper craft gift boxes. Fill them with gift cards, cash, candy, or anything small. 

copper mug candle gift
Copper Mug Candle Gift by 2 Bees in a Pod

If you find a mug that would be perfect to display, try adding a candle inside. A great way to make a homemade gift.

hot chocolate bomb gift idea
Hot Chocolate Bombs
Hot chocolate bombs are a fun twist on hot chocolate. Simply add the "bomb" to a cup of piping hot milk and watch as it melts and exposes the delicious ingredients inside. 

Package up the hot chocolate bombs and gift them in a mug with peppermint sticks and mini marshmallows. Find the recipe here. Find the printable instructions tag here.

knitting mug
Knitting Mug Gift by 5 Minutes for Mom

For the friend who loves to knit, put some yarn in a mug along with some knitting needles. Could work for crochet too! Plus, find lots of other creative ideas for gifts in a mug too!

mug of sunshine
Mug of Sunshine by Kara Creates

This is a simple gift in a mug that is sure to brighten anyone's day! A mug of sunshine is a gift full of yellow items.

mug herbs
Mug Herbs by Kara Creates

Give the gift of fresh herbs with this cute plant idea. Another option for mugs that are fun to display.

photo coffee mug gift
Photo Coffee Mug Gift by Kara Creates

For a thoughtful gift, add photos to a mug. Then fill with the receivers favorite coffee, tea, cider, or hot cocoa mix.

stress away gift mug
Stress Away Gift Mug by Kara Creates

For the friend who has been stressed out lately, help them destress. A mug full of relaxing items is a wonderful gift idea.

warm and cozy gift mug
Warm and Cozy Gift by Kara Creates

This fun mug gift idea will give the gift of warmth with gloves, lotion, and a Starbucks gift card. Plus, add a cute little printable gift tag.

chocolate mug cake gift
Chocolate Mug Cake Gift by Amanda's Cookin'

Whether you're looking for a gift in a jar, a mug idea or just need a simple single serve dessert, this chocolate mug cake is a delicious solution! 

Although this is shown in a jar, package in a cute little bag, and deliver in a beautiful mug.


There are lots of Christmas gifts to give in a mug! You could adapt some of these for birthday gifts or other special occasions like Mother's day or teacher appreciation day.

dollar store mug christmas gift
Dollar Store Mug Christmas Gift by The Benson Street

This hot chocolate mix mug is great idea for anytime in winter, but it is shown as a Christmas gift. This one comes from items you can find at the dollar store too, making it a budget-friendly gift.

sharpie mug gift idea
Sharpie Mug Gift Idea
Add a personal flair to your mug gift with sharpies. These mugs were easy to make using a stencil and dots. My (then) 9 year old made these for her siblings. Fill with treats for a great gift idea.

dipping spoon mug gifts
Dipping Spoons Mug Gift by Homan at Home

Dipping spoons and packet of hot cocoa make an easy gift. Vary the flavors for tons of fun combinations.

christmas mug / jar gift
Christmas Mug/Jar Gift by This Is Our Bliss

This makes a delicious treat that can be gifted in a mug. And comes with adorable Christmas tags to print off too.

dollar store christmas mug candles
Dollar Store Christmas Mug Candles by Kara Creates

Another candle in a mug idea, but for Christmas! Head to the dollar store around specific holidays and make up candles. A great option for inexpensive gift!

christmas slime kit
Christmas Slime Kit by Mom Envy

This DIY slime kit is the perfect Christmas gift in a mug for kids. The adorable DIY slime jar provides everything the receiver needs to make a batch of slime. 

Plus - it gives them a fun, screen-free activity. Simply package up the contents in a mug of your choice.

Christmas mug gift
Christmas Mug Gift by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

One last adorable idea for a Christmas mug gift. Plan out a mug that is perfect for the recipient and then package up their favorite treats inside the mug.


Find even more fun ideas. Mug gifts are a creative way to show you care.

Or try one of these Mason Jar Cookie Gifts.

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collage of gifts in a mug ideascollage of mug gift ideas

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