Sunday, January 6, 2013

Something to Think About Sunday - Goals

I'm back! How was everyone's Christmas? I've been busy trying to get the house back to normal - finding homes for new toys and packing up the Christmas decor. Does anyone else feel like it takes forever? I've also been nursing my son back to health from a bad case of croup. I had a special experience during that time that I'll share next week.

It was great to take a break from blogging during Christmas. I even spent an evening browsing Pinterest and checking up on all my favorite blogs that I never have time to read anymore. I've spent some time thinking about the direction I want to go with the blog. So I've set a few goals.

1 - Keep Perspective - blogging is not my job, my family is my job.
2 - Share more about myself.
3 - Bring back Something to Think About Sundays

1 - Keep Perspective. Sometimes I get caught up in numbers and growing my blog. But really, right now, I needed to refocus on what's really important. Even though I'd eventually like to make some money blogging, right now is not the time in my life to focus on that.  Right now, my job is being a mom. Being the best mom I can be to my kids needs to be my number 1 goal. Blogging is something fun that I do in my spare time, and I've got to keep that perspective. Eventually, when all the kids are in school, I can spend more time promoting and such. I was thinking how quickly the time goes. My baby is three now. Three is such an adorable age and I don't want to miss it and all those cute things she says because I'm too busy.

2 - Share More About Myself. Another thing I've been thinking about lately is that I need to share more about myself. This is hard for me to do, I'm your typical shy girl. I'd rather listen to what others have to say than share things about myself. I think this will go hand in hand with my next goal.

3. Bring Back Something to Think About Sundays. A while back I was reading in our church magazine called the Ensign and these two sentences hit me hard. "Be a righteous example. You must not be in camouflage as to who you are and what you believe." Elder Quentin L. Cook {Ensign Sept. 2012}  
Church is a huge part of my life, but you wouldn't know that by looking at my blog.
I've unintentionally been in camouflage. I'm not going to be changing a lot. You can still expect crafts, sewing and desserts. However I will be adding Something to Think About Sundays. I actually started doing this early on, but I let it fizzle out. Each week I will try to share either a motivational quote, an experience I've had, or a goal I want to work on.


  1. Looking forward to your blogging time in 2013. Children are a treasure.. take some pics on instagram or just your phone when you are having sweet family time and share that! Action photos are fun to share too! Hope it isn't too long between posts :) I just found you and love your blog! I like the Something to think about Sunday very thought provoking for my own blog! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in this blog post. Kathi

  2. This sounds great! Are you still going to be hosting Terrific Tuesdays?