Monday, March 6, 2023

25+ Cat Quilt Patterns

Cat lovers and quilters alike will love these cat quilt patterns. They are perfect for gifting or to make for yourself.


From beginner to more advanced these cat quilts are so adorable and fun to piece together. Let's take a look at these cute kitty inspired quilts. 

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collage of cat quilt patterns
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Here are a couple of great free patterns to quilt with cat designs. Enjoy these free patterns and tutorials for cat quilts.

salem mini quilt
Salem Mini Quilt by Threadbare Creations

Start small, but adorable with this mini quilt. It features a cute cat silhouette in front of a moon. This project is a perfect quick project.

cat walk
Cat Walk by Fat Quarter Shop

This pattern features a lovely wall with a cat sitting on top. This is one of the cutest free quilt patterns, perfect for a cat lover. There are so many possibilities for how to design the wall portion.  


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Find even more awesome cat quilt patterns in this section. Here we feature cat quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

scrappy cats
Scrappy Cats by Sew Fresh Quilts

Quilt up a bunch of cute cats with this cat pattern. This one is fun with the rows of similar but unique cat shapes using a patterned fabric. Make it your own using your own color scheme and fabrics. 

scrappy cats quilt pattern
Scrappy Cats Quilt Pattern by Quilting Up a Creek

This sweet pattern features cut cats with fun little noses offset by blocks for variety. This pattern has a more cutesy feel to the cat blocks with the noses and shaped cat faces.

mini cat quilt
Mini Cat Quilt by My Piece Full Journey

Looking for another small project? Mini quilts are perfect for a quicker quilt project. They are great for displaying on a wall or on a table.

cats in the kitchen
Cats in the Kitchen by Fabric Addict Canada

This pattern is so unique. I love how the tails create a spiral design. The background with the diamonds is also a special touch. The color design also gives a pretty rainbow vibe to the quilt.

scaredy cat quilt pattern
Scaredy Cat Pattern by Jedi Craft Girl

This pattern is so cute and is pictured with a fall or Halloween color scheme, but it really could be done in so many ways. The rows of stars really show off the single row of cats on this quilt pattern.

spiral cats quilt block
Spiral Cats Quilt Block by Timeless Quilt Design

This cat quilt block has a similar design to the Cats in the Kitchen pattern, but with a different spin on the spiral tails in the middle. This block could be made up in a variety of ways to create a quilt top. 

cats and kittens modern quilt
Cats and Kittens Modern Quilt by Chantel and Me

These simple cat shapes come together to form a beautiful quilt. This pattern is great for beginners. It is a smaller size that could be perfect for a baby, or make it bigger by adding on more blocks.

look out kitty
Looking out Kitty by Calvert Quilts

This one very much reminds me of my own black cat. This unique pattern features a bunch of adorable scenes of cats in a window. Each window or block features something different from weather or other animals the cat might see out the window. 
cats on a ledge
Cat on a Ledge by Refine and Shine Design

Piece together these little cats sitting on a ledge with this cat quilt block pattern. The mirrored opposite effect gives a nice contrast and balance to the quilt blocks. 

smitten kitten
Smitten Kitten by Sew Fresh Quilts

Smitten kittens has us smitten. These adorable little cat faces come together to create a sweet little cat quilt top. Add in variety with varying colors and patterns of fabrics. Keep the continuity between the faces with pink noses and pink ears.



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collage of cat quilt patternscollage of cat quilts

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