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25+ Diamond Quilting Patterns

Looking for a way to create a gorgeous quilt? Try these lovely diamond quilt patterns. They take the basic shape and really bring it to life in a variety of ways.


From beginner to to expert diamond quilts are a great project for a variety of skill levels. The diamond shape really has so many possibilities. Let's take a look at these different patterns using diamonds.

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collage of diamond quilt patterns
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There are a lot of gorgeous diamond quilts you can make. Grab a free pattern and get started. Some of these free quilt patterns are perfect to use up scrap fabric too. 

diamond hexagon quilt
Diamond Hexagon Pattern by Leila Gardunia

This diamond quilt comes together in a hexagon and features a star design using the diamonds. Perfect for a baby or lap quilt. 

scrapbuster quilt pattern
Scrapbuster Quilt Pattern by Gathered

This is one of the projects that can utilize the scraps in your fabric collection. This pattern utilizes simple diamonds with sewing strips of fabric together.

scrappy diamonds
Scrappy Diamonds by Darcy Quilts

Cut up a bunch of diamond shapes and piece together this lovely quilt top. Another great option to use up scraps.

I spy quilt
I Spy Quilt by Happy Quilting-Melissa Cory

Use squares to create pixelated diamonds with this awesome I spy quilt. It gives a lovely abstract design to your quilt pattern. 

out for a stroll quilt
Out for a Stroll by Happy Quilting-Melissa Cory

This diamond quilt features diamonds within diamonds. The blocks create a gorgeous diamond weave style design. 

diamond quilt blocks
Diamond Quilt Blocks by Bonjour Quilts

Make up a diamond quilt with these diamond quilt blocks. They feature a diamond within a diamond, for double the fun!  

diamond drop
Diamond Drop by Happy Quilting-Melissa Cory

Diamond drop is a great beginner quilt project that provides a great alternating pattern on the quilt. And depending on the way you look at it, you can find larger diamonds out of the smaller diamonds. 


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In this section I am featuring diamond quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of hard work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners and make some gorgeous quilts.

diamond in diamond paper piecing pattern
Diamond in Diamond Paper Piecing Pattern by Saija Elina 

Looking to give a more complicated pattern a try? Go for this paper piece diamond pattern. It requires a little more experience, but it comes together so beautifully.
Willo pattern
Willo Pattern by Dane Quilt Co.

Or if you are new to paper piecing, start with this pattern. It will help you practice and improve your paper piecing skills.

glaciers quilt pattern
Glaciers by Dane Quilt Co.

This easy quilt pattern comes with two different color ways, and even a coloring page to help you design your own personal color way. 

diamond sea pattern
Diamond Sea Pattern by Stacey's Craft Designs

Diamonds by the sea is a gorgeous design that uses a lovely color way to create more diamonds out of diamonds! So fun.

harlequin romance quilt
Harlequin Romance by Cotton Pickins Quilts

This pattern is perfectly named especially if you use a lovely red fabric with a lighter color. 

offset diamond baby quilt
Offset Diamond Baby Quilt by Shiners View

This baby quilt features an offset diamond pattern. It's so cool, it's like an optical illusion.

woven jewel box quilt
Woven Jewel Box by Krista Moser Quilts

Show off those jewels with this diamond quilt pattern. The design really sets the diamond shapes apart from the zigzag background. 

diamond affair quilt
Diamond Affair by Punkin Patterns

Diamonds look so pretty in so many ways. This simple pattern design just looks so stunning with the smaller diamonds outlined in white. It gives a great contrast and visual interest to the pattern.

vintage windmill quilt
Vintage Windmill by Krista Moser

Take those diamonds and turn them into adorable windmills with this quilt pattern. These diamonds really do look they are spinning in the wind and I love it.

diamond drops
Diamond Drops by Fabric Addict Canada

Now let's get really intricate with this lovely rainbow diamond design. It features fading colors and lots of little black diamonds for an added elegance.

aztec diamonds
Aztec Diamonds by Krista Moser Quilts

Go big and beautiful with these large Aztec style diamonds. The ombre of colors is an added beautiful touch to this pattern.

diamonds on a string
Diamonds on a String by Heather Kojan Quilts

Pull out your scraps and start assembling these diamond blocks. I love the kaleidoscope effect this pattern creates when using a variety of colors, patterns and fabrics.

reflection quilt
Reflection Quilt by Punkin Patterns

Make the diamond the star of this quilt by quilting it on a large scale. Instead of one huge diamond in the center, this on features an off centered design with two large diamonds.

ombre cascade quilt
Ombre Cascade by Cluck Cluck Sew

Ombre designs are really visually striking, plus adding it in the diamond shape really ups the wow factor. This pattern really does give a cascading effect when created with the ombre.



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collage of diamond quilting patternscollage of diamond quilting patterns

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