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25+ Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

If your walls are looking a little drab, add some texture and design with a fun craft, macrame wall hangings. We are sharing a bunch of awesome macrame wall hanging patterns to get you started. 


I have found a bunch of patterns to get you started into beginner macrame.

Or if you are looking for a challenge I have found a few that are a little bit harder.

Either way your walls will love their new décor.
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collage of macrame wall hangings
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Many of these macrame wall hanging patterns are free!

And super simple, so simple that even someone who hasn't tried macrame yet, can pick up one of these patterns and get started.

easy diy macrame wall hanging
Easy DIY Macrame Wall Hanging by Feeling Nifty

This simple pattern looks awesome when you add in a variety of colors. This one uses about three different shades for a more varied look.

macrame christmas wall hanging
Macrame Christmas Wall Hanging by A Wonderful Thought

This modern macrame project is perfect for Christmas and winter months because it features an evergreen tree. 

6 foot driftwood macrame
6 Foot Driftwood Macrame by Just Celina

A boho macrame wall hanging really adds texture and visual interest to your home décor. This pattern is for a huge piece of art.

super simple macrame wall hanging
Super Simple Wall Hanging by Lemon Thistle

Use basic macrame knots and this pattern for a quick and easy wall hanging. Colleen breaks it down step by step.

super simple modern macrame
Super Simple Modern Macrame Wall Hanging by Decorhint

Another pattern that will yield beautiful macrame wall hangings. This one makes for an easy diy project too. 

macrame hearts wall hanging
Macrame Hearts Wall Hanging by Macra-Made

This diy macrame wall hanging is perfect for Valentine's day or if you love hearts you can leave it up all year round. This could be fun in a variety of color schemes too.

easy macrame wall hanging with beads
Easy Macrame Wall Hanging with Beads by Macra-Made

Add another medium to your macrame projects with this wall hanging that includes wooden beads. It is a great addition to your home decor.

large easy macrame wall hanging
Large Easy Macrame Wall Hanging by Marching North

This pattern will provide you with a gorgeous large wall hanging that provides a lot of visual interest. Consider using a variety of colors for a different look.

macrame sunflower wall hanging
Macrame Sunflower Wall Hanging by Marching North

This easy macrame project creates a pretty sunflower shape. Use two different colors for contrast in the flower center and petals.



Patterns take time and effort to create, this section features some amazing patterns for macrame wall hangings. Show some support for pattern makers and small business owners.

boho macrame wall hanging
Boho Macrame Wall Hanging by My Craft Master

A two-toned boho design gives this pattern so much character. Plan a craft night and make this wall hanging with friends.

easy owl macrame pattern
Set of 3 Easy Owl Macrame Patterns by DIY Macrame Store

Owls are adorable and perfect for a macrame wall hanging. This pattern includes three different varieties.

large textured wall hanging
Large Textured Wall Hanging by Masuca

This pattern has such character with diamonds, wavy lines, fringe and more knots. It's size and one continuous color make it a very pretty design.
pretty wall hanging pattern
Pretty Wall Hanging Pattern by Lanaa Studio

A very pretty and feminine look for a macrame wall hanging. The rose color also gives a feminine vibe with this pattern.

22 diamonds pattern
22 Diamonds Pattern by Reform Fibers

Another huge statement macrame piece. Large diamonds with long fringe define this pattern. 

large macrame wall hanging
Large Macrame Wall Hanging by Masuca

There are so many possibilities using a variety of knots to make different looks on your wall hangings.

rose quartz pattern
Rose Quartz Pattern by Lanaa Studio

This pattern uses a large scale diamond design. Make a statement even using a light neutral color of yarn with this pattern.

beginner tutorial for a macrame wall hanging
Beginner Tutorial for a Macrame Wall Hanging by Cord Plus Quartz

Start your macrame skills with this simple beginner tutorial for macrame wall hangings. This one is unique with the small tassel and fringe on the bottom.

twisted knot wall hanging
Twisted Knot Wall Hanging Pattern by Masuca

For a more difficult look give these twisted knots a try. Also add texture to the fringe with additional knots.

bella wall hanging
Bella Wall Hanging by Lanaa Studio

Use a variety of colors of yarn for an ombre wall hanging effect.  Hang on a rustic stick, or for a more polished look buy a wooden dowel.

nature scene macrame
Nature Scene Macrame Pattern Set by Knotting Flats

This pattern set features nature scenes like this sunrise or sunset. Use colors that really pop against the white for these patterns. 

floral macrame wall hanging
Floral Macrame Wall Hanging by Pelote Et Compagnie

Florals look lovely in this unique macrame project. This is lovely in the same color, but I think it would be fun to try a color for the flowers and a green for the vines and leaves.



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collage of macrame wall hangingscollage of macrame wall hangings

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