Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Make Charm Bracelets

I love charm bracelets. I love how they dangle and jingle. So I decided to make some personalized charm bracelets for my daughters. They have to wait for their birthdays to get them though. It's a surprise - don't tell them!

Charm bracelets are perfect for beginner jewelry makers. Unless you make some of your own charms the only thing you need to know is how to do is open and close a jump ring and cut chain. Pretty basic.

You will need:
Lobster claw clasp
Jump Rings
{most of the supplies were provided to me by Prima Bead}

 I got the "girly charms"pack. And check out the alphabet charms.  

And look at this charm. I didn't realize it until I got it, but it's a mini picture frame.

 Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures small enough to fit inside, so I used scrapbook paper. They turned out so cute!

For the chain, I used an old necklace that I didn't want for two of the bracelets. For the third, I had an empty charm bracelet in my stash from who knows where.

For my 3 and 5 year old, I cut the chain to 6 1/2"
My 10 year old's bracelet was 8" long.

Then attach the lobster claw to one end with a jump ring. To wear you can just clip it to the chain, so it's adjustable.

 Remember how I'm trying to add color to my jewelery? So I asked my girls to look through my beads and choose their favorite colors.  They know I made them something, they just don't know what. I made a few charms out of the beads they chose.

Then I figured out the order I wanted the beads to go in. It worked out that I put a charm in every other link.

Just attach them with jump rings. Super easy. I made sure to attach them all on the same side of the chain and made sure the charms were all facing the same direction.

Here's a look at how they all turned out.

My youngest is my little princess, so I used the crown and the princess shoe.

  My 5 year old is my dancer so I gave her the ballet shoes and the tutu.

My oldest is not into all that girly stuff anymore so I looked through my stash and found a key and butterfly that I thought she would like.

I think these charm bracelets turned out super cute. I hope my girls think so too!

Check out Prima Bead for all your jewelry supply needs. They have everything you'll need for your next jewelry project. Click the button below to order supplies. Did I mention they have free shipping to the U.S.?

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  1. Charming and easy! I love these, you did a beautiful job. I don't think I would have considered a project like this, so I am very happy I came across your post from 'My Girlish Whims' :D

  2. This are so cute! What a great project - thanks for sharing! Have a great Easter

  3. the bracelets are so pretty. I love your design.

  4. I believe you did a great job. I love your all design. I feel happy to see your post. Many thanks for share it.
    Bead Caps

  5. Thank you for sharing this project and listing the items you use! I purchase many of my beading supplies from Walmart, Michael's, Jo-Anns and Hobby Lobby,,and is always looking for additional ideas and uses for the items I purchase, especially if they were found clearance. And I cannot tell you how many times nothing can be found..not even by the manufacturer or store website.. It can be extremely frustrating. Please continue making Beautiful Jewelery with items that can be easily found~ GOD Bless,