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Mason Jar Cookies (30+ Cookie Mix Recipes)

Want to give the gift of cookies? Instead of baking them up, gift a yummy mason jar cookie mix with one of these great recipes.


Mason jar cookies are a fun gift idea for any occasion. Let someone know you are thinking of them with a cute mason jar full of layered ingredients for a treat they can make at their leisure. 
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Mason jar cookies are the perfect diy gift.

Simply add pre-measured dry ingredients to a jar. Then add some instructions on what wet ingredients the recipient needs to add, and they can enjoy a fresh batch of homemade cookies. 

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Sometimes you need a great gift idea for a friend. You might want to gift them with a delicious treat.

These cookie mix jars are a great way to gift a simple dessert to your friends.

Let's take a look at all of these different recipes for mason jar cookies.

M&M Cookie Mix in a jar
M&M Cookie Mix by Marty's Musings

M&M's are so great to add to a homemade cookie mix recipe. They give a little bit of chocolate and crunch all at the same time. Yum!
chocolate overload cookies in a jar
Chocolate Overload Cookies by The Farm Girl Gabs

Mason jar cookie mixes are an easy option for homemade gifts. For the chocolate lovers, this recipe will be perfect.

cranberry delight cookies
Cranberry Delight Cookies by The Farm Girl Gabs

This yummy cranberry white chocolate cookie recipe in a jar comes with an adorable free printable tags. Plus, there are more recipes for other cookie mixes along with this recipe. 

chocolate chip oatmeal jar cookies
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Jar Cookies by Walking on Sunshine Recipes

More printable labels to go along with this delicious recipe for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I love how cute the tags are attached with some baker's twine.

sugar cookies in a jar
Sugar Cookies in a Jar by Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Give the sweet gift of sugar cookies, without having to whip them up. What a unique recipe to gift to your favorite people.

santa cookies in a jar
Santa Cookies in a Jar Mix by Sugar, Spice and Glitter

Perfect for Christmas (or anytime) this recipe for Santa cookies looks fabulous.  This recipe mixes in oats, M&M's and chocolate chips for amazing cookies.

cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies in a jar
Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies by Thrifty Jinxy

Another awesome cranberry cookie recipe, but this one includes oatmeal. What a delightful twist on this simple cookie.

triple chocolate chip cookies
Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies by My Turn for Us

Triple chocolate chip cookies! Three different kinds of chips provides for a really yummy end result.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in a jar
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies by Today's Creative Life

We love the free printable tag on this one. Such a cute design and using a wide mouth mason jar gives this one extra cute points for presentation.

moose tracks cookies in a jar
Moose Tracks Cookies by Ruffles and Rain Boots 

Do you like moose tracks ice cream? This mason jar gift will give your friends a unique cookie recipe to try out.

peppermint crunch dark chocolate cookies
Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate Cookies by The Frugal Girls

A great holiday gift with this Christmas cookie recipe. Using peppermint crunchies for a delightful minty touch to a dark chocolate cookie. And add a cute Santa belt for fun when wrapping up the gift.

chocolate peppermint cookies
Chocolate Peppermint Cookies by Your Modern Family

Or if you want a different take on chocolate peppermint cookies, give this recipe a try. No peppermint crunchies in this one, but still that peppermint flavor.

chocolate cookies in a jar
Chocolate Cookies in a Jar by The Frugal Girls

For chocolate cookies without the mint, add in chocolate chips for this cookie mix jar. Another great idea for presentation on this jar with a cute piece of fabric inserted in the lid.

gingerbread cookies in a jar
Gingerbread Cookies in a Jar by Home in the Finger Lakes

Give the taste of the holidays with another fun recipe for gingerbread cookies. Add a cookie cutter gingerbread man for the perfect finishing touch.

halloween cookies in a jar
Halloween Cookies in a Jar by Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Looking for a sweet Halloween gift? This recipe take a Halloween spin on cookie jars. 

candy corn cookies
Candy Corn Cookies by Angie Holden

Another fun Halloween style cookie that involves a favorite fall candy, candy corn. Decorate this jar with a fun Halloween or Fall themed tag.

twix cookies
Twix Cookies by Angie Holden

Twix cookies sound fantastic! And are definitely a different take from the other cookie mix jar recipes I have featured. 

oat and whole wheat snickerdoodle cookies
Oat and Whole Wheat Snickerdoodle Cookies by An Oregon Cottage

Cinnamon and sugar are so yummy in this mason jar recipe.  So easy and featuring an adorable tag letting friends know what type of cookies these are!

almond joy cookies in a jar
Almond Joy Cookies by The Frugal Girls

Candy bars are apparently good in cookies and in these jar mixes.  Get the flavor of an almond joy in a cookie with this jar recipe.

lemon mason jar cookies
Lemon Cookies by The Frugal Girls

Mix the sweet with the sour for a light and yummy cookie. The addition of white chocolate chips balance the favors so nicely.

toffee pecan mason jar cookies
Toffee Pecan Cookies by Large Family Table

Now these cookies sound amazing. Anything mixing toffee and pecans has got to be good! 

gluten-free cookie mix in a jar
Gluten-Free Cookie Mix in a Jar by Fearless Dining

Don't forget about your gluten-free friends with this way to make a mason jar cookie gluten-free. They will love it so much that you thought of them and kept their food needs and preferences in mind.

oatmeal sprinkle cookie mix in a jar
Oatmeal Sprinkle Cookie Mix by Intentional Hospitality

Gift a colorful cookie mix with these oatmeal sprinkle cookies. These are pictured with Christmas colors, but this could be so fun with any color scheme of sprinkles.

heath toffee cookie mix
Heath Toffee Cookie Mix by The Frugal Girls

Another toffee cookie recipe minus the pecans. These delicious cookies are great for those with nut allergies or prefer baked goods without nuts.

reese's pieces cookies in a jar
Reese's Pieces Cookies by The Frugal Girls

For friends who are more peanut butter fans than chocolate fans, replace M&M's with Reese's Pieces. This is a fun addition to fall cookie mixes.
oatmeal spice cookie mix
Oatmeal Spice Cookie Mix by Real Advice Gal

Change up traditional oatmeal cookies, by spicing them up! These cookies have lots of flavor too.

oatmeal triple chip cookies
Oatmeal Triple Chip Cookies by Well Plated

Now this is an adorable jar for cookie mixes. Oatmeal and all of the chocolate chips come together for a very delicious cookie mix.
cowboy cookies in a mason jar
Cowboy Cookies in a Jar by Live Simply

I can't wait to try this recipe. It is unique, adding oatmeal, cranberries, and a few other ingredients for this wonderful cookie. 

s'mores cookies in a jar
S'mores Cookies in a Jar by Sew Crafty Crochet

Don't want to whip up s'mores, but you want to enjoy those flavors? Gift this jar of cookie mix to hit that craving. 
two ingredient cookies in a jar mix
Two Ingredient Cookies in a Jar Mixes by Angie Holden

For a super simple homemade gift, try out these varieties of cookie mixes using only two ingredients. They take a cake mix and combine one other ingredient to complete the mix. 

red velvet mason jar cookies
Red Velvet Cookies by Cul De Sac Cool

For a cookie that is sure to wow, try red velvet! They look so pretty in the jar and taste amazing with the white chocolate chips.

peanut blossom jar cookies
Peanut Blossom Jar Cookie Mix by CD Kitchen

One last great jar gift with these peanut blossom jars. 

Which one of these unique cookie recipes are you excited to gift?

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collage of mason jar cookiescollage of cookie mixes in a jar

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