Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Bind a Blanket

Today I'm going to show you how I bind a blanket.

This is part of a three part series. Last week I showed you How to Tie a Blanket and next week I'll show you how to Build Your Own Quilting Frames.

How to Bind a Blanket
Last week, the blanket I shared did not have binding. I basically sewed it, right sides together and then flipped it right side out and sewed the hole closed. But a bound blanket looks much nicer, even if it does take a little more time.

I tack down the back of the blanket with the right side down. Then add batting and then add the top of the blanket right side up. Then tie it as I showed you last week.

How to Bind a Blanket:

Step 1: Once your blanket is tied, trim the top layer of fabric all the way around. I took off somewhere between a 1/2 inch and an inch.

Step 2: Fold up the bottom fabric as shown.

Step 3: Fold up one more time.

I thread my needle, pulling the needle to the middle of the thread and tie both ends of the string together.

Step 4: Insert your needle so that the knot is hidden behind the top fold. {You will probably have to unfold it a bit} Pull the needle through.

Step 5: Now I insert the needle, grabbing a small part of the top of the blanket. Pull the needle through.

Step 6: Insert your needle back into the binding close to the same spot that you just attached it to the blanket. Thread it through the binding about 1/2 inch.

Repeat these steps 5 & 6 over and over until you run out of string or until you reach a corner. As you go you will have to continue to fold over the fabric. 

I don't know if there is a right way to do corners, but this is how I do them.

I begin by folding over the next side of the blanket.

Then I fold under the top of the fold so that it is mitered. Then I sew it in place.

Continue all the way around the blanket. It took me a couple hours to bind a small baby blanket.

Be sure to check back next week. I'll show you how I made my own quilting frames.


  1. You make that all look so easy. I may have to make one. I haven't done anything like that for years. I used to enjoy sewing things. I just might have to start something new.

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  3. This is awesome! I found you via the Artsy Fartsy Mama linky party. I've been wanting to learn more about sewing. I have a basic, no frills machine and the same level of expertise. Yikes!

  4. I had my first quilt I binded this way. Worked out great, and the quilt is over 14 years old now and binding has never needed repaired. Nice tip for newbies, thanks for sharing with them (and reminding me). :)

    Craft On & dance like no one else is watching :)

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  5. Sewing the binding on correctly is so important. These are great DIY pictures!! I know my readers would love them, too! We have a weekly link up party at and we'd love to have you join us!! P.S. We are your newest FB like :) And now I'm headed to see how to make a fruit roll up!

  6. Thanks for sharing - I do sew a lot, just never dared to do a quilt, binding does not look as difficult as i thought following your pics...