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50+ Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts are some of the best to make. They are cute, come in so many varieties, and are usually smaller projects. Try out one of these baby quilt patterns to gift a new baby in your life. 


We've found a variety of gender-neutral baby quilt patterns, and others that can be more gender customized.

Take a look at these adorable quilts and plan out some fun quilting projects. You'll find lots of easy free baby quilt patterns.

Love applique? Check out these applique baby quilts.

Love modern quilts? Check out these modern baby quilts.
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collage of baby quilt patterns
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We love trying our hand at free patterns. This section shows a variety of baby quilt patterns for either gender. Swap out the fabric colors and create a cozy quilt for a new little one. 

simple charm pack quilt
Simple Charm Pack Quilt by Coral + Co.

This simple baby blanket is made using a charm pack. The simple squares make this a pretty straightforward baby quilt that you can make quickly.

little houses quilt pattern
Little Houses Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

This free tutorial is a cute and unique pattern. We love the little houses you can see in the pattern. A great baby quilt idea to try.

simple squares quilt pattern
Simple Squares by Coral + Co.

This one will look cute for a little girl quilt or little boy quilt. Adjust the colors to match the nursery and make this one for a basic crib quilt. 

patchwork oh deer quilt pattern
Patchwork Oh Deer Quilt by Flamingo Toes

We can't get over this beautiful baby quilt. The mix of the patchwork design with the deer is so sweet and could go for baby boys or girls. 


This section is devoted to easy free quilt patterns for baby girls. Some of these beautiful baby quilt patterns could still be made for either gender.

Check out this post for even more baby quilt patterns for girls.

heart quilt
Heart Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

Little hearts in girly shades are so fun for a little girl room. Piece together hearts of varying shades or stick with one color. Either will make an adorable quilt.

wildwood baby quilt pattern
Wildwood Baby Quilt by Bonjour Quilts

We love this unique pattern that ombres the blocks from one color into another. It brings a simple patchwork quilt to a new level. Use this easy quilt pattern for a creative handmade gift.

rail fence baby quilt
Rail Fence Baby Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

Create a lovely quilt with this pattern. A great one to use for either gender, but we love this color scheme for a baby girl and how the design flows.

modern ombre triangle quilt
Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt by See Kate Sew

Modern baby quilt patterns like this one are so gorgeous. We love the colors used here for a little girl, and could be adjusted to other colors with a similar look to match the baby's nursery. 

lattice baby quilt
Lattice Baby Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

Sometimes you just need to turn squares for a different look like this lattice baby quilt. Using a white background really helps the squares to pop. It's a cinch to put together using pre-cut charm squares.


Now let's take a look at some sweet baby boy quilt patterns. Here are free quilt patterns that work great for boys or could be adjusted for a little girl too.

Find even more baby quilt patterns for boys here.

squared quilt pattern
Squared Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

Squares are fun for quilting, take them up a notch by doing squares within squares in fun bold colors like this. This free tutorial will walk you through this design and how to recreate it.

proof positive quilt
Proof Positive Quilt by The Cloth Parcel

Another awesome modern baby quilt, we love this plus design. By creating it with black and white fabrics gives it even more modern flair.

indigo triangle quilt
Indigo Triangle Quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew

These triangles remind me of cute little kites. This is one of the best free baby quilt patterns. It could be used for either gender and could be made using solid or printed fabrics.


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In this section I am featuring baby quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support these talented small business owners!

We will start with some gender-neutral options and then break out into gender specific categories.           

lucky ducks quilt pattern
Lucky Ducks Quilt Pattern by Cute Quilt Patterns

Ducks are a great gender-neutral quilt top option. Use blues for the bottom portion, or green would even work too. 

bubble fish quilt
Bubble Fish Quilt by Princess in a Pouch

These adorable little fishies could easily be customized for either gender. The colors used in this example are great for little boys or girls.

milestone quilt pattern
Milestone Quilt Pattern by Wellspring Design Co.

This is one of our favorite baby quilts. It is great because you can use it for milestone photos, and it has a great modern design and colors. So fun for future photo ops. 

radiowaves quilt
Radiowaves by Wellsprings Design Co.

