Thursday, May 7, 2015

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets

These fun plastic tubing seed bead bracelets are super easy. They are the perfect bracelets for your little ones to help make. The color combos are endless.

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets
I made these with my young women's group. They loved it. I got a big variety of seed beads and let them have at it. Some of them combined colors within each bracelet and they turned out so cute.

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets
Want to make your own?

You will need:
1/4" tubing
3/8" tubing
seed beads
E6000 or hot glue

I found the tubing at Home Depot. It took me a while to find it even after asking a couple people for help. It's in the plumbing section. The 1/4" tubing that I got had printing on it. Luckily the sections between the writing were big enough to make a bracelet.

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets

Cut a 7 3/4" piece of 1/4" tubing. {adjust this measurement to fit your wrist}
Cut a 1" piece of 3/8" tubing.

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets

I started out using E6000, but soon realized that hot glue works just fine and it's so much faster not having to wait for it to dry. Add a dab of hot glue into one end of the bracelet. Add the beads.

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets

Add another dab of hot glue to the other end of the bracelet. Once dry, attach each end together by inserting into the small 3/8" piece of tubing. Easy Peasy!

Clear Tube Seed Bead Bracelets

You could also fill them with glitter. It's a bit messier, but they turn out really pretty.

You could also try making these wax cord bracelets

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  1. Oh my gosh! I had some just these in the 80's when I was in high-school! Mine were filled with glitter. I came across them not too long ago, but the plastic had yellowed over time. I'll have to try to make some new ones sometime. Thanks so much for the fun idea and the trip down memory lane.