Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Make Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Today I'm going to show you how to make these fun yarn friendship bracelets. They are super easy to do - if you know how to braid, you can make these bracelets. They are a perfect gift for a girls best friend!

How to Make Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelets

In fact, this year for Christmas, we are trying to make more gifts, instead of buying them. I'm hoping it will help instil the aspect of giving a little more in my kids. In order to not be stressed out during December, we've already started making our gifts. To start things off, we made yarn friendship bracelets for all the girls friends. Now I need to figure out what to do for my son's friends.

Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelet

Want to make your own braided yarn friendship bracelets?

For each bracelet you will need:

6 foldover ribbon ends
4  {6mm}jump rings
1 lobster clasp
jewelry pliers or other small pliers

For the yarn, I like the multi-colored skeins.  That way you have multiple colors without having to buy as much yarn. I also like that you know they're going to match - although we ended up mixing and matching a little anyway.

How to Make Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelet
1 - Gather your supplies.
2 - Begin by cutting 15 pieces of yarn at 9" for adult size, or 7 1/2 inches for kids. {You can always start larger and trim it down when you get to the end.} I tried to cut them so that each strand would be all the same color.
3 - Gather 5 pieces of yarn and place them in the ribbon end. Fold down the top and clamp down each side.
4 - Repeat with the other two colors of yarn. Connect the ribbon ends with a jump ring.
5 - Attach the top to something {I used my jewelry pliers but a clipboard would work better.} Braid the yarn down as far as you can go.
6 - Trim the end of one color of yarn and add ribbon clamp. Repeat with the other two colors. Once all the ribbon ends are on, braid one or two more stitches to make sure the braid goes right to the end. Attach ribbon clamps together with a jump ring.
7 - Add another jump ring and lobster clasp to one end. Add a jump ring to the other end as well, this makes it easier to clasp.

If you need to make it a bit larger, you could add a small length of chain to one end.

That's it! Take a look at the other color combos we did. I'll list the yarn brand and color, if you're interested in making the same colors.

Braided yarn Friendship Bracelet Peaches & Cream Azalea
 This is the Pinkalicious bracelet. I've got a pair of these in my etsy shop.  Made from Peaches & Cream - Azalea

Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelet Peaches & Cream Freshly Pressed
My favorite colors, green and purple. This one is from Peaches & Cream - Freshly Pressed.

Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelet Sugar 'n Cream Chocolate Ombre

 I made this one just for me - Sugar 'n Cream - chocolate ombre!

Braided yarn Friendship Bracelet Sugar 'n Cream  Emerald Isle
I love this color combo as well. Made from Sugar 'n Cream - Emerald Isle.

What gifts have you and your kids made for your kids friends? What kind of gifts do you make for 10 year old boys? I really could use some ideas!

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  1. For boys you could make dog tags. Maybe even put their names on it.