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25+ Snowflake Quilt Patterns

Snowflakes are such a pretty design that they deserve to be made into a quilt. 

We are sharing over 25 snowflake quilt patterns for you to make this winter season.


Snowflakes are so unique just like each of these awesome quilt patterns you've got to try. 

From big to small, these snowflake quilts are going to be showstoppers.
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collage of snowflake quilt patterns
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Here are a few other seasonal quilt patterns:


We have a variety of tutorials and free patterns to make snowflake quilts and snowflake quilt blocks. 

Take a look at what beautiful quilts you can whip up.

snowflake quilt block tutorial
Snowflake Quilt Block Tutorial by Pat Sloan

We are in love with this gorgeously intricate quilt block tutorial. And it would look so lovely with blues, purples and whites. 

snowflake quilt block
Snowflake Quilt Block Tutorial by Connie Kresin

This one using unique shapes looks beautiful in a variety of colors. I love that it uses a repeating shape pattern in two different sizes to form the snowflake.

folk snowflake block
Folk Snowflake Block by Sewing Under Rainbow

This mixtures of shapes creates a lovely, but modern snowflake design when pieced together. I think this block with alternating simple solid blocks would make a gorgeous quilt design.


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In this section I am featuring snowflake quilt patterns that you can purchase. Most come in a pdf download format, so you can start making them right away.

A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns.

So let's support these talented small business owners!

celtic snowflake quilt pattern
Celtic Snowflake Quilt Pattern by Madison Rose Quilting

A very lovely snowflake quilt pattern using mainly squares and rectangles to create the design. It would look great in so many color combos too.

new slant snowflake quilt
New Slant Snowflake Quilt by Tina Curran

I love how this one looks like there are lots of lovely snowflakes falling on the pine trees. Plus, it does have a good variety of unique snowflake designs too.

snow flurry patchwork quilt
Snow Flurry Patchwork Quilt by Rose City Originals

This unique take on a snowflake quilt is one of my favorites. I love how the delicate snowflakes are on a larger scale in two opposing corners. 

snowflake quilt blocks set
Snowflake Blocks Set by Canuck Quilter Designs

This set of snowflake blocks is huge! It comes with over 25 different snowflake style blocks to create. You can make a whole quilt of unique snowflake blocks.

whimsical snowflake quilt pattern
Whimsical Snowflake Quilt Pattern by Madison Rose Quilting

What a fun modern and whimsical take on snowflakes with this pattern. It can be done with the stripes as shown or a variety of random colors for the background.

Nordic frost quilt pattern
Nordic Frost Quilt Pattern by The Cloth Parcel

Pair a large snowflake with a variety of stripes. This pattern was inspired by Nordic style sweaters.

flurry quilt pattern
Flurry Quilt Pattern by Slice of Pi Quilts

Create a huge intricate snowflake with this quilt pattern. It is so pretty, but with a modern style for winter quilting.

Christmas blizzard quilt pattern
Christmas Blizzard Quilt Pattern by Jillily Studio

These pieced snowflakes flutter down the quilt to create the feeling of snow falling. And it looks great with the variety of patterns in the same color for the background.

snowflake quilt
Snowflake Quilt Block by Scrappy Dog Quilts

This pattern is cute, because you can make the pillows and the quilt! This would be a fun quilt to make for a guest room for winter visitors.

Hoarfrost quilt pattern
Hoarfrost Quilt Pattern by Canuck Quilter Designs

The edge on this beauty gives me icy vibes that pair well with the snowflakes fluttering down the quilt pattern. It even reminds me a bit of Elsa.

modern snowflake quilt pattern
Modern Snowflake Quilt Pattern by Quilters Club

If you love the modern quilt style, this is the snowflake quilt pattern you need to try. Oh, and did I mention it is an easy to put together quilt.

super snowflake quilt
Super Snowflake Quilt by Jennifer Can Quilt

It's amazing how many different ways there are to piece a snowflake quilt together. This versatile quilt pattern can be made from fat quarters, scraps, or yardage. It's easy to make using squares and half square triangles.

modern single snowflake quilt
Modern Single Snowflake Quilt by Side Latch Stitch

The snowflake shows up so pretty against a bold red backdrop. This pattern is versatile, and could also be created into a four large snowflakes in different colors to create the quilt top.

frosty snowflakes quilt pattern
Frosty Snowflakes Quilt Pattern by Kid Giddy

The snowflake design of these varying quilt blocks, come together to make a fantastic flurry of snowflake blocks. Go with a red and green color scheme for Christmas or blues and purples for winter.

split stars quilt pattern
Split Stars by A Quilt Corner

Even though this pattern is technically a star quilt, when it is put together with blues hues and white, it looks like snowflakes. The symmetry is pretty, but add in a variety of colors for a variation.

winter magic quilt pattern
Winter Magic Quilt Pattern by A Bright Corner

The winter magic quilt is perfect for a throw or a wall hanging. And my favorite part is the cute little hearts and holly, great little touches.



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collage of snowflake quilt patternscollage of snowflake quilt patterns

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