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25+ Fall Quilt Patterns

Fall is the perfect season to quilt some leaves, or other beautiful fall designs. Make a throw quilt to decorate your home, or to cozy up with by a fire with a good book or to watch a movie.


From leaves to acorns to apples we have a little bit of everything you will want to quilt up for fall. Grab your fabric in fall colors and start your next fall quilt project.

If you'd like to make something Halloween themed, check out my Halloween quilts article.

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collage of fall quilts
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For more seasonal quilt patterns, try one of these options.


Fall quilt patterns that you can start on as soon as you gather your supplies with these free tutorials for easy fall quilts.  
absolute autumn free pattern
Absolute Autumn by Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Create rows of fall goodness by creating a variety of shapes like sunflowers, leaves, and adorable acorns. Customize a fall quilt by doing all leaves, or a different combination of the different rows. 

trick or treat quilt pattern
Trick or Treat Pattern by Fig Tree and Company

Go with some basic shapes to make pretty blocks using fall colors. The variety of patterns in orange is really pretty, but it could be great with reds and yellows or a mix of all three too.

fall in the Poconos quilt block
Fall in the Poconos by Faith and Fabric

Create gorgeous fall quilt blocks that show off fall in the mountains. The reds and oranges gradually going into yellow create a gorgeous look.

modern maples quilt pattern
Modern Maples by Diary of a Quilter

Maple leaf blocks in fall tones set this pretty quilt apart from others. The modern design plays with symmetry and asymmetry. 
turkey quilt block
Turkey Quilt Block by Tu-Na Quilts

This turkey quilt block pattern could be added to a quilt or table runner with a Thanksgiving and fall theme. Pair it with a pumpkin block, leaf block, or acorn block for variety.


More free quilt patterns to create lovely fall quilts and more!

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There are a variety of fall quilt projects featured here that are for purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!          
October skies quilt pattern
October Skies Pattern by Jedi Craft Girl

Classic star blocks go fall when you add in muted colors. Piece these triangles and squares together for a beautiful quilt top.
The forest abstractions quilt
The Forest Abstractions Quilt by Violet Craft

Woodland themes in warm colors are a unique way to create a fall quilt. Piece together a deer, rabbit, and other forest creatures to complete this quilt.

farmhouse fall quilt
Farmhouse Fall Quilt by Cotton Cache

Pumpkins and leaves look adorable together in this quilt pattern. Adding in some non-traditional fall colors adds and bright touch.

autumn acres quilt pattern
Autumn Acres by Cotton Cache

This fall quilt pattern is quite unique. The varied designs and asymmetry give a lot of visual interest to this quilt. It would be a perfect wall quilt. 

maple leaf nine patch quilt
Maple Leaf Nine Patch by New Quilters

This maple leaf quilt is designed with more of a symmetrical look in mind. But we like the simple squares that alternate the leaves.

pumpkin little mini quilts
Pumpkin Mini Quilt by Jedi Craft Girl

Display a pumpkin mini quilt around your home for a piece of decor you created. This fall quilt project will come together really quickly if you are short on time.
francesca quilt pattern
Francesca Pattern by Fig Tree & Co.

Little baby foxes and flowers are so dang cute. And you can use different oranges for the foxes or keep them all the same. Either way it will be adorable.

fall fantasy quilt pattern
Fall Fantasy Pattern by Coach House Design

Trees in different shapes and in these jewel tones and browns give this quilt a lovely fall vibe. And don't forget that cute little house too, fall perfection in a quilt.
fall quilt pattern
Fall Quilt by Pin and Proper Designs

Say Hello to Fall with a pretty quilt that would work great as a wall quilt. The mix of flowers and pumpkins give this quilt pattern a lovely balance.

forest floor quilt pattern
Forest Floor by Margot Langeudoc Designs

Forest floor is a pretty leaf pattern that has leaves within leaves. Use three colors to really make this design pop.
falling leaves quilt pattern
Falling Leaves by Sue Hanson

Holiday Mischief shares this falling leaves pattern that mixes and matches maple leaves with other leaf shapes. Follow the pattern to create the falling leaf look.
mini pumpkins quilt pattern
Mini Pumpkins Quilt by Oh Kathleen

This mini pumpkin quilt is another one for easy decorating. Hang it, place it on a table, or drape it over a chair.

hint of fall quilt pattern
Hint of Fall by Cozy Quilt Designs

The autumn leaves on this pattern are unique and look just like they fell right off the tree. Add them right on top of other muted fall colors to complete the quilt top.

pumpkins on parade quilt pattern
Pumpkins on Parade by Tulip Cottage Quilts

Pumpkins come to life with this cute design. This design features leaves and star patterns within the pumpkins for an extra special touch.

modern windy quilt pattern
Modern Windy Quilt by Emily Parson

A different take on falling leaves for a fall quilt. You can almost feel the wind looking at this pattern design.

fall in love quilt pattern
Fall In Love By Basic Grey

Fall in love with this cute pattern, use fall colors to fall in love with this pattern. A different take on a fall quilt that still is so pretty when using the right colors.
woodland fall quilt
Woodland Fall Quilty by Sandra Healy Designs

I can't decide which of these adorable woodland creatures is the cutest. Can you? I'm going to have to make this one ASAP.

pumpkin spice quilt pattern
Pumpkin Spice by Charisma Horton

Pumpkins show off again in this cute pattern. Mix in stars and the diamond around each pumpkin for a sweet fall quilt.


Don't miss out on these other fall quilts to buy! More leaves, pumpkins, and mountains to keep you busy quilting all fall long.


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collage of fall quilt patternscollage of fall quilt patterns

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