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40+ Doll Crochet Patterns (Including Free Patterns)

Crochet doll patterns are so cute, great for gifting, and can be done in so many ways. Take a look and enjoy these patterns for little girls and boys alike. There are so many playful possibilities.


From free crochet patterns to ones available for purchase, so grab your crochet hook and get started on crocheting dolls with these original patterns.

Do you love animals? Try these adorable crochet animal patterns too!

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collage of crochet doll patterns
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Doll patterns can be harder to make for a beginner crocheter, but there are so many types and styles, there is something for everyone in these free patterns, no matter your skill level. Pick one and start practicing.

zayd doll crochet pattern
Zayd Doll by Chai Coffee Crochet

Start with a cute doll for little boys (or girls). This little guy is a perfect everyday doll that features a cap and striped shirt.

zara doll crochet pattern
Zara Doll by Chai Coffee Crochet

Next up stitch up this cute pattern for a little girl. She is simple, little, and you can dress her up in any color.

zoya mermaid doll crochet pattern
Zoya Mermaid Doll by Chai Coffee Crochet

Try this mermaid amigurumi pattern. A simple tail, top, and a braid all tied up with a cute little crocheted flower.

harry potter crochet doll pattern
Harry Potter Doll by Chai Coffee Crochet

I couldn't not share this free pattern for an adorable Harry Potter doll in this post. He is on point with the scar, glasses, and Gryffindor scarf. It's the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan. 

mermaid tail crochet doll pattern
Mermaid Tail by The Red Friendly Fox

This mermaid is made by using the Sophie Doll pattern, and then adding on the removeable mermaid tail. Perfect for a little one who likes dressing up their dolls.

crochet superhero dolls
Crochet Superhero Dolls

Little superheroes will love this free crochet doll pattern. It features a boy and girl superhero complete with masks and capes. 

princess sophie doll crochet pattern
Princess Sophie Doll by The Friendly Red Fox

Free amigurumi doll patterns that can be done two ways! Different hair and accents allow one main doll body pattern to be adjusted to look differently. 

crochet dolls with removable interchangeable doll clothes
Small Dolls with Removable Interchangeable Clothes by Chai Coffee Crochet

Make your own beautiful dolls with interchangeable clothing. Another great option for mixing and matching and changing up doll clothes.

gracie rag doll crochet pattern
Gracie Rag Doll by A Crafty Concept

This simple free crochet doll pattern was inspired by a traditional rag doll, but brought to life by crochet. Plus, I love the eyes with lashes and the bow with pigtails. So cute. It's the little details that make it so sweet.

grayson crochet doll pattern
Grayson Doll by A Crafty Concept

Or try the Grayson rag doll inspired boy version.  He also has fun features with the overalls and buttons! 


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In this section I am featuring doll crochet patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating crochet patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners who create amazing patterns!

One thing you'll need for most of these patterns is safety eyes. Safety eyes are basically small eye-shaped buttons. If you're planning to make lots of dolls, you will want to snag some. 

primrose doll crochet pattern
Primrose Doll by All About Ami

Aren't these beautiful crochet dolls? Adding different accents can change up the look of your dolls. Like this one with added floral and pearl accents.

tracey the ballerini crochet doll pattern
Tracey The Ballerina Doll by Bunnies and Yarn

Make a doll who is a dancer! Pick from two different hairstyles, and you can customize skin tones and hair colors for a lookalike doll. 

victoria crochet doll pattern
Victoria by Carmen Rent

This cute little doll again adds different accents to make it extra special. Add ribbon, floral, or different materials for hair.

layla and puppy crochet patterns
Layla and Puppy by Crochetece

Make a doll and a friend with this pattern. Layla comes with a pattern for a puppy too. And look at that hair!

daisy dolls crochet patterns
Daisy Dolls by Amigurumi Land Store

An adorable amigurumi doll with a daisy crown. And I love that you can add or subtract different details. Like the socks or daisies.

kiki's delivery service mini doll crochet pattern
Kiki's Delivery Service Mini Doll by Miniature Amigurumi

If you are a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service, this itty bitty doll is so darn cute. Mini things just are so cute, and she even has her bag!

friendly melanie and graceful kitty crochet pattern
Friendly Melanie and Graceful Kitty by Aradiya Toys

Another great pattern that features an animal friend to go along with the doll. I love that this one features a variety of crocheted floral accents. This would make a wonderful gift! 

felicia the fairy doll crochet pattern
Felicia The Fairy Doll by Bunnies and Yarn

Maybe you know a fairy lover. Try this pattern for fairy crocheted dolls. Again I love seeing the possibilities for dress color, hair, and skin tone color.

fairy doll crochet pattern
Fairy Doll by Bobrik Toys

Here is a different take on a fairy. She comes with a wand and a little baby crown too. 

fuchsia fairy doll crochet pattern
Fuchsia Fairy Doll by Ani Ami Crochet

Or for a whimsical garden fairy, try this new doll. She would look great in different colors, and the best part is those unique wings.

luna the mini doll
Luna the Mini Doll by Bunnies and Yarn

Baby girls need this mini baby doll. They would be fun for baby girl to play with and to decorate a nursery with. 

sophia doll
Sophia Doll by Green Frog Crochet

Unicorns are super popular because they are so awesome. Make this crochet unicorn doll for a unicorn lover.

Olivia and bunny
Olivia and Bunny by Crochetece

Another pet pal, that is a bunny with a tutu. I am so amazed at the cute ideas these pattern creators come up with.

nurse doll
Nurse Doll by Polly Toys Crochet

The nurse is here. She can take care of all the other dolls. She even has a medical bag!

rosie doll
Rosie Doll by Jennie Dolly

Aww, this little lady comes with a bunny bag. And that bow! She's so cute, and perfect for toddlers.

sophie the princess crochet doll
Sophie the Princess by JoJilie

When your baby dolls are princesses they need crowns. Princess Sophie comes with the daintiest crown pattern.

alp doll crochet pattern
Alp Doll by Dollgurumi

Apl comes with a pattern for a crocheted skateboard too! What a cool little doll he is.

barbs doll crochet pattern
Barbs Doll by Ginansilyo Ni Marya

If you are in on the Barbie craze right now, you better get this pattern. I love the hair, colors, and check out those roller blades!

thor doll crochet pattern
Thor Doll by Addi Toys

For the superhero lovers, crochet Thor and his hammer for lots of fun play time. Complete his look with a beard and the flowing locks.

toy story doll crochet patterns
Toy Story Bundle by Kay Mimi Toys

You've got a friend in this pattern of three Toy Story dolls. The details are so perfect from Buzz's buttons to the cow print on Jessie and Woody.

sirius black doll pattern
Sirius Black Doll by Addi Toys

To go along with the Harry Potter doll, how about a Sirius Black doll? I love that cardigan, it even has buttons on the sleeves.

taylor swift crochet doll
Taylor Swift Doll by Addi Toys

Taylor Swift is a crowd favorite and now you can crochet her into a doll with this pattern. Her hair is perfect and how about that detailed guitar! 

prince bundle crochet pattern
Prince Bundle by Green Frog Crochet

Make up all of these Disney inspired princes into dolls. You get all of these patterns in this bundle.

princess doll crochet bundle
Princess Doll Bundle by Green Frog Crochet

And if you are getting the prince bundle, you need the princess bundle too! These two sets would be fun to make and play with together.


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collage of crochet dollscollage of doll crochet patterns

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