Sticking with the modern theme, this is another unique design for a simple baby quilt pattern. The large shapes are fun in a variety of bold and neutral colors.

giraffes in a row
Giraffes in a Row by Sew Fresh Quilts

A rainbow of colors and giraffes is so sweet. If you aren't a fan of the bright colors, go for a more muted color scheme or create a row of monochromatic giraffes.

happy caterpillar quilt
Happy Caterpillar Quilt by Center Street Quilts

These little happy caterpillars are so cute! This easy quilt idea wows with a simple print on the back. Again you can stick with the rainbow colors or switch it up any way you like.

modern jelly roll quilt pattern
Modern Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern by Mack and Mabel

Jelly rolls are so awesome, and make great modern baby quilts. Check out this pattern for how to make a jelly roll baby quilt.

diamonds on display quilt
Diamonds on Display by Quiltachusetts

Diamonds and stripes work great in so many colors and are perfect for a sweet baby quilt. We especially love how this pattern was quilted.

woven baby quilt pattern
Woven Baby Quilt Pattern by The Quilt Yarn

Another lovely rainbow and colorful pattern that creates a woven effect. This easy quilt will wow expecting parents.

mingled quilt pattern
Mingled Quilt Pattern by Robinson Pattern Co.

Go big and bold with the mingled quilt pattern. Mix and match patterns and create an arrow design on a simple baby quilt. A great pattern for beginners.

charm pack quilt pattern
Charm Pack Quilt Pattern by Come What May Creations

Another charm pack quilt idea. Pick up a cute charm pack and then craft it into a gorgeous quilt for a little baby. This simple design makes for a quick quilting project.

colorful baby quilt
Colorful Baby Quilt by The Quilt Yarn

The shapes and rainbow colors on this pattern are stunning. They really shine. And it seems like baby building blocks on a quilt.

star quilt pattern
Star Quilt Pattern by The Quilt Yarn

This fun quilt features more rainbow colors, but in a different way. Mix and match stars, squares, and rectangles for a bright baby quilt.


Here we'll share baby girl quilt patterns to buy. Show some love for designers who work so hard on these patterns and enjoy these lovely designs.

pinwheels pattern
Pinwheels Pattern by Maple Cottage Designs

Pink and gray are light and feminine for this little girl quilt pattern. Swap out the pink for light blues for boys, or yellow for a gender-neutral quilt.

beginner baby quilt pattern
Beginner Baby Quilt Pattern by Coral and Co.

This is one of the easier quilt patterns we are sharing. If you are starting into quilting, give this easy pattern a try.

antique quilt pattern
Antique Quilt Pattern by Maple Cottage Design

For a more vintage baby girl design, you'll want to take a look at this pattern. Pair it with timeless or vintage fabric choices for an all around antique quilt look.

jack's boxes modern quilt
Jack's Boxes Modern Quilt by Robinson Pattern Co.

This mix of colors is so fun for a baby girl quilt. Mix those colors with a modern design that looks like a block tower.


Now let's take a look at baby boy quilt patterns to purchase. So many great designers put in a lot of work on these patterns. Let's support them!

easy baby quilt
Easy Baby Quilt by Pieced Brain

The colors and design on this one are a perfect easy baby boy quilt. This pattern features blocks and a lovely border for a polished look.

daddy's favorite quilt
Daddy's Favorite Quilt by Prairie Moon Quilts

The name of this lovely star style mini quilt is so cute. Perfect for a little country baby in these colors, or will look great in a variety of color schemes.

tummy time mat
Tummy Time Mat by Willow Creek Patterns

Babies need tummy time, and you don't always want to throw down a gorgeous quilt on the floor. This quilted tummy time mat is a great alternative that can be specifically utilized for tummy time.

eugenie baby quilt
Eugenie Baby Quilt by Day Spring Quilter

I can't get over how much I love this design. The triangles can look like bowties or little hourglasses depending on how you look at them.

bricks and beams baby quilt
Bricks and Beams by My Fabric Addiction1

Another easy quilt option with this bricks and beams pattern. Longer strips for the beams and smaller ones for the bricks. So darn cute.



